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Back again-very misty here too-hot news from chicken land-5 eggs today-all except Flo who is moulting and practising the piano

Splash-what is there not to like-5 quivering celebs-some quivering more than others -in both senses of the word-dive into what looks like 6 inches of water from a great height to certain death/injury in front of millions of viewers- it is a winner

I can foresee at least 2 forkers throwing an early in the year sickie tomorrow

Will now wander around the country estate


Morning all. Bad nights' sleep for me, so probably will need to crash later on.

Hi to KG, do spot you e/w!

Very misty here, even foggy at one point. Seems to be a bit better now. All plans of a visit to Dunham abandoned. We've done it before in the fog & even getting there wouldnt be much fun with the loonies on M/W. May walk up to local park later, just to get outside.

Have just read a Good Housekeeeping where they say anything that you've not used in 2yrs should be chucked out. Hmm, try telling OH that. Oh & I suppose me too... I do tend to adopt that to clothes though. J.

Pennine Petal
Same here Jo, mist has not gone away and it is very dull.

Doing a bit of marking as OH still on bed, not feeling too good. I need to take the decorations down, but I might leave some of the foliage in the vase, as it looks nice. They had daffs at the GC yesterday, 2.30 a bunch! I think I'll wait until they are a bit cheaper.

KG, I agree, just dip when you can, we move so fast from one topic to the next that it is nigh on impossible to keep up anyway.
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Back again-very misty here too-hot news from chicken land-5 eggs today-all except Flo who is moulting and practising the pianoI

12th Night gone, stopped using Christmas smileys now and put away Christmas Carol Really Easy Piano Book.

Geoff, how do you know who's laying eggs and who isn't? We women can multi-task, you know!

Mist is gradually lifting here but it's dull and dampish. Don't feel inspired to go outside. It's the sort of day when I would have been doing marking too, Glyn


Geoff sickies need to be saved for the right day, the day after a night on the tiles, a sunny day for gardening or when you need to catch up on a pile of marking.


Pennine Petal
If I do it today Flo, I might be able to pinch some time back tomorrow if the weather is better! We have a 'consolidation week' next week, which means that most students will stay at home!

Can tell by the size of the eggs-Flo's are  very distinctive-they are bigger than the others and she is still sulking-so process of elimination

Am back in now -not much too look at-just drab

Glyn-also reported the lack of weather forecast here

Jo we have been telling you that for ages about stuff-but do you listen??-you need to be a parogon of virtue like me

What about days Kate when you just can't be arsed?

Pennine Petal
Great minds think alike Geoff. We got another advert instead.

Mr Selfridge start tonight for those that like drama

and Dancing on Ice-for those who like celebs trying to skate

Hi KG, hope alls well with you!
I am coughing and spluttering a bit today so am taking it easy-plus have a husky voice. A day on the sofa seems like a good plan to be honest. A friend just called round, she is off to the shops, I was not tempted to go!
Alfie has decided he needs to keep me company. Would be ok if he kept still for more than 5 seconds at a time.

Geoff that never happens

I will be watching the Iron Lady tonight


Lottie, remind me. Alfie? Cat, dog, child? other?

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies.

Terrible night's sleep, or lack of should I say. Had intended to get up early, but it just never happened.

Jean R wrote (see)

 Me and Hubbie gave conservatory a good bottoming

That sounds quite painful Jean!!



Alfie is Lottie & co's dog.

Lots of activcity on bird feeders today, so have been identifying new/irregular visitors. Still no sign of any goldfinches though....

It actually appears to be getting a wee bit brighter out there, walk in a bit perhaps?

Geoff- I know about stuff! Have couple of large boxes for the charity- need to phone them this week for a collection. Spare room still to be done, but when daughter goes- wow, shall have space! But also the gardening will have started....... cant go up now as she's asleep. Only a few more nightshifts to go, ever! J.


No Jo-you will not have space-you will using for a dumping ground-you know you will

Is the house purchase going according to plan?

Becks all good plans etc,

Forgot about the Iron Lady-might record it




Thanks Jo, I lost track there.  I have a dog like that, I sympathise!

Kate I will either be watching Iron Lady or OH will record it for me. It's a film I've wanted to see for a while.
And on the topic of sickies, I had one for finishing some panto costumes once and another for attending a belly-dance workshop with a visiting American performer. That one was really nerve-wracking as I had to go into town and was terrified I would be spotted by parents of my students. Those were the only non-genuine ones in 37 years. There were a few 'touch and go' ones where I was a bit poorly but could have gone in and plenty of times when I was feeling grim but went in anyway - as many teachers do because it's more hassle sorting out the mayhem left after a supply teacher


Flo I once worked in an office and regularly took 'don't speak to me like that' sickies.


Did anyone ever take a half days leave by going in at lunchtime so they could have a lie in??-I did- it is a rubbish idea

Going to Watch Honey I Shrunk the Kids now


I was feeling below par on Friday so I texted my boss at 6am to ask to take the day off as annual leave.  You have to jump through so many hoops to take a sick day that it is easier to take them as leave.

Lots of birds on my feeders this morning.  Am thinking about nipping along to the garden centre to use my token for a free pot of tea.


House situation 'on hold' till further report been received, nights all done, exam all done......

Seriously once she vacates her room- biggest- with a dry, ie not on outside wall, huge, built-in wardrobe- I shall have space to do the sorting of my/Dad's/Mum's stuff. I cant even get at the part of that wardrobe which I know has our stuff in it- all rubbish by now so that can all go!

When I cleared parents' house, lots of things came back here. Time moves on & am quite ready to get rid of loads.

We know that in the not too distant future we shall move, so any sorting now will help. The loft got done a couple of yrs back so actually not so bad. Lots of things up there are daughter's anyway! J.