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Dean !!! -concentrate -one thing at a time!!

Deanos Diggin It

Screen shot! Not a chance Beck's! 

Geoff! I have switched n checked settings n everything! just not happening! I'm not that bothered to be fair! Just leave this to the family affair to wreck! But would be nice to clear n let them do their stuff!  

Jean Genie

Ahhh. Watership Down's on. Remember years ago we used to have a rabbit called Fiver and when it died , gave it a funeral and read poems as daughter was really upset.

Weeks later, Hubbie sent daughter out to see what the dog we had then was tossing about in the garden. Daughter came in traumatised as he'd only dug the rabbit up.

She laughs about it now though.

Jean Genie

Dean. might sound daft but have you tried shutting it down and then restarting it ?

Probally is daft but you never know

Miss Becks


 Make your flippin mind up!!



Is there something in the water today?

Deanos Diggin It

Right! Last ditch! Is there anyway I can just wipe the lot n start again? 



I have been told to sow tomatoes in January to grow outside

Keep bulbs till after Christmas -because planting them before then is immaterial- and it has been raining- who could have forseen that?

Not happy


Deanos Diggin It

It's getting Binned! Enough is enough!  

Off to eat n call it a day! 

Miss Becks

There is also the drastic action of resetting your laptop back to factory settings, but you lose EVERYTHING on it, so must ensure you have backed vital stuff up. But, when it's done, it's like having a new PC/laptop.


Am really stuffed now. I do love 'what's at the bottom of fridge/veg rack curry' plus yummy naan & mango chutney. Had wine too which did go with it!

Never did shorten those jeans, so they wont get ironed tonight. Rest will get finished & then am back 'on track' after the 'hols'.J.



I know it is too late as computer is probably sailing through a window but have you cleaned the browsing hsitory.

Geoff you are scaring me



So excited! Downton starts here tonight--plan to watch it accompanied by a bottle of wine!

Grey and gloomy outside---not actually raining, just drear.

Have hauled out the sewing machine--making potholders and recovering some cushions. How boring-grrr!

Miss Becks

I've heard you all mention Downton. What's it about?


Becks it like Upstairs Downstairs-posh soap really -about a family who live in Downton Abbey