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Morning all  Sorry to hear about those who are under the weather ....get better soonest.

Am sitting here looking out of the window as I type and it looks a very gloomy day but I do find either I just go with the flow and do virtually nothing or motivate myself to get going. I know easier said than done but if you do manage to get going there is certain smug feeling!

I decided I couldn't watch The Ripper but instead came across the programme on Neil Armstrong and the lead up to the Moon landing and The Tankies about the tank regiment in Africa - both fascinating and I learnt a lot.

I see the Christmas icons are still lurking but at the bottom now!

Enjoy your day, take care and chin up 

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Too early to report anything yet, but just attending registration.

Jean Genie

Good grief Becks . Have you wet the bed ?  

Miss Becks

New routine for Jess Jean! Bed early, up early! In training for school in September!!


Becks, it is the beginning of January only!


Miss Becks

I know Sasha, but she does not adapt well to changes. She is only just gone 4. I'm starting her off at 9pm bed, then slowly through the year, bringing the times forward. Hopefully it will work.


Becks, well done ....I can see that you have thought it out. Possible snag in the summer (if we have one!) when the days are longer - suggest dark lining to curtains.


Miss Becks

Yeah, that may be a challenge! Suggestion noted.


Really must get going peeps - up to now I have been switching between Facebook and Gardeners' World Forum and I am surprised I didn't get them muddled! Perhaps see you later 

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

I watched the Neil Armstrong program too. He had a very exciting life - Top gun - to the moon - then worldwide fame - and what then.

Had a good day in the garden yesterday. It looked very dismal from inside, but once out there it was relatively mild, so was able to lots of little jobs. Gathered a couple of barrowfuls of tat to go on compost mountain. Today's photo is a barrowful of tat....

I do apologize for the green wheelbarrow. Must get some red spray paint.

Miss Becks

Why do you need to spray it red? Are you and Bjay in a new series of 'Barrow Wars'?

Gary Hobson

I don't really fancy being seen with a girlie-pink barrow.

But would not mind one in Ferrarri red.

At most garden centres you can only buy barrows in dark green or black (and occasionally pink) - not much choice for consumers. Though that does leave opportunities to personalise yours, by painting in a colour of your choice.

Some people seem to like spray-painting their garden furniture, and even plant pots, in bright colours.


Good morning everyone.

Hope poorly peeps are feeling better this morning

Weather dismal again so not much going on outside.OH has taken the car into the garage for a servicing, more expense! then we will get on with the decorating. I say we in the royal sense, I just supervise and make tea and generally clean up after him. He's not the tidiest worker in the world, but at least he will do it.

Have a nice day folks.


Pottie Pam

Good morning Forkers,

Hope everyone is feeling better. Must get motivated today. Really feel lazy but it might be down to the gloomy weather, although the sun made a brief appearance this morning.

I went to my daughters for dinner yesterday and coming back about 7 o'clock I was amazed to see two toads making their way to the pond. Surely it's too early. It's quite mild but going to get colder later this week.

I'll take a photo of my wheelbarrow later. Not a very pretty one I'm afraid.

Miss Becks

I haven't even got a wheelbarrow.


Gary Hobson

Everyone needs a wheelbarrow.

You need a functional wheelbarrow if you have an untidy garden with lots of tat that needs shifting.

Alternatively, you can have a posh ornamental girlie wheelbarrow, planted up, and overflowing with pretty flowers.

But it's a pity to have a pretty barrow, and to use it for carrying horse muck.


Gary there is a place near here that sells maroon wheelbarrows!

Next door neighbour but one is an army officer . He came and offered us wood yesterday and was a bit taken aback by the colour of mine He He He!

Well done Becks. It's not going to be easy 

See you all alter have to retrievemy dusters. Put them in a Christmas decoration box that is now on the loft (doh smiley)


was bought for practical reasons Gary and a laugh 


Morning you lot.

All this wheelbarrow chat reminds me that I must get a new one as the tat falls through the holes in the bottom of mine. I am particularly fond of British Racing Green so will take on Gary's Ferrari when it's painted

Right, must get on, have agreed to do a stint in the dog rescue office this pm so all errands need to be done before then.

Have a good day everyone.

Gary Hobson

Once upon a time there was a Red Wheelbarrow....