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Pottie Pam

My wheelbarrow and just to get Kate excited it's got horse poo in it.

I've spent a couple of hours clearing a border where a big photinia fell over in the gales before Christmas. I just made one trip to the compost heap to get some manure as the grass is still soggy. Quite honestly I'd had enough today.

Poor Becks, no wheelbarrow. 


He must be all behind

Just spent an entertaining half hour entering all my tesco rewards voucher number on their website to claim Euro Tunnel vouchers took ages, but at least we have got a return journey for nothing, helps towards holiday costs

I don't have a wheelbarrow but OH lets me borrow his. It's used for everything from moving compost, moving heavy pots and occasionally for building projects, it's an essential at our place. Just a bog standard builders barrow, nowt fancy here.

Now going to get some lunch, cheese and onion bap with tomato soup me thinks.

See you later.




Afternoon all. Another dull, damp day out there. Washing all being tumbled.

Overslept. OH left about 5.30am, I think, & daughter got back just after 8am. Dont think I really came to until after 9am this morning....

Like I said my wheelbarrow, boring green, is used as a shelf in shed! I tend to use those big plastic/rubber trugs for all my stuff. If I cant source a replacment pneumatic tyre at reasonable cost/easy to replace, then tip it should be.

Becks- Dunelm Mills do blackout blinds/curtain linings. We use the linings in the 2 bedrooms as they face East.

Still sniffy, think it must be due to (?owing to- come on teachers I can never work that one out ) the drugs, as no cold developes & it's more or less constant at the mo. Roll on end of March, wonder how long all the effects take to go from this lot? J.



Jean Genie

That's good, Chris  I think I could do with a new wheelbarrow - mines just a plain old galvinised one but it's got a dodgy wheel. Don't think I'll be too fussed over the colour though. After all, I only use it for shovelling xxxx !

Miss Becks

The house is lovely and quiet! Jess back at nursery today. Plus had some exercise as car is off the road!

Feeling peckish now.

Thanks jo! Don't go into town much, especially now with no wheels, but will have a look when I do.

Pottie Pam

Hi Jo,

My usually well-behaved dog can't resist attacking the wheelbarrow wheels and as a result had two burst wheels. ( I bought another to replace the first burst one) I saw some green slimey stuff in Wilkinsons that you squirt into the tyre and then re-inflate it.  I didn't expect it to work  as it wasn't expensive but it has and was enough for the two wheels. Apparently mends bike tyres too. Was impressed by it.

Miss Becks

Why does grated cheese taste so much nicer than sliced cheese on a sandwich??

Caz W

Afternoon all - hope those with lurgies are feeling a bit better today.  Been outside to cut tatty leaves of hellebores.  I've had them for 5 years and they grow and flower well but I've never found a single self seeded plant - anyone know why????  Everyone else's hellebores seem to be quite prolific but not mine

I too have given up on Ripper - too gruesome for me.  Watched Mr Selfridge which was quite good and not a bad replacement for Downton. 

Gary - you can start another new programme "Pimp my Barrow"   I am also barrowless - borrow OH's which is coated inside with about 3 inches of old cement, is well rusted and weighs a ton.  Think the cement holds it together!

Caz W

Becks - I don't know but completely agree with you

Jean Genie

Oh goody, I recorded Mr Selfridge last night so I'll look forward to watching that, Caz.  Never been to Dunelm Mills , Jo but think I'll go. I've heard some good reports.

I've got a lot of odds and ends of the blue cheeses, Becks. I'll have to think of a way to use them up. Jo will be good for that one I think.

Hello, Pam.

I have concerns for Geoff - just not like him.

Miss Becks

Perhaps he has been ball bashing once too often Jean, and seeking medical help!

Jean Genie

 Any longer and we'll have to send out a search party.

Miss Becks

If the little rat has legged it to Spain without throwing a leaving party, I will go and hunt him down, I swear!!



Becks- order on-line? No need for wheels then, nor petrol! I'm lucky in that have 2/3 stores fairly nearby- 1 within walking of OH's little house!

Have just eaten the very last of the Christmas cake! That's it now, will be good/better from now on. Daughter can eat that gorgeous choc/walnut creation from OH, I darent. She's still asleep, cant remember if she said to wake her up.........I need to start some cleaning, but if I do mop the kitchen she'll wander down.........will wait a bit longer & then just get noisy!

Pam- problem with my barrow's tyre is have lost the valve! Otherwise that filler stuff would've been just what I needed- about 2-3yrs ago when just had a puncture!!

Dont use blue cheese, but cant see why that cheese rissole recipe wouldnt work using it as one of the cheeses, as long as not a very strong one? J.

Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, off sick, one eye swollen shut, the other just starting, seen the doc drops and antibiotics. OH trying to mix honey in warm milk for a compress for the sore eye ..... Watch this space.

Sarah Raven catalogue came through the post today, they have a pink trug!

Miss Becks

Oh Glyn!! That's awful. Hope the medicine kicks in quickly.


Glyn- just bathe the eye(s) with some cooled boiled water, with a teaspoon of salt added. Use individual cottonwool swabs/balls, once only, wiping from inner to outer corners. No need for honey/milk. J.


Jo put a good cheese rissole recipe on this thread pg 771 I think.

I often go to Dunelm. Just before Christmas needed a new quilt and they have sample of all the quilts hanging up so easier to get just what you need.

Need new towells next, will wait till sale  is just about finished and go, 

Just had a conversation with pet insurance company. Cat need to go on some medication but if she starts it can never stop it. Cannot find out if company will cover me for it until I have submitted a claim which means she will have started it and ... Catch22 situation. Will have to go back and talk to vet. 

Just about worked out Birthday Bash menu, 

Will submit it for perusal later. 

Off to visit M now.

Let me know if you are starting a search party