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Forgot- any eyedrops/ointment must be kept in fridge & always dispose of it after 28days, or whatever it says on packet. Dont store in bathroom cabinet, it's often above heat, gets forgotten, is non sterile & breeds bugs!!

Sorry to go on, but I do know about eyes! J.

Caz W

Went to Dunelm yesterday - quite a few bargains about and even normal priced goods are reasonable. Bought a Prestige bun tin reduced from £4.99 to £1.24, 4 purple cushions (duck down filling) £1.99 each, a purple kitchen knife £3.99 to £2.99 and a book of craft printed paper/card from £7.99 to £3.49.  Saved OH a fortune

Gary Hobson
Caz W wrote (see)
... you can start another new programme "Pimp my Barrow"  ...

The way car enthousiasts paint designs on their this....

Jean Genie

Glyn. poor you, that sounds awful.

Will definitely be planning a visit to Dunelm now - looking forward to it.

Jo. I have your cheese rissole recipe here somewhere in a folder so will get hubbie to find it and see how it pans out. Was also thinking mushrooms with cream and blue cheese sauce.

Bjay - looking forward to seeing your menu. May give me some ideas  Not that I'll be cooking for THAT many.

Right back to window cleaning. Christmas lights have left little sucker marks everywhere.

Miss Becks

Watch out, watch out, there's a 'Geoff' about!


Jean Genie

Gary - there are no ''go faster '' stripes on it.

Jean Genie

Aha ! Becks read him the riot act  I've got windows to wash.

Miss Becks

I'll see what excuse he comes up with first. He may just get away with a late registration if it's acceptable. Just this once.

Caz W

Gary - didn't know P Pam had so many pimped barrows!


I am here-will catch up later


I like Dunelm Mill, you can get almost anything in the household line there at very reasonable prices, I'm always popping in.

Like the customised wheelbarrows.

Hope you have got a good excuse Geoff, and everything is OK.

Sorry you've got poorly eyes Glyn, take care.


Pennine Petal
Thanks you for best wishes and advice, open to all suggestions. The upside is it's getting me out of a boring school event tomorrow.

I line Dunelm, but answered a survey from them and now they keep sending me emails.

Dont stop using the drops until it says- even if your eyes look/feel better. Strict hygene in face washing too, dont rub! Use a clean tissue, with washed hands to mop up any 'gunge' , & dispose of tissue down loo. Nag, nag, nag.

Seriously if no signs of improvement after a week back to GP. J.



Just back from visiting M and found large tree type box on doorstep, I hope it's a cherry tree ordered ages ago. Haven't any stakes or any thing so it will have to wait Will pop it in garage till ready -

One of the perils of teaching is conjunctivitus, another is impetigo, and of course there is always nits Experienced all in the job, that and violent parents but I won't go there.

Pottie Pam

Hope your eyes are better soon Glyn. My brother is a teacher and seems to get more than his fair share of colds. He blames the children for that.

Love my wheelbarrows, Gary.


But which one are you going to choose Pam

Just had a peek at tree. That is one very healthy looking tree. Better than some others I have had. It's on a gisela5 root stock so stays fairly dwarf so should only reach about 8ft. Still a bit tall for the smaller type of person so will have to keep it in check..


Hello peeps

Sorry for my absence -woke up grumpy-she wouldn't move -so have been lethargic all day and not in the best of moods-this was the the day the estate agent came to call

Well he has been-measured, taken  details ,pictures etc- and some money-trotted off to put the package together for approval

Have read all about wheelbarrowing eye drops down to Dunelm or something like that-will resume my "usual" bonhomie at some point soon

Jean Genie

Hello Geoff, about time too !