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Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

...Sorry for my absence -woke up grumpy...

I hope Ms Becks is satisfied by that explanation.

I was thinking that, possibly, Geoff had been running errands for elderly neighbours.

Or had spent the day teaching his chickens to cross the road.

But 'just feeling grumpy'.


Arhh Geoff , cheer up chicken it must be a wrench to put your house on the market even though you are looking forward to an exciting new life in Spain.

Lots of grunting and muttering coming from spare bedroom. OH is putting doors back on wardrobe. We have to dismantle it to move it, it's so heavy On side of room finished, start on other side tomorrow. We have to do it in sections as we have nowhere to put the furniture.




Cheer up Geoff and think of sunnier climes.

It is hard to put house on market, but look forward not behind you


Pottie Pam

Is it an ornamental cherry, Rosa?

This is not the Geoff we know and love.   It's a stressful time selling a house. I don't understand why the estate agent wants money now. I thought they only got paid when they sold your house. 


I may be on a losing streak here.  Have just answered yet another post about the planting of newly discovered bulbs. Dont these people bother to read the initial replies of that thread?!! No wonder people get fed up with replying nicely......

Geoff- excuse quite ok. Be good to yourself.... J.



Energy certificate Pam-£117.50 for 10 years-all part of the HIPS fiasco


Thankyou Jo-thought I was on my own there

Pottie Pam

Oh,right,Geoff. As you say another fiasco. It should be up to the buyers to satisfy themselves how many energy saving bulbs etc. you have.


Thanks gang (hug smiley)

Have been looking at flights and property and temperatures and should I pack the speedos?

I have decided to do the initial recce alone in a few weeks-will wait and see if if we get any interest first

Miss Becks

Geoff, your excuse is accepted. Some days I don't always want to chat! Better to keep quiet than spread your grumpiness!!

Now smile you miserable sod! This will be you soon....



But I much prefer this


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. When the brochure says private pool, it doesn't mean a paddling pool!!


If it is more that 12 inches deep I am already out of my depth


I haven't had time to read back so I am guessing that Geoff is getting grief from the house agent - am I right there?

Geoff, can I just re-assure you that it is your house and home so don't put up with their bad behaviour. What about threatening to change agents?

Btw I have finally discovered why I haven't received my January issue as part of my new subscription to GW. It has never been sent - wonderful 

Didn't do anything in the garden after all today (sadly) just spent the day doing catch-up things at home!




Just caught up with A-Z of gardening. Thoroughly enjoyed it, how to do it and what to aspire to.

The cherry is edilble 'Stella' last fruit tree to go in but I think at least one more ornamental planned when i can afford it. Have you seen the price of trees?



Is it the same as the price of eggs?

Sasha-can't change agent -he has only been the agent for 2 hours


He He He- just tried to stir it up a bit on another thread. He He He


Norty Bjay!

I've still to watch that first episode. was going to treat myself for finishing being Mrs Mop, but since still to finish off hoovering downstairs cant can I?

Fed daughter, mine just finishing off. We didnt fancy same snack meal..... J.


 No One took my bait (sigh)