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Still time Bjay. Lots of posters use the boards when at work & it's still mealtime for workers.

Have told daughter that she'll need to move so I can hoover after the local news! Then tomorrow dont have to change into scruffy cleaning clothes after we've been out.

Off to Lowry outlet mall. Not sure what for, but we like going down there. J.


S'ok, just been pretty negative, well honest really, about mossy lawns. Dont think people realise that gardens arent instant like in the make-over shows!

Ok, grumpy here off to do the hoovering. Daughter glowering at me coz I wont let her open my T&M seed catalogue!! J.

Evening everyone, reporting in after quite a gap, so lots of catching up to do!

Love the wheelbarrow designs and the pink wheelbarrow!
I have a pink trug, and a bright yellow one.

Glyn, hope your eye gets better soon.

Jean, what about broccoli soup with the blue cheese stirred in? I make it with Stilton but I bet other blue cheese would work.

Dean, sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like you gave them a good send off!

Glad Geoff turned up safe and well!
Will have to look through to see what Bjay has been up to!

I bet Jess will enjoy being back at nursery just as you enjoy a bit of peace!
Back to school for me today.

May pop back later! Hope all poorly people make speedy recoveries.

Perhaps i was too subtle (sigh) Not really a confrontational sort of person

Must look up mossy lawns now. 


Jo has covered mossy lawn -comprehensively-nothing much to add

Nola!!-how was the first day back-did you give anyone detention or lines?


Caz W

Geofredo - you're back - we were missing you.


Back in the room

More Miranda  & Mrs Brown's Boys tonight-the corpsing last week was genuine over the teeth didn't you think?-whereas the cupboard door falling off seemed scripted ?

Jean Genie

Bjay, what have you been up to ? Can't seem to find it

Jo, I've read your response to the mossy lawn and think your advice is spot on. We are still battling with ours even though we have put land drains in but it's a labour of love.

Hello, Nola. Good idea - I like the sound of that   have a few ideas now - was also thinking cauli- cheese.

Geoff, Things will get easier on the house selling front but know by daughter how difficult it is. Just keep thinking of all that Spanish sunshine.

First day back was a training day, the children are back tomorrow.
Caz W

Watched that Mrs Brown again later in the week when it was repeated - laughed just as much second time around and yes the teeth scene did seem genuine. 


Jean, I can't find what Bjay has been up to either!

I wasn't too keen on getting up early but I can see it beginning to get lighter at the end of the day. Glad we are on the right side of the shortest day!

Corrie now

Bjay stirring up over Monty Don -no-one has bitten -yet

Jean Genie

Peter's going to get a bashing  Great . Don't like him.


menu Forks:

Baked smoked gamon, salmon poached in wine, root pie - one creamy, one not creamy mash, spiced parsnips, braised red cabbage, peas/beans, parsley sauce, Another sauce not milky - any ideas? Bread rolls

triple chocolate mousse, berry shortbread cheese cake slice, jelly terrine with an ice cream sort of terrine and choco sauce

Cheese etc

Remember for 22/24 people.


Miss Becks

Deano's late! has he lost his superman cape??



He is probably searching  for the on switch amongst all that bling

Miss Becks

He'll be here soon, like a whirlwind, rushing through.

Deanos Diggin It
Yo! all!
I is here!
No smilies! Brandished to the little tablet with late arrival home! What a day that was!
But now home!
Miss Becks

Yay! Were your ears burning?


Apple sauce Bjay? Know not gastrono....wotsit correct, but not milk based. Like the sound of rest. You're going to be busy. Help from anyone?

I decided to not beat around the bush, or lawn, with that reply. Go on Geoff/Jean, anyone agree/correct me & let's see if someone decides there's a foolproof, easy, quick, colour everyday of the year, oh & in deep shade answer! Cynical, moi?

Hoovering done & the catalogue still firmly sealed up! Waiting on Chiltern Seeds' one which also applied for.

Off to phone OH now. New Lewis later on. J.