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Pennine Petal
Bjay, if you cook the gammon in apple juice, you can thicken it with a little car flour to make a sauce.

Or make Cumberland sauce? You can google it.



Good morning Forkers  - woke very early so thought I would just pop in for a while.

Hope everyone feeling better today - it should be a reasonable day weatherwise I believe. The forecasters don't seem to be able to decide about what it will be like on Wednesday - some say rain others that it will be sunny. Shall wait and see before I make any plans

We watched the Story of Malta and it was fascinating - had a week's holiday there last year and now would have liked to visit more of the old part of Valletta.. Has anyone here been there?

Do my stint as a guide up at the local hospital this morning and then if I have the strength hope to get to the supermarket afterwards - shall have to see how I feel.

Dove, any news from Tasmania? And Geoff feeling better about the agent?

May pop back later....if not have a good day everyone 



Hi Girasole   It's been a busy weekend - London and housework, and back to work yesterday  so I've not read back much - hope everyrone's ok.

We've got this link to an Australian News interview with my cousin and his family - there's some amazing film footage of them with the grandchildren in the water trying to escape the flames 

Scary stuff !  Thank goodness they're ok.  They did the interview in exchange for a helicopter to go and find the children's dad who was hiking in the bush.

Pennine Petal
Morning Sasha, I woke up and couldn't sleep got up for a cuppa.

I went to Malta a long time ago, enjoyed it, but a week was enough for me. Hotel we went to turned. Out to be on the edge of a building site!



Dove, just been watching the film footage and found it very emotional - what a huge relief that they are all safe and sound as well as for you . My thoughts are with you all and thank you so much for sharing the film.


PP, yes I can see why it would have been a building site because if you saw Sliema now it is just continuous line of concrete flats and hotels all the way to St Paul's Bay. Fortunately we did go inland for a bus trip to that wonderful castle - the name escapes me at the moment - and I loved the countryside and the people were more welcoming.

Also, we had a fascinating walk round the Fort outer walls and met delightful people in a local bar who told us their version of what it was like in the war.

I found the actual Maltese language very grating and virtually impossible to understand but then I believe it is made up of five different languages probably from when the island was occupied.




Time to get ready for work now - have a good day everyone!

Jean Genie

Morning  Dove, I've just watched the footage . Like Sacha, I also found it emotional to watch. Thank goodness everyone is safe.It is hard to comprehend what they have endured, You must be so relieved .

I'm never been to Malta but have heard it's a lovely place, Sacha.

I don't sleep that well either Glyn, but did manage a good night last night. Probally because I watched some light entertainment instead. Won't be watching Ripper Steet again - But Mrs Brown Only started watching it a few weeks back and did think that she was a he .

We have rain here . So much for the garden drying out but the mornings are definitely getting lighter. Off to feed our feathered friends now. Yesterday we had no less than 10 long-tails on the feeder. Super little birds.

Wonder what the collective noun is for them? Could ask Mr Google but can't be bothered yet. Gary will know.

Have a good day, everyone.


Morning early ones-quick visit-can't stop long- feel in a better mood today-off to bash me orange balls -catch up later

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Pleased to see that Geoff has normalised.

Jean R wrote (see)

Yesterday we had no less than 10 long-tails on the feeder.... Wonder what the collective noun is for them? Could ask Mr Google but can't be bothered yet. Gary will know...

They are bright and perky little birds. They always seem to turn up in a little gang.

I didn't know that there was a collective noun for long-tailed tits. Asking Mr Google, he says the word is a volery. Then looking up that word, several websites say that the word means 'a flight of birds'.

However the word doesn't seem to be in my edition of the Oxford Dictionary (which a large 2-volume edition).

I had a good day in the garden yesterday, moved lots of little teasle seedling-rosettes. Am hoping to split up some clumps of hemerocallis this morning. Brief rain spell coming for this afternoon.

Have a nice day forkers.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Dove, that is such a sad story, but with a happy ending, sort of. Had tears in my eyes watching the kiddies. But like he said at the end, the material stuff can be replaced. So glad they got through it.


Morning everyone.

Hope everyone is feeling perky this morning. Good news, Dove, that your family is safe, but what an awful thing to  go through, sympathies to all.~~~~~~

We watched Mrs Brown, find her/him extremely funny, just wish he would moderate the language, too many Fs, would be just as good with fewer. Just love it when they get the giggles.

Not a very nice morning here, dull and damp, hope it improves later.

Got a fairly busy day. Hairdressers a 1.30 then off to see M, back for early tea, then going to cinema with SIL and friend to see Quartet.  Phew! might fit in a few jobs in between. Feel a bit like Jo.

Catch you later.



Morning tout le monde.

Sunny here, that's nice, and I've won a free lunchtime sarnie at the sandwich shop today - excellent

Love Lewis and long-tailed tits, can't stand Mrs B's Boys. Going to watch Dove's link now then wander off to shop to collect free lunch and have coffee.

Enjoy your days.

Dove, there are no words for an experience like that. But they are all safe.


G'day All

Just watched Doves footage. I to feel emotional. What a horrendous experience, But they are all safe and together. That is what is important.

Just been to WW 

Called in at Wilkinson and the shelves are filling up with garden things. Bought a bag of seed compost, not used it before so will see if it is any good.

Have to planr tree that arrived so need to go to GC later for stakes .

Also looked in at Waitrose for sauce inspiration, at moment leaning towards their tomato and chille sauce - it will go with both the gammon and the salmon I think and save a bit of time ready made. What do you lot think? Will it go?

Jean I have watched the 2 episodes of Ripper. Each time I found I had to watch some'rubbish' to take my mind off it before I went to bed. I don't do gratuitous violence very well 



PP I'll cook gammon in cider and spices, It always smells wonderful and adds to the flavour.

Pennine Petal
Morning again, went back to bed and only just got up again.

How about a tattle of tits? They always sound as through they are having a good gossip. I think some Victorian thought up all those group nouns for animals and birds. You used to get a list of them in First Aid English. What a great book that was. You can find them now in Schott's Miscellany, another one of my Dave's, I love trivia.
Pennine Petal
Sorry, IPad didn't like faves, don't know who Dave is
Caz W

Afternoon all - hope everyone feeling good today.  Dove - - but a happy ending thank goodness.  Raining again   OH back in work after a very long holiday so nice to be back to normal (can do what I like!!)

BJay - what about a honey & mustard sauce? 

Geoff - hope your orange balls are not black & blue after all that bashing




Afternoon all.

Window cleaner just been, only a day early, but correct week.  

Enjoyed Lewis, but cross coz a '2 parter'! Managed to sleep pretty well too. Had window open as well above 6C- my limit- & the birds didnt wake me so early this time.

Daughter & me had a good morning down at Lowry outlet mall. Tried various sofas in the M&S furniture bit. Daughter knows which one she wants, but will have to wait until she's actually in the house! Then of course the sales will be over, but there's always chance to get some discount in between.

Hope you enjoyed Quartet Chris. I still want to go & see it.

The Australian film very harrowing. Glad all the family safe though. J.