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We went to watch Quartet as a stage play just before Christmas 2011. It was brilliant. Susannah York was in it and I think it must have been one of her last performances.

We enjoyed it so much we have wondered if it translates to a movie. Will go and see it when it comes here.

I need asauce that will suit both salmon and ham  Cumbeland sauce I think will not go with salmon. Honey and mustard might go 


Glyn, First Aid in English! I think I've still got one somewhere, it was always a handy reference when I was teaching. I'm sure you're right about someone just sitting down and creating a list - I've heard it was nuns!!! It's very subjective: a murder of crows, a charm of goldfinches, you can see which birds they wanted in their gardens and which ones they shooed off. (shoo'd??  - where's my First Aid in English got to?)

Jo, 'Lowry outlet mall' - I can't help but picture it with matchsticky people 

Bjay, sympathies. I have just had lemon cake with my coffee (oh!!) though have been very good all week as I didn't like the last weigh-in result.  The members of our WW group had put on 82.5 lb over the holiday.  (Extra tubby smiley)


Am back home, lunched, washed and polished-all balls intact and none the worse for wear

Just watched news about fires and then Dove's link-sort of brings it home when you see the human stories

I will not add my contribution to a collective name for tits

Will there be any play-time this afternoon?

Miss Becks

Lordy, you lot always make me hungry talking about yummy food! Just bought some 'Fabulous Fingers' from the shop. Were supposed to be for Jess, but so tempted to open them.



Flo can't remember exact figure (he he) but it was around about 75lb at my group. She told me to ditch the rest of my Christmas cake 


Have had an almond finger- still got a Christmas cake to eat-that could go on till Easter

If you eat the lot Becks and destroy the packaging she will never know

Used to sell a lot of salmon in dill sauce-my sole contribution to the discussion

Miss Becks

That is an extremely good idea Geoff!


I have them sometimes-is it sharesies?

Miss Becks

They are not so fabulous to be honest.

here you go..



What are Fabulous Fingers anyway?-never seen them


Now you show me -feel a right plonker-wally-numpty now

Miss Becks

Cadburys fingers, but with 2 layers. White and milk chocolate.


They sound all right to me -dipped in cocoa-then you lick of the soggy choc



Ooh yummy.

Daughter & me just had half a piece each of the very chocolatey cake OH left us! Must remember to make sure some left for him on Friday...

Have organised myself (!) for tomorrow morning when am going on a 'walk' with others. Think I know where someone lives.... can hear the panic phonecall now. I'm doing the driving down to the meeting point as I do know exactly where it is. I also know that at end of rush hour the driving wont be fun & times unpredictable, but we'll get there.

No matchstick men at Lowry. Spotted a beeb presenter wandering along road, as you do. Got some bits, good reduction & have already paid back daughter! J.


Miss Becks

Are you walking for a cause jo?

A quick pop in before getting some jobs done.

Not keen on those fingers, Becks. I much prefer the original ones. They wouldn't have lasted here!

Dove-just watched that footage. As others have said, it is very emotional! Thank goodness they are all alright!

Bye for now!
Miss Becks

Agree Nola. Only bought them as they were on offer.


Anyone fancy a REAL chocolate finger