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Morning All

Oh Flo a Gold Fairy, how lovely, how envious am I

Beautiful day here bright, slightly chilly, off to plant things before the weather changes

Oh! glad everyone is up and about and full of energy


Sorry Lottie-but it was her again


Bjay, I have been a Gold fairy for a while but slithered over the edge at Christmas. V. chuffed that my tracking has paid off but must keep counting for a while just to retrain myself!

Dull day here, I need sun to energise me.


Miss Becks

When you say 'her' Geoff, do you mean me??? Cheek. There are 2 men at my upstairs window on ladders.


Are they dressed?-more importantly are you?

Flo- I have this image of a sylph persona


Morning Folks.

It's a lovely sunny day here Hope all are well.

We enjoyed Quartet, Maggies Smith was, as ever, brilliant, as were all the cast, very well done and so poignant. Nice music as well if your into light classical.

Well done FloGoldFairy, not easy to lose the extra pounds after Christmas, I've just got back to my pre Christmas weight just cutting out the extras. Big pan of vegetable soup on the go this morning

Sorry you have had some more bad news Dove.Let's hope things get better for you from now on.

Geoff and Becks, I'm with you on the late dressing bit. When the weather is grotty not a lot to rush for, but I'm always afraid someone will come to the door and think I'm a right lazy beggar. Why it should bother me I don't know I've done my share of early mornings.

Have a good day folks, whatever you're up to.


Miss Becks

Yes, they were dressed. They are from the council. Nice neighbours next door phoned them to unblock and clear their guttering, and they did mine as well.


I had a long conversation with Ozzie relative this morning. She said it is very hot but the fires are no where near as bad as a couple of years ago. She lives on the outskirts of Melborne, and does not feel threatened this time. She was going on about the 'Poms', doesn't particularly like them!!!!!!!

Just been to B&Q, they are selling bird feed at 25% off. my local small branch didn't have any sunflower hearts. Big thing is I went by myself as I am now in the 2 week window when I can drive. Bad news is next week it's back to the hospital and more stuff

Off to make tea and garden now. Catch up later

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Flo- I have this image of a sylph persona

And you'd be right - ish

Well done Chris! It's all about the extras for me too.


Good job you got dressed when you did, Becks! And nice of them to do the guttering for you.

Bjay, get some for me while you're there - thanks! Just pop it in my cyberlocker!

Flo, good for you. I think I need to cut down somewhat at the moment. Its easier now all the Christmas goodies have been eaten up.


We have sun-finally

Just seen a bloke go in next door -could he be buyer or another agent?-Kate has trained me well on curtain twitching

There may come a day Chris when I shall never get dressed at all-not quite sure how well that will go down in B&Q on all beige Wednesday


Do they have B&Q in Spain, then?


They have Primark-the moron next door was out and has kept the bloke waiting-just come in

Now watching Bargain Hunt as well a spying

I need a life



Geoff, if its a buyer go and nab him and get him to look round your house instead!

How's the decluttering going? Or is that being left to Mrs Geoff?

They do have something very similar to B&Q but I can't remember what its called. They have Lidl too!


Ozzie relative was raving about watching 'Escape to the Country' and keeps hoping she'll see where we live on it. Told her it has featured on show so to keep alook out. 

Just come in for lunch having planted 3 rhubarb roots and my cherry which is what i am most excited about

Geoff when we sold our house I was taking the dog for a walk and lady stopped me and said she really wanted to buy house and offered me money (cash Buyer) there and then. You need to grab every opportunity.


The de-cluttering is work in Progress

Have just seen on news that Stephen Spielberg's Lincoln is the next must see

Bloke has gone-quite young- looked like an agent

I see Flowerchild is about

Bacon sandwiches on order

Miss Becks

A quick nip to the shops is no longer 'a nip'. I miss my car.

They have Spar as well Geoff!


If you miss your car-the answer is obvious-

-you need to aim better

Just thing about all the good you are doing to the enviroment