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Put £10 for the win on Sunday-this time it will happen-when have I been wrong?

Lottie seems to do all-right but I do think the claims for potato bags are overrated-those pictures of them being crammed with tatties are a figment of someon'e imagination.

Will this be a slumber party,with pillow fights?



Jo my volunteers seem to do better, I cannot see where I went wrong. Does B**ts not do a order to local store service?


Jo -I think you can say Boots and Amazonon here this is not like the other place-took me a while to work out what B**** stood for


There will be a party, with cuba libras


It's the age old story of consatnly changing models, just like a certain  'hoover'manufacturer, there are loads of toothbrush heads for his make- Phillips- but none coincide with the number I'd kept from the last packet of new heads. This is the first electric toothbrush that has lasted for OH, so wasnt impressed when couldnt seem to find any. Perhaps it's lasted too long..........

Coffee time & why is it now sunny when all the insects will be out there waiting to have a chew at me if I dare to go outside? That was one good thing about the chemo- not a bite in months!! J.



I couldnt work out b**** either how stupid am,  got it now.My computer keeps freezing tonight what a pain it is. Well the bathroom needed 3 coats in the end!! I came home from work at lunch time had a look in the door expressed my opinion on the second coat still showing the blue through! and ran for it...He calmed down eventually.

We have a gardening club in the village Im not a member but still chat and swap plants I just dont tie myself to the club. Im just too busy at this stage of my life. Does it get easier? OH does shift work and my two sons of 20 and 22 treat the house like a hotel leaving piles of washing every day the kind of washing that miraculously appears back in their room washed and ironed. Ive two jobs. Im generally a very happy person, my eldest son always says I live in my own wee world where I like everything and everyone around me happy and carefree, he tries to tell me in the real world its just not like that. I dont take any notice.


It must be cold near Inverness that you need three coats.

It sort of gets easier when they leave home but then the phone calls start...............


I was woken early this morning by my neighbours putting out their green bin, I lay there thinking have I got it wrong or are you wrong again? It seems such a simple thing, 20 minutes later I hear the green bin going back and the bottles coming out

weejenny those boys do not realise how lucky they are, they should be delighted that you are so positive.


Ah the bin-day

We have a dry day apparently today and there is a bit of sun.

Have just bought something through Amazon-anybody want to guess what it is?


Wellies for Cody.


Nope-but it is for something that has been annoying me-that limits it


A water jet gun to get next doors cat?


Nope-things with wings-not Wet Arrows-though am considering a machine gun.

Lion S

It is sunny here now but not for very long so I'm going to do some much needed gardening.  

Yesterday I spent with Mum. We didn't go to any GC sadly but went to Germany instead to have lunch and to do some sight-seeing.

On our way back we had a stop over at an old farm where they sell fruits, veggies, perennial plants, and lots of home made stuff.      But it was too hot in the car to take anything home, except for some raspberries. Lovely day though and BBQ for dinner.



As part of my war on terror or what some people call flies-I have bought three pitcher plants that I spotted for 40p each just now and a insect screen from Amazon-this must end.

Anybody any tips on pitcher plants?

Glad you had a nice day out Flower-I love the way you say you went to Germany as in the same way we say we go to Sainsbury's


Pottie Pam

Is it a hawk to scare the seagulls away? Can you get them on Amazon? I hope MI5 and MI6 don't monitor this or they might have you in for questioning,Geoff, if you order a machine gun.


You must have nipped in Pam whilst I was giving the secret way-it is a fly screen to replace the coloured flappy thing we have now that dosen't put the flies off one bit-this one is a bit snazzier and have just had the "we have  shipped e-mail" -or as we in the UK like to call it the "we have sent it e-mail"

I am all shopped out

Anyway how are things out West?

Gary Hobson
kate1123 wrote (see)

A water jet gun ...

This is actually, almost, a very good answer to address the problem.

I hate big flies buzzing round in the house. I use a small garden spray containing just water. It doesn't kill them but the fine droplets cover a wide area, so it's easy to target the area around fly, and slow it down. Then you can squash it.


We really do seem to be a murderous bunch, cutting slugs in half, squashing flies 


and squirting (machine gunning) cats