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Miss Becks

I did Caz. A £10 goodwill voucher. I think she just wanted me off the phone, ranting! LOL


I'm around too, also very late. Not staying long either, cant concentrate, sorry.

Knackered, didnt sleep well, driving in fog, some walking in the mud & cold.

No organisers turned up!  So we, 5 of us + a Mum  + a dog, did a walk on our own. Cafe & loos both closed.... T'was cold & getting far too muddy, so we didnt stay that long after all.

3 of us went to M&S cafe at TC & chatted. Have arranged to do our own walk, more local plus a good nearby pub for lunch! Shall also phone another lady who's fairly close by & then she can bring her dog! She was told no dogs allowed, so didnt come on the organised one. Other lady today didnt know about the dog rule & we didnt mind.

I've also done the local shopping & cooked & cleared up. Shall catch up tomorrow.

Night all, Jo.

Pennine Petal

Evening all, just had a quick catch up. Geoff, Spar have more international outlets than any other retailer, They also have Dunnes Stores in Spain, modelled on M&S but cheaper. Valencia did have an M&S my friend was a manager there, but it closed when they closed all their stores there.You can buys some Tesco's stsuff in some supermarkets in tourist areas.  I teach international retailing, I could bore for England on the subject

I am feeling a lot better, still suffering the eye drops, we have a new technique, the one you use for kids. I lie down and close my eyes and OH puts the drops in the corner of my eyes, I open them and hope the drops run in. I hate drops. I don't look like a battered boxer any more. Signing off the sick but working at home for the rest of the week.

Have to go to Worcester and Bristol next week, Bjay I will wave at the hills. Were going to pop by Malvern, but my family not available for visit.

You've all been on good form today, have had a chuckle over the day's post. 

Miss Becks

That's a good idea for the drops Glyn! Will try that on Jess next time. Last time was a right palava!! I take it you mean the inner corner?

Pennine Petal

Yes, Becks, you can't see someone standing over you with the dropper and it's better when it drops on a closed eye, not quite as much of a shock. You have to lie flat and when the drop is in the corner, open your eye and look from side to side. So much less stressful, for me and him.. 


Caz W

Glad you're feeling better Glyn - that good technique is obviously working


Good result in a way Becks

Glyn you are a mine of information -I want to see a video of the eye dropping procedure

You might just as well walked round the house a 100  time Jo-much more comfortable


Glyn -found the Friends clip I was referring to -you are Rachel

Miss Becks

You should have put the first attempt up she did, where she keeps dodging monica!


When M had cararact op instructions for drops were to lay dropper on nose bridge and drop into corner. Have tried technique since and much easier, using nose as a rest.

You can wave at us by all means Glyn, Couple of decent pubs around if you need meal. Son assistant manager at one If you wave for long enough may wave back

Sounds as if Jo had a difficult day


Hello folks - yes cousins all over the tv today - they're usually quite a private family, but they sold the story to get the helicopter to go and find the children's father who was hiking in the bush.  I don't blame them, but there are some people who are raising eyebrows apparently - as far as I'm concerned those children needed their Daddy - privacy be bu$$ered (s'cuse my language).

Caz W

Absolutely Dove - the family need to be together more than anything at such a stressful time.  Hope they are all recovering too.



One day i will get hang of everyones pseudonyms - including my own! 



Hello again--back from shopping--good thing I didn't need much, as I had to lug it all up the hill. The road is mostly washed out in yesterday's deluge---I'm surprised I was able to get down. Hopefully they will be able to fix it when it dies out in the next few days. They did come and look at it. But I'll be fine until then.


Hi Inka,

Sounds as if you have been having some rotten weather too.

Think everyone is having an early night this side of the Atlantic

Did you enjoy Downton? we have got a new series here, called Mr Selfridge, looks quite promising.

Enjoy you day, I'm now off to bed. Goodnight peeps.



Hi, Chris--did love Downton!--so glad it's back. It's been rainy here--especially yesterday--but above freezing and no snow yet. Shoud dry out in the next couple of days, and hopefully then they can fix the road. Could be worse!