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Gary Hobson
lovetogarden wrote (see)
... we are going away for 3 days to Stratford upon Avon....

Very nice. I've been there often. Several interesting gardens, at each of the 5 Shakespeare properties. Probably not that impressive at this time of year, though they do try to keep the gardens presentable, for the tourists. They also have special celebrations on the weekend nearest April 23rd (Will's birthday), which is later than when you're visiting.


Hi Lyon, sorry I've lost track of everyones names We usually go to Hidcote when we are in that part of the country, but it will be closed when we visit. Thanks for the suggestion of the gardens in Stratford, there is often quite a lot of interest from trees, shrubs etc at this time. Will just play it by ear and do what we can depending on the weather We will also be visiting the neighbouring towns, Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth, so there will be plenty to keep us occupied.


Pennine Petal

Morning all, up late again, now have to mark with a vengeance, the time is slipping away from me Sainsburys later today, better get some stocks in just in case..

Chris, do you go to Kiftsgate as well as Hidcote? It is well worth a visit and at the bottom of the road to Hidcote. We found it by mistake and it was a most unexpeced garden. I really enjoyed it. Coughton Court is very nice and reasonably close to Stratford.

Gary Hobson

 I prefer Kiftsgate to Hidcote, but it's also closed till April.

There's the Elizabethan garden at Kenilworth Castle, which will be open. They'll probably be busy putting out bedding for the Spring/Summer. Warwick Castle (inside) is a must-see.

Mary Arden's house is quite interesting. It's almost a working Elizabethan farm. They grow their veg in authentic Elizabethan raised beds. Though all these places look a lot better in the Summer.


Used to work for a company in Stratford

I see along with the weather scare-the Mirror says up to 30.000 old people could die-slightly hedging all bets there-the BBC news is telling us that 50% of food produced is thrown away -some before it reaches the shelves because of poor quality-but also households throw loads of food away as well-always amazes me how they now what is in people's dustbins

Also in the paper




Aye-aye Glyn-how you feeling?

Jean Genie

Afties  Spent ages trying to track down this Bat flower . Found seeds on a few sites but want a plant seeing how they can take up to 2 years to germinate.

Sounds like you have a good trip planned ,Chris . We went a few years back but it was a murder. mystery weekend. Good fun until one of the actors dropped dead in my soup.(Only acting ,of course}

Some people have no brains. The guy at the front of our house has left a ladder against his wall right by a window. He knows it's there as I've seen him passing it . Been there since Christmas.

Hi. Glyn, Hope your eye is on the mend.


Well done re eye drops Glyn. Soon will be sorted.

Both daughter & me really overslept this morning. Sh'e still getting over the nights & expected yours truely to be up & downstairs- nooooo- still all snuggled up! Obviously needed it.

She's out for the afternoon & I shall actually start the sort out of spare room!! Will go & get a couple of boxes down & slob in front of daytime tv whilst I do it.

Got rid of junk in greenhouse earlier, but hope to clean it tomorrow then can have a shower afterwards. Yes it'll be cold out there, but probably not as bad as due to be next week? Have already sorted the top of my wardrobe. J.

Lion S

Afternoon All, 

It has been a while since I posted but I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!! I am still reading the messages but felt I had nothing to write about. Feeling better now so will be contributing every now and then again (if that's ok). 


FC-saw you lurking elsewhere the other day-welcome back/home-how are you doing?

Any luck on the job front?-and how is life in general?

You drop in whenever you like -but do not be a stranger


It's just taken about an hour to upload some photos onto another thread. I'm not doing it again, if there is a way of transferring them to picture gallerylet me know. Any way photos of development of Fairy Dell are on thread: What's your plans for the garden this year?


FC, Happy New Year to you too. Don't worry about not having anything to write about - doesn't stop us! Good that you're feeling better and contribute all you want to!

Jo, as you say you obviously needed it! Sleep is very beneficial. Wish I could go and have some now! 

Caz W

Afternoon all and nice to meet you Flowerchild .   Managed to do a bit of clearing outside this morning before the expected rain which has now arrived

Good to hear from Jo that she was having a lie in this morning .

Hope people won't start panic buying now after all these mad weather predictions - or at least kindly wait until I've done my weekly shop! .

OH still over-excited that Swansea beat Chelsea 2-0 last night - I do try my best to sound pleased about it .


B-jay-did you look at using photobucket?-it works quicker for me

Is that men and balls again Caz?

Caz W

BJay - are you pictures quite large?  Do you know how to resize them?  They load much quicker if they are small.



Hi Flower girl.

 I didn't think having nothing to say on this thread meant you can't join in

I looked at photo bucket , that was it. No I don't know how to re-size them!

Really I just go in panic mode if it's not straightforward. 

On photobucket can I put my photos together to tell a 'story'? At moment some are saved to computer but OH has informed mr that Windows 7 is crap at what I want to do.

Was wondering where Jo was, Never thought she would be tuckd up in bed.

Miss Becks

Bjay, you just reminded me of a pic I saved.

A fairy village!!


Gary Hobson
Caz W wrote (see)

BJay - are you pictures quite large?  Do you know how to resize them?  They load much quicker if they are small.

The reason why your photos took so long to upload is that they are very big pictures. They are 2Mbytes each. If you can resize them to something a lot smaller then the upload will be much quicker. I thought there was a limit to the size you are allowed to upload.

Big pictures also make it slow for people to look at them, especially if they don't have a fast connection.

Some of the images that Sam has uploaded, on that same page, are twice the size, almost 4Mbytes each!!!

That page takes getting on for 12 seconds to load. If anyone has a dial-up connection, then that page will take forever to see.


Bjay -with photobucket-you dont have to resize-just upload post the correct link an post that as an external link-quite happy to "talk" you through it

You can link to a gallery if you want to

Gary Hobson

Uploading 10mbytes of photos to Photobucket will take just the same time.

BJ really needs to resize before uploading.

You can resize in Windows by right clicking on the filename, and then OpenWith (and select) Paint.

Then, in Paint, click Image, and there's a resize option.

There are probably several other ways of resizing images too.