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Miss Becks

You could alter the size of the pictures you take on your camera, in the settings Bjay, if you know how to do that?

Caz W

That sounds easier Becks.  Bet Jess would love a Fairy Villlage like that one.


You back garden has come on Becks

Now see Bjay is no longer confused

Miss Becks

Caz, she would have all her dolls in there!!


It wasn't so much thye were taking a long time to upload as I didn't know how to upload them from files on the computer, I can do it , no probs, from SD card and disc, then I get frustartaed, OH loses his cool and 

However I have loads of gaden pictures I want to save in an easy view format in he correct order, which I don't seem to have at moment so i will take some time. 

Love the little fairy garden, Jess's dream. Mine is big and bee friendly, I do have a couple of fairies and afairy toadstall but they will go in it when finished.

When all is calmer again I will come to you for advice 



A film about circuses is on-The Greatest Show On Earth-thought that was the Olympics

It is going to be a very quite year nationwide -not much to get excited about

Gary Hobson

Don't worry. Something will turn up.

Headline writers at the The Express are already preparing some front page mock-ups as we speak - Heatwave, Dought and Hosepipe Bans; and/or Summer Monsoon and Floods.

The BIG EVENT will be the Royal baby. I saw somewhere some estimates on the impact this baby will have on national GDP - due to extra foreign visitors coming.

I think the BBC should replay 3 weeks of Olympics coverage. I missed lots of it (no-one can watch 18 channels at once).


Can't get excited about the arrival of Wayne or Waynetta

At least this year the months rain figure will be adjusted-so a months rain cannot fall in 24 hours or we will all be going glug-glug

Caz W

Andy Murray might win Wimbledon


Could do with an excuse for another street party. Great fun last year

But somehow don't think baby is 'big' enough.

I'll think of something.

Guess we could have a Wimbledon one


Oh yeah- there is that-might go again this year-we could all go- and make a day of it

Miss Becks

We have got an excuse! Geoff's leaving do!!

I don't 'do' Tennis.

Gary Hobson

VisitBritain has compiled a list of special events to attract visitors to Britian in 2013....

  • 150 years of the London Underground
  • 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice 
  • 100th Anniversary of the Chelsea Flower Show
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical opens
  • Royal Baby celebrations.

Forgot about that as well-there will be a garden party-costume optional


Back again.

Having a break from sorting through & chucking a lot of Dad's old photographs. Very emotional at times, but should have a small-ish pile for a nice albumn of memories for us all.

Just given in & put heating back on. Despite wearing several layers, sitting still doesnt keep you very warm! Right, must plod on- target to finish this, first!, huge box of photograph packets before daughter gets back. Have left her the last bit of the chocolate cake..... J.



I thought you were saving a piece for your OH 

I ave tried tumble dryer for the first time since its repair, electricity stayed on - Hooray

Just lit fire so waiting for heat to permeate through.

I'd quite like day at Wimbledon. 

Lion S

I'm doing fine at the moment and life's getting better and better every day. Still no hope on the job front but hey, Spring is coming. When the sun comes out, so does my spirit. I still blame my parents for that cos I was born in a very hot Summer.

Hi Lottie!

Hi Bjay, I love your wheelbarrow

BTW, I don't remember who it was but someone posted about Idiotitis; my neighbour defenitely suffers from that. Nothing but !!    



OH will no doubt bring home tomorrow yet another baked offering! He really has no concept of how difficult it is to not keep eating.......

2cnd box of pics now downstairs. Easy meal tonight, so shall carry on whilst I can. J.


I am going to the cinema tonight with my very good friend. She's the one who's a garden fanatic and makes beautiful glass garden ornaments - in her spare time! She works in the smoke.

Will report back on the film tomorrow!

Jo, can't you tell him to hide the cake from you? I hide things if I don't want the boys (or OH) to scoff them! 

Miss Becks

That would have been been me who did the idiot pic Flower!

I wanted to make some cakes tonight but haven't got any caster sugar. What else can I make that's cakey/puddingy with normal sugar?