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Caz W

Would love to see the men's faces when they were waist deep too


In that cold-well there wouldn't be much to see

Miss Becks

Seeing as it's called 'Skinny Dipping', I can't see many 'skinny' people on that pic!!


Good job Dean is in bed-this wouldn't do his bling any good


Pennine Petal

Evening, done the Sainsbug's shop, found a book I have been looking for, so now a happy bunny. OH made soup and stewed rhubarb, wile Rocky was helping me mark, It's never ending cos I am so slow

Hello, flower (my sister used to call me flower)

A lot better now thanks, eyes still a bit sore, but a huge improvement. 

Going to watch Silent Witness shortly.


Trouble Abroad part 2 on tonight-more doom and gloom from ex-pats

Look after yourself Glyn

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Is that that you Caz with the red hair -bottom bottom left

OOOPS --- I read that as red hairy bottom sorry.

Will now slope off to watch Silent witness.


Dean, the plot looks fab![if you are still up to read this]

Patchy sun here, but a biting wind. Car still at bottom of hill, but the execise will do me good, as I had pizza for brekkie!

Supposed to be sun tomorrow-have a garden gate that needs repairing.


Inka, pizza for brekkie !! 

I understand that we're due for biting winds here soon


Caz W


Inka - pizza for brekkie sounds good to me .   Am almost finished reading a very good book (Xmas pressie from bookworm friend) by a Canadian author - Louise Penny.  Will be looking for more of her books when I'm next in the Library.  The only problem is she's very good at describing what the characters are eating and it always leaves me feeling hungry


It was left over from last night. Waste not----actually, up to then I have been sticking to the diet---and am down to 3 1/2 smokes per day. So I rewarded myself.

Caz, I like Louise Penny, too--but I know what you mean about descriptions of food. I have had to stop watching the Food Channel [food porn!] as well.


I'm back,. Caz and Inka

I have read a number of Louise Penny's books, thoroughly enjoyed them. Canada sounds a wonderful place, but I wouldn't want to live in Three Pines where her books are set, too many murders.  the  residents spend a lot of time at the B and B /cafe, that bit sounds okay.

The last one of hers I read was set in Quebec, and it has made me want to visit, maybe one day if I win the lottery.

I sometimes watch Food Network, but the amount of food they cook and consume is really too much, although I must say it all looks good.

Now ready for bed, good book on the go, nice hot water bottle, what could be better



This ex-pat got back to France from England today. Fog and rain here. On the way out the plane couldn't land at Bergerac because of fog so it went to Bordeaux and we were ferried there in coaches. We arrived several hours late so couldn't do what we meant to do on our first day in England. Ryan Air ran out of food so had nothing to eat all day and only one drink apart from an early morning coffee. Apart from that, it isn't really all doom and gloom living in France. Geoff, if you speak the lingo and have some back-up money and a decent place to live, you'll be OK. Just don't open a bar!


Busy-Lizzie, I hope you still enjoyed your break in England despite all the hiccups on the way. I try to avoid using Ryanair if I can as I think they are a terrible airline - Stansted being my nearest airport makes if difficult however

Woke up at this ungodly house because I heard the heating going on and now realise it was because of the frost thermostat or whatever it is called. Still it does mean I can get up-to-date with my emails etc! 




Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

No frost here last night, but it's on the way.

Watched an interesting program on QVC shopping channel last night. An hour-long program selling various plants. They had someone who claimed to supply lilies to Highgrove. They had a huge lily in flower in the studio. They also had lots of other plants, from various other suppliers. A representative from T&M was there selling several T&M plants. All the plants that were on show are listed on this page:

I didn't buy any of the offers, or even check the prices. But this sort of program can reach a lot people who never watch a specialist gardening program. The presenters were doing a good job.

In the newspapers this morning - a new alarmist report about slugs...

"After the worst year on record for slugs, things are about to get even worse...."


Hello all. That slug looks exactly like one we have a lot of here in South West France. Arion Vulgarus. Wikipedia says it was first recorded in Southern England in 1956. The article mentions Scandinavia, but the one more common there is Arion Rufus. In fact, it's not nearly as bad as the little grey ones that can destroy your veggie garden.


Sasha, did you really get up at the ungodly hour of 3.55am? I usually go to the loo at that time then go straight back to bed until at least 8.30. Oh the joys of being retired!


Morning all.

There's always a killer-something isn't there? As the article says at the end, to gardeners a slug is a slug and they will all be treated the same. I think you're right, Lizzie, that it's the little ones that sneak about unnoticed that do the major damage.

Sun here, hoping to get in in it, suitably clad.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Have been trying to switch my monitor on for the last 15 mininutes!! It just wouldn't switch on when I pressed the button! Something else that will need replacing soon then.

No frost here, just cold.