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Poor Becks, isn't it bloomin' typical - gadgets and gizmos all deciding to give up at the same time   


Becks, presume you are switched on now! Loved the picture of the skinny dippers - not worried about letting their wobbly bits hang out!

Had a lovely evening at the cinema, we treated ourselves to ice cream (Ben & Jerrys - but they were happy to share!). The film was very good, we thoroughly enjoyed it. But my friend whispered to me at one point 'do you realise we are the youngest people in this cinema?'and that's saying something! Oh, and the lady sitting next to me on the other side had a whistly nose, which I could hear in the quieter moments of the film. Nice.

The slug story was in the Mail yesterday - but its not the big orange/brown slugs that annoy me most, its the little black ones that eat my potatoes!

Sasha, I'd have gone back to bed as well!

Inka, pizza is a very acceptable breakfast food. The boys and OH maintain that curry is also acceptable, as long as its leftover from the night before.



Have to say I'm not liking what I'm seeing on

Some kind soul moved my pots from the front doorstep into the garage last night in case we got a frost, but actually we escaped - for last night at least.

Miss Becks

Flo, the saying is 'Start as you mean to go on'! I think this year is going to cost me a fortune, as it's started with everything breaking!

But Lottie, you are right, I'm switched on now.!


Morning chaps- dressed early today

Who woke up in an ungodly house in the middle if the night?-sounds like Dracula's tomb Sasha-hope you have checked the neck for bites and the tooths for fangs

The sun is shining now -you will be OK

Could I suggest Miss Becks that you do not switch the monitor off tonight?

Liz-thanks for the advice-must deal with the language problem

So we are all still going to die then-from slugs as well as weather



Gary Hobson

Not a lot of people have separate monitors. You might be able to find some on freecycle, or other places.

Whenever I've been to our local council recycling plant, to dump stuff, there's always a huge pile of old computers and monitors there, that people no longer want.

Getting your computer to display on your TV is also getting popular, though you need the right connections.


Morning All.

Dull here today, but no frost overnight.

Becks, we are going through a period of things giving up the ghost. First the pump in the fish pond, then the fridge in the garage we keep for summertime use, beer drinks etc, what will be next

I hate slugs can't bare to touch them, bad enough having the ordinary size ones, but 5" long I can do without.....

Enjoy your day folks, back to the grindstone.



Morning all.

Am about to go & do battle in the greenhouse. Need to find really scruffy clothes though, that wont mind the odd splash of jeys fluid after I've done the sweep out, scraping much moss from between panes etc.

Wide awake in the early hours too last night & World service didnt interest me. So tried mentally walking around the garden- what I usually do when lying in an MRI scanner -ugh- but it didnt work last night.  & ended up sitting up & making notes!!

Heating been on extra for a while as daughter revising & yes, the whistle has come back!

It's slightly damp out there today, more drizzle, but is sort of trying to brighten up...

Back later. J.


Hi All

Jo that's waht I do when I'm having MRI scan. Just helps tp relax from that awful noise doesn't it.

Has any one else a smaller font only I'm finding it hard to read - or what have I done wrong this time

Sasha, up at 3.55 what's wrong with a drop of camomlile tea. Computers don't help me get into a relaxed state for sleep!

Becks I amsure with your bargaining skills you will find what you need - n ot sure about the car though. 

This font must only about 8!

Next door's dog is poorly, Vet now thinks she may have picked up lung worm - slugs carry it, heasked if she has eaten any slugs or snails


B jay-press CTRL and plus or minus key-that should correct it



ooh what a relief. I can read it again. Thanks Geoff xx


Hehe....not an 'ungodly house' intentionally by the way .....a typo which in fact more or less explains the situation at that time in the morning.

Have already planned a lovely siesta this afternoon because I am very much retired and can do exactly what I like and when I like  Cannot recommend it more highly peeps....retirement I really mean but also a nice siesta is to be recommended, too.

Perhaps back later ....haven't got the strength to do anything in the garden despite the fact that the sun is trying to shine and it seems quite reasonable in the garden from here!



Well the sweep out started. Got most of the moss out of roof panel cracks, the stuff on the outside will need to do when OH around for safety & longer arms!

No signs of mouse nor ratty nesting anywhere- good- but 3+yrs of 'dirt' is sufficient. Found a large terracotta pot that I couldnt remember. Will be useful.

Have already washed the floor & lower panes, sort of those, beneath the staging. That shoiuld dry a wee bit whilst am here, then can shove all the big pots & plastic boxes of smaller pots back beneath. Then can scrub down the other side & all the side panels- phew! Just hope my energy holds out. Nice smell out there now!

The shed will get a tidy up the next available dry day. J.


Must stop playing Angry Birds

The leaky ceiling is getting a touch up in preparation for viewings tomorrow-so when you are ready Jo-cleaning will be needed

Have a good snooze Sasha


Just come in from raking the never ending pile of leaves. Still not finished.

Oaks may be mighty, glorious to look at etc but oh boy do they shed a lot of leaves, and it's not even in our garden.

Lots of little bulbs coming and a hardy fuschia is in bud! And the pesky celandine which seems to be indestructable. It will all stop this weekend



I spotted my celandine when I was removing the hellebore leaves. I do sometimes grub bits out, but I quite like it where it's supposed to be/stay, only of course it doesnt.

Daughter wants pancakes for tonight.....

Am sure your OH will be 'on the ball' Geoff.

Waiting on weather forecast & then back out. Oh & the 'b' boiler started again!! J.

Gary Hobson
Rosa carriola wrote (see)

Just come in from raking the never ending pile of leaves....

Lots of nice high-quality leaf mould compost for you; and free too.

Bought 2 birdboxes from Homebase this morning. I suppose I ought to go outside, into the cold, and put them up somewhere. It's cold nights like these that the little birdies will enjoy them.


The celandines seem to prefer my white border 

Any where else and I wouldn't mind so much

Pennine Petal

Afternoon all, up at 5 this morning, couldn't sleep, so did some work.

Becks, you might not have had frost, but you've  definitely got gremlins

Back to the nurse this morning, thought she would say don't come back, but no, have to go back next week My problems trivial compared to others though.

Mealy bugs on the aloe vera is that a grrr smiley?

Bjay, celandines are so pretty though and they are close to white, ish


I know. There are plenty in the rest of the garden but the strongest grrrr are in my white border and it's well just not on. I have been waging war on them for 2 1/2 years now. Alan Titchmarsh did a thing wjee he said they were almost impssible to eradicate. he was right