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Miss Becks

I have spare monitors upstairs gary, but I like this one. Hopefully, it was a temporary sulk. Been out and switched it off/on since, and no probs. Like Glyn says, gremlins.

Going outside for a nosey while my sausage is cooking.

Just found out we have a hole in the roof by the chimney, not good. So now hunting for a roofer and then we will need someone to sort out the damage inside. Bollocks is what i think.

Miss Becks

Oh my Maud! Is that the roofers name?? B*****ks?? Very unfortunate.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Gary Hobson

I hate having to get someone to fix roofing. I don't trust em.

You just can't get the staff these days.


Poor old Glyn-still not right

Bollocks the builder is bound to make a balls-up

We used have milk monitors at school-I was a milk monitor


Pennine Petal

Just waiting for OH to come back from the lottery run, then he will make me a sausage sarnie, Not had lunch yet You just can't get the help nowadays

Just looked on the trading standards web site and found 3 . Im usually here on my own so i need to feel safe with these strange men around. Im not saying all men are strange, just the ones you need to do work on your home.

Miss Becks

You were right first time Maud. All men ARE strange!


Excuse me Miss-they are not !!!

Oh all right they are

Where is Jean genie today?

And Pam LL-who seemed down the other day

And Pottie Pam

Miss Becks

Just watching a programme on 4OD called 'Holiday Hijack'. I like it. Quite eye opening.


Got on old James Stewart film on

What is Holiday Hijack?

Gary Hobson

Anyone been to Chesterton's GC?

Seemed the sort of place Geoff might get his stuff.


Gary - high quality free leaf compost it may be but not if you aren't really sure what you are doing - know more now than before. i accidently bought a too small compost tardis, so thought I would use that for leaves. Now overflowing. I have builders bags - but they are still full of building stuff so can't use them so i am afraid todays harvest has had to go in the council brown bin - and now that's over flowing as well! Wiill have to wait for it to be emptied so that I can fill it again. Now next year, back of GH will be cleared, builders bags will be empty and I will have more knowledge - well hopefully I will

Seems we are on strange men now. looking at latest Jimmy Saville stuff my old spinster aunt used to call him a dirty old man - it seems she was right!

For building stuff I now ask builder next door for tradesman recommendations. before that used to ask about but in roof hole emergencies guess I would go to trading standards

Near where my son lives is a town called Idle - we found it very funny when we went passed a van with Idle Builders written on the side!!

Miss Becks

Geoff, It's about tourists who normally go on holiday to posh, top notch hotels and resorts, but then get taken, without them knowing what is going on, to local poor towns to live for a week, to see the 'real' truth about the area they have gone. And how the locals rely on tourists to live. Quite good.


There was Holiday Showdown on ITV where families tasted other people's holidays -usually ended up,with rows and the opposing family members falling out

That was good

You seem to be watching a lot more TV since the i-pad arrived

I alway use checkatrade for tradesman-or botch it myself


Miss Becks

Yeah, I liked that. And Wife Swap!!

And yes, I am, because it is so portable!

Hello everyone I am feeling much happier today On Wednesday I had to have a special X-ray called a Loopogram as part of my 6 monthly checkup and I was really stressing about it. Up to now I have had CT scans- anyway all is well I will be seeing my surgeons next week and get all my other test results - hopefully everything is o.k Then it will be - lookout garden here I come!!!!!!!!!!
Pam LL xx
Miss Becks

Hi Pam!

Glad all is ok so far.


Hello Pam, good that things are ok.

Hello Maud, shame about the hole - yes that is bollox.

Becks, yes of course all men are strange - I should know as I live with 4 of them.

Bjay, all sounds like hard work - can you come and do mine when you're finished there? You can bring the wheelbarrow!

Had a thought this morning - blowing your nose whilst sitting on the toilet - an excellent example of multi-tasking! 


Men aren't that strange, they're different. Vive la difference!

Mowed up the leaves from the copper beech this afternoon. Found a dead badger in the lean-to, rather thin, poor thing. I wonder if that is why the cat has a wounded eye. The vet said she had stabbed herself with something in the woods, just before I went to England and she had to have 4 eyedrops a day so she went into kennels with the dog. When I got back from England the contents of the ice box in the covered terrace were all eaten and on the ground and the fridge door was open. It must have been the badger. The family must have left stuff in there when they came for Christmas. It's a small fridge I use for drinks in the summer and overflow when family come.