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Pam !!-jolly nice too see you- will cross you off the list now-look after yourself

Will remember that tip Lottie-will also remember not to get it the wrong way round so to speak

So that is tonight's tea sorted then Liz

-nothing should be wasted-you could have badger skin gloves in the morning


 Then there is this



Springwatch-just getting dark 4.45 pm

Miss Becks

If you think I'd stick my hand up a dead badger, you can think again!!


Hi extras

Thing is Lottie if I came round with my barrow I might not get my barrow back, so sorry no

Hope things begin to look up for you now PamLL

A french dead badger - Hmmm

Just watched some more Geoff  Hamilton - cottage gardens now, Interesting how some plants have moved on, hardiness and genetically speaking


Would that be un blaireau mort? I've never had occasion to look up a dead french badger before

Feeling virtuous, have spent the afternoon clearing a very overgrown and mucky path. I think I've used enough calories to earn a shortbread bikky 


Pennine Petal
Pam LL, good news.

Do the French eat badgers? They eat most creatures don't they?

Well done on coping Pam. Fingers & toes crossed for you.

OH back, fed & now asleep! Daughter wants meal early...... at least I managed a shower & now smell less of Jeys!

Ironically I'd like a good downpour of rain to finish washing off the roof panels that I did manage to do after all. Moved all the bulb pots from next to greenhouse & the Box tubs & the water container that drains off the roof that side. What has puzzled me is how did I fit all the stuff under the staging before I moved it to clean out under there? Oh well never mind, shall sort sometime.

Noticed a small self-seeded, into patio crack, viola is in flower as is a polyanthus next to it.

All being well shall clean out a bit in the shed, do the dirty pots brush out/store away tomorrow/sunday.

Off to cook now. J.


Sorry, I know I should go on a computer forum for this but if anyone can help, it will save me hours of wading through twaddle. On Google searches there used - until quite recently - to be an option on the left side for 'pages from the UK'. It has now gone and I get fed up with getting American sites when I want results specific to here! Does anyone know where it is? Or how to get the same effect without having to remember to type UK every time?

Thank you if you can help.

Flo x


Jo, you are so industrious; how satisfying to get so much done. My greenhouse has been tidied but not scrubbed--what exactly is Jeyes fluid? I use diluted bleach and I have a fogger in reserve. Right now I have several plants overwintering in there, and just a heat lamp is enough for now. Will be starting some seeds next month, so have dug out the trays and found the covers.

Frosty this morning, but lovely sunshine--need to sort out that garden gate.


Yes Flo -it changed a few weeks back

Along the top it has web in red and a line of options after a search?-click on the one on the right that says search tools-under the red web-web will appear in grey-click on that -a drop-down option of pages from the UK -click on that


Bjay, you have me sussed!

My dream house has been sold! No point doing the lottery now

Flo - can't help with the google thing - mine seems to be set automatically to UK. No good asking me how!

Off home now - got to pick up OH on the way, he's got a puncture (the bike that is, not OH himself, although he could do with a little deflating!)


Just had to fight my way through animals all crashed out in front of fire. Thing is if i hadn't got through fire would have gone out

Morning inka, snow is forecast here over the week end.. May be a storm in a tea cup though ie we are having a lot of hype about it.

As for Google just get uk, no idea  how!!

Jeyes fluid is a form of disinfectant with a VERY strong smell that us gardeners use


Have answered the query about googlies

One of the viewers tomorrow has dropped out-one to go

A golfing joke~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The bride was escorted down the aisle and when she reached the
altar, the groom was standing there with his golf bag and clubs at
his side.

She said, "What are your golf clubs doing here?"

He looked her right in the eye and said, "This isn't going to take
all day, is it?

Pennine Petal

Pam, my dream house has ome back on the market, it is an arts and crafts house overlooking the beach near the Little Orme in Llandudno, next doors have a swimming poop. I'm sure we could be friends. The grandchildren would love the access to the beach. Oh well, dream on.


OH cooking roast shoulder of lamb bought cheap in Sainsbugs yesterday, I love a bargain. There's a lot of it, but it will freeze very nicely sliced and in gravy for OH to eat when I am in HK.


Hello folks!  Back from work and the weekend begins here   I called in at the Wyevale GC near the office and bought myself a pressie - a terracotta rhubarb forcing pot - I've always wanted one £19.99 and I had £1 left on a voucher thingy so £18.99 



No good Geoff. Don't have any pig's blood and there isn't a fast flowing river in my garden. Badger was dead a few days I think - good thing it's winter. Wouldn't surprise me if the French ate badger, they're always shooting wild boar and deer in the woods round here and they eat frog's legs (which are actually quite nice, chickeny) and snails - waste not want not.

Pennine Petal wrote (see)

Pam, my dream house has ome back on the market, it is an arts and crafts house overlooking the beach near the Little Orme in Llandudno, next doors have a swimming poop. I'm sure we could be friends. The grandchildren would love the access to the beach. Oh well, dream on.

Swimming poop-curse of the i-pad again Glyn??


Yum-yum-Liz-so all the things that are said about the French are true then

Do they say Good Moaning?

Deanos Diggin It

Glyn! Swimming Poop! I'll stick to my bath thanks! 

Pam LL glad you are sort of sorted! 

n thank god it is Friday I ain't far from bed!