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Inka you might want to fill up a couple of kettles now just in case!

Have been on a little shopping trip, there were a couple of snow flurries but it didn't stick. I'm with Kate, want enough snow so that work and school are cancelled - although the boys would still have to go to work as its a boarding school they work in.

Geoff do long as the gorilla pays the asking price!

Saw that programme Chris -might try it-Borgen on record again

At the moment am suffering this programme with Claire Balding

Lottie-I know but when it is your home- you want it to go to a good home

Miss Becks

Geoff, what are you on about! Just sell the bugger. You're going to Spain! Who cares what they do with it!!

Caz W

Evening all & morning Inka!  Hope everyone is warm and well.  Terrible night on the box - even OH is reading a book instead of channel hopping so it must be bad. 

Went shopping late afternoon yesterday and Asda had sold out of potatoes - was told people had been panic buying all day. Will go and catch up on everyone's posts now - might be gone some time



Pennine Petal

Evening all, just watching Flog It while OH makes the tea, salmon, parsley mash and peas. Rhubarb and custard for afters, yum yum.

Becks, how did the junk clearing go? I put some books into a bag to go to the charity shop. OH managed 3 books.  Clearing shoes is his next task, I hope will be a bit more successful than the book clearance. 


Miss Becks

Not long finished for the day Glyn! Emptied the room, then put back in ONLY what needs to be in there, and boxed the rest, ready to be sorted/chucked. A LOT of tat, not even suitable for ebay!! Will tackle paperwork tomorrow.

Miss Becks

Oh, give it a rest with the weather stories Geoff!! It's frigging January!! It's supposed to be cold and snowy and frosty!!


I'm off now- just need to get hold of this bloke who has e-mailed me


Hello Dear
I am Barr.Thomas Wood,my client need help to transfer 15.2million dollars from Syria, i am now in India, contact me with your name, number for more details.
Barr.Thomas Wood


It must be genuine -he calls me dear

Miss Becks

Maybe that's who Bjay is trying to contact!


I'll ring 118 118 now

Caz has been gone a long time-I'll check down the back of the sofa

Caz W

Just finished my cheese & pickle onion sandwich (the huge pickle jar is taking up too much room in the fridge so they have to be eaten soon!!).  I followed Becks's recipe and used grated cheese - much nicer


Never kept pickled onions in the fridge in my life  


Eggs in the fridge?yes or no

Pickled onions in our fridge-but I don't know why


Caz W

I say "no" to eggs in fridge as I use lots of them for making cakes and they mix much better if at room temperature.  Any food in jars, once opened,keep in the fridge.

Miss Becks

I'm interested in who else puts eggs in fridge! I always do, but only because it says to on the carton. Does it not keep them any fresher?


I  have read conflicting stories about this-but if you consider how they are sold unrefrigerated-putting them in the fridge doesn't make sense-but then you have those egg things in fridges

Ours do not go in the fridge -but then we know exactly how old they are

And then some people keep bread in the fridge

Miss Becks

Ooh, no! Not bread in the fridge. Big no-no in this house.


Take eggs out for an hour or so before going to cook. Never kept pickle onions in fridge. Keep open jars of jam in fridge and chutneys. Have a shelf full of opened jars Perhaps I ought to check them.

Never bread. Does it make it go soggy or something

What else is on telly now. can't see anything and this channel 4 thing is a bit yuk mind you i only put it on 10 mins ago