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Got this Liam Neelson film on now- will probably watch it in bed


Up the wooden hill and into blanket bay, my Dad used to say.


Just been outside to take dog for late night widdle only to find we have snow. Not heavy. but covering ground


Good Morning Everyone  We have a very light dusting of snow.

Sorry about your chickens PPam

Well I made the beef wellingtons and they were yummy - portion size a bit big though  When I made the mushroom deuxelle (sp.?) I put a splash of Madeira in Barry's piece of beef was about 2" and mine 1"

Keep warm and take care if you have to go out  I am still deciding on what my bedding scheme will be this summer - feel like a bit of a change 

Pam LL x



Morning all.

A dusting of snow here too, but seems less than late last niht. Not below freezing either- well very near.

Dont envy Glyn doing the run down to Worcs after work! I must admit to choosing my times on the M6/5, but still could get stuck in traffic, let alone with the weather like this.

If am quick can beat daughter to bathroom. J.


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Watched Ski Sunday on telly, so was all psyched up for snow this morning. It's Winter Lypmics this time next year. One of our hopes is Soton guy, who was on the program.

In the Midlands, just over over an inch of snow. But it's fallen on relatviely warm ground. So where it's fallen on paving slabs it's already turning to slush.

Anyway it gave me a chance to clear a path to birdfeeders, and the area around them, using my leafblower. That was fun. Am now recharging the blower, and will clear a path for the postman soon.

The traffic will easily clear the roads round here, and keep them clear.


A dusting of snow here but the roads are clear, I am more worried about getting stuck here if it snows later.

Gary Hobson

There's no more snow forecast for us, for the rest of the week. Just a bit of sleet today.

Jean Genie

Morning all , Our snow has gone and its raining.  Hope everyone else fares well  

I'm expecting an announcement to say that ANOTHER weather system has arrived and it's not going happen, That will be their get-out clause. We'll see.

Beef wellingtons look scrummy , Pam.

Kate, Gary could have borrowed your hat while he was using his leaf blower.

Hope Glyn doesn't have a diificult journey.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Wet and soggy here.

Your beef wellingtons do look scrummy. We had chicken wellingtons (if there is such a thing) with mushrooms and chorizo.

Have you a date yet for your open garden yet, Pam?

I thought the second part of A-Z of gardening  was on over the weekend but couldn't find it.I saw last weeks and am going to have a go at apple grafting. I've got three trees about 15 years old  and two planted last year.



The 2cnd part of A-Z was on yesterday PPam, early am bbc2. So you could catch up on i-player? We've got a recording digi box so had set it to 'tape' the series, after missing the first one!

It's more rain than sleet outside now. Hmm, are we going out after all? Can always find things to do around here. J.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Snowed again last night, but Jess is dissapointed there isn't enough to make a snowman. I, on the other hand am not!


Spoil sport Becks!

How's Jess doing with the early get ups & presumably earlier bedtimes? J.

Miss Becks

Quite well jo. She doesn't argue about going up at all. In fact Saturday night, it was about 8.15pm and she asked me if she could go up to bed as she was tired! That's a first!!



Mornign folks

No sign of any snow here, OH is off work this week so I'm hoping to get the new spot for the chicken run prepared then I can get a man in to lay a bit of paving here and there. OH is a man but does cooking rather than paving!!

You were a busy lot on here last night. I had a catch up then had to go to bed to recover


Morning all. Those beef Wellingtons look yummy.

It was -3° here this morning, some sun but light snow forecast for this evening. Rain tomorrow, -5° forecast for Thursday morning. I live in a frost pocket halfway up a hill and it's usually 2 - 3° colder here than the forecast. Here is very pretty, grass usually green as we do get rain, Geoff would find Spain warmer than Dordogne.

Going to hypermarket Leclerc this morning.


Have checked the forecast and its not much warmer in Spain (the bit I want to go to) than it is here at the moment. I know they do have the occasional frost there - but at least you're guaranteed a summer!

As Pam says, we have a dusting of snow here and its actually trying to snow a bit at the moment, but the roads are clear, so there was no problem getting to work this morning other than traffic.

I like the sound of a man who does cooking!

Pottie Pam

Thanks all. I'll watch it on IPlayer.

I wish I lived nearer to come to your open day Pam. Do you have to be inspected every year to be included in The Yellow Book? 

Shame on you, Becks.  I still love snow. Well done with Jess's bedtime.



Morning girlies and boysies

Am showered dressed and it has just gone 10-watched the rest of last night's film a bit more Borgen still got the second episode to go and still to watch Ripper Street-so no spoilers please

Still to watch A-Z  of gardening

Well it is a bit of a non-event then -the snow-it was dry here during the night despite the forecast precipitation and after today it is said to be dry bright and cold-golfing in the morning-orange balls and thermals at the ready

Valencia is currently around 14C but is predicted to go higher in the week

Does M Leclerc- ever say "it s I Leclerc" Liz?

Looks like the workers made it in-boo to the snow gods