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Jean -what is this plant you keep mentioning you are after again?


Flippin' raining here! I shall now have loads of very damp washing hanging about indoors. Might have to go to launderette to use dryers - what an exciting life I lead

My chickens are free ranging somewhere, so sorry to hear about Pam's. I know that I've been lucky so far and that one day foxy will raid  

Jean Genie

Geoff , it's a Tacca or Bat flower. It's a conservatory plant but very unusual - that's why I want one but I've visited umpteen sites and most of them only have seeds which I've heard are extremely difficult to germinate. That's why I want a plant. The only one I've found is £45 and I'm NOT paying that.

I can't believe the weather here. Thee sun is out and the birds are tweeting.

Jean Genie

This is it,  I think it's stunning.

 It's also known as the devil's flower as some say it has an evil face.



Jean Genie

Thanks guys.  I've seen the tubers on e-bay Geoff but really wanted a grown- up one but may have to re-think.

Gary, I've been on that site and they are out of stock - that seems to be the case on most of the sites I've been on so I may be better to wait until Spring. They have them for sale on that Hymalayan gardens web-site but that's the dodgy site that I put as a link and PamLL said her p,c. flashed up a dangerous site warning so I'm a bit wary of that one. I'll keep trying

Jean Genie

Gary. didn't click on second link you sent me. They have them in stock there

Thank you.

I'm off to investigate.

Pottie Pam

Hi Jean,

I saw the bat flowers growing in the tropical biomes at the Edan Project in Cornwall. Amazing looking plants. They were growing in very hot humid conditions so I don't know how easy that would be to replicate.

Just watched the A-Z of gardening.  Chris Packham said the birds we have in our garden now are migrants from Scandinavia and the continent and our local bluetits,blackbirds and robins have migrated further south. Here's me feeding the birds hoping they'll pay me back in the spring and summer by eating all the bugs when all the time I've been feeding foreigners.


Geoff, am not sure. Either Tuesday or Sunday would be better than Monday!

Jean, what an amazing plant!

Snow has turned to rain now.


Jean the second one- postage is another £7

The news is telling me that the Royal baby will be a prince or a princess-these people are too clever for me

Pam-look on it as doing your bit for the UN

Winter is over

Jean Genie

Hi Pam   I've been reading up about them and could imagine them to be difficult but I like a challenge . Damp pebbles and plenty of mist spraying required , I would think .

I've not visited the Eden project but would love to go and see them in the flesh so to speak  Just think they are spectacular plants .  Like Gary says , I may be better to leave it until later in the season. They may come down in price then as well.

Imagine paying £45 for a plant and then having it die on you.

I would be divorced.

Lottie. sorry to rub it in but we still have a nice day here. Still haven't turned the heating on.

Miss Becks

This weather is so typically British! Chopping and changing! I now have a lovely, warm sun, and blue sky. No wind at all. In fact, it made a pleasant walk to and from nursery. Regret putting my thermal vest and 2 tops on now! I'm sweating my bits off!


Becks, I had to do a double-take at your sweating bits  

Pottie Pam

It's good to grow something different, Jean. hope you succeed and send us some photos.

Did you leave the reindeer behind at the nursery, Becks? 


Miss Becks

Flo! Those were sweaty as well!

Absolutely Pam. Left it in the cloakroom. Should be ok for 3 hours!


I've got rain dear

Sweaty bits

Miss Becks

Put your tongue away Geoff! Animal!


It seems the tone has lowered again.

Very unusual moth plant look forward to your photos.

Hope to be visiting Cornwall and Eden Project for our hols this year, Don't know when, Have visited it several times but not in last 5 years so look forward to see how it's changed.

I have just cleared the top of piano A mammoth task - music, papers, garden catalogues, pictures and an awful lot of dust. A task that has not been done for some time. Probably a day before the music piles up again, and won't be returned to box at a guess

Very glossy Suttons catalogue arrived this morning.