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You lot sound like old friends chatting on the phone. Can't make head or tail of it!

Going to get a few barrowloads of logs for the woodburner.


Suppose all the men will be watching the half-naked Zombie women then (if their wives let them!) We women have to be content with half naked men on Strictly Come Dancing, but it's finished now.

Gary Hobson

War of the Worlds (1950s film version) was on a couple of nights ago, on one of the terrestrial channels; I watched it.

And they were talking about similar things on Stargazing Live last week. Only a few decades ago people really believed that there were intelligent beings on Mars.

Gary Hobson

You could have seen Diarmuid Gavin, clothesless, on Splash, on Saturday night. (Didn't see it myself). Shame Rachel de Tame wasn't asked. (Or maybe she was, and declined).


Lix it usually rambling rubbish-I don't understand much of it either and I write some of it

How was M Leclerc?


Caz W

Well apparently it is the 13th Annual No Pants Day today (think pants refers to trousers in this instance) .


They have no pants subway rides apparently-one for the girlies




We used to take giggling teenagers around Leclerc going 'It is I Leclerc' Daughter used to like it as it meant her school bag for new term was different as it was 'french'.

Anyway, question - can't find the thread but most of you were writing on the one I'm looking for so:

My Christmas tree is now outside still in pot of no3 compost. i have stood it in a water tray which is now full. Should I let it drain naturally or keep it in the tray? so that it is ready for a season whne we have little rain.. How wet should it be. i did see they like lenty of water in summer.


I's back! Absolutely knackered. Up & down TC with daughter. Energy began to go so I rebelled outside JLewis & just sat & watched everybody else whilst she was 'rooting' or whatever inside.

Becks I did reply to you this morning, but net went down just as I posted so off into the ether it went! Am glad Jess getting into the hang of this early to bed/get up lark, even if harder on you perhaps? Trying to do it when she's not used to it & lighter evenings would be murder I think.

It's now persisting down out there & really dark.I was planning to walk down to hbospital tomorrow, but if too icy after this may not be sensible. Hmm, decision to be made, but not now.

Jean, what's this with no heating on & sun earlier? Ok you are nearer the coast than me I suppose. Our heating is on very low, ie doesnt want to come on much, but will go back to normal soon. BTW boiler went whistling again this morning, stopped it, then when it started again just growled at it! Bingo!

Right, coffee break over. Am off to dust our bedroom whilst can be noisy upstairs & have some energy, then hoover down here but madam will have to move herself out of the way. J.


Bkay -let it drain-no plant like constant wet feet

Gary Hobson

Christmas tree in pot - you don't want it waterlogged. There must a hole in the bottom of the pot to allow drainage. I tend to ignore mine, and just give it a drink occasionaly, when I think of it. It does need more regular attention in spells of hot weather.


Think I would rather have seen Chris Beardshaw in the raw than Diarmuid Gavin!

It's really E. Leclerc, got the basics & dog food then went to "Le Grand" Frais" where they sell lots of exotic fruit and fruit as well as the ordinary sort. When in England last week I got Sainsbury's Feb. mag. - going to try out the recipes, Thai, Mexican and Italian.

Must get in the logs and feed the horses before it gets dark. I shouldn't look at this forum in daylight hours!

Jean Genie

Hi Jo  Yes that's right - had windows open and 2 lines of washing out . Felt quite mild . Even the sun was out. All change now though , back to doom and gloom. Seems to be a fair bit of hail around and the heating is back on.

Jo - do you EVER rest ?

I like War of the Worlds -  watched it loads of times.  Even the re-make with Tom Cruise. Also, The Blob, The Thing and Them ! Who remembers that one about the giant ants ? Belting film - old ones are the best.

Not sure about half- naked Zombie one though.


ooh and me Lizzie 

Cat is glaring at me then the burner, think she's hinting, but won't be lit today as we are going to see Les Mis tonight.



It's been snowing here ALL DAY we have had about 3"  it's slushy at the moment, but it is going to freeze tonight. OH is supposed to be going out for a domino match, but I think it will be called off.

Didn't someone make a LP of the music called War of the Worlds? going back lot of years?.can't remember who.

Liz, now your talking - - Chris Beardshaw  I can't understand Diarmuid Gavin

Our cat is hogging the seat nearest the radiator


Afternoon Forkers!

Chris-it was Jeff Wayne that did the War or the Worlds "musical". There has been a revamp of it recently with Liam Neesom and Gary Barlow on it (amongst others).

Big, fat flakes of snow this morning for a while. Nothing this afternoon, quite wet and slushy underfoot. The sky looks grey so we'll just have to wait and see if it comes to anything!

Hi Nola and thanks for the info about the musical. My sister had the LP back in the 60's I think, must ask her when I see her.

Hope you enjoy Les Mis, Bjay, we are going to see it when the rush has died down, really looking forward to it, I just love the music.


Daughter was in a choral version of it a while back. She has had to promise her partner not to sing along when they go. For that reason we are not going with her