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-The Original War Of The Worlds story features near to where Pam and Lottie live-Horsell Common near Woking

I have got the LP- it is 1970's with Richard Burton narrating

Jean Genie

Me too, Geoff - complete with booklet. Remember years ago, we had a firework party and set the rockets off to the opening track. The stage version is good as well. It appears on the arts channel every now and then.

Need to think about tea .


Slapped an order of spag bol into the kitchen this morning


Hello hello hello

It's Flo Flo Flo. Ta ta ta for the advice, it may well be my use of FFF15 that has caused the to do do do.

Leftover beef and veg stew for tea, should be even yummier than yesterday.

sotongeoff wrote (see)

-The Original War Of The Worlds story features near to where Pam and Lottie live-Horsell Common near Woking

I have got the LP- it is 1970's with Richard Burton narrating

That's one I dont remember at all.

Jean, I do rest these days, honestly. Cleaning standards have slipped, but has anybody noticed/cared? No, so why do I carry on trying to be super- woman?

The house is nicely scruffy, but clean enough. Yrs of OH working all hours available, not a lot of £ to spare, so things all getting 'old' at the same time. We had been planning to move, still are eventually, but Dad's situation was more pressing. So any tarting up didnt get done & lots of 'leave it for new owners' around here! With OH working away & my health problems, not a lot of things are getting done. Am still trying to sort through stuff brought back from parents' house. Should be easier once daughter moves out. That will give us space!

Oh & to add to it all, SIL sent 2/3 large boxes of 'stuff' over from MIL's house that SIL obviously doesnt want, plus some things that are daughter's. We now have a 'charity' box for collection too.

Storage Hoarders is good viewing- serves to remind us what could happen! J.


There is a Martian statue in Woking. I tried to put a link but can't I googled Woking Martian statue
Pam LL x
Miss Becks

I always call those spiders with a small body and really long legs 'War of the world' spiders!


Thanks for jogging my memory Geoff. The one with Richard Burton narrating is the one my sister always used to be playing, didn't realise it was the 70's thought it was much earlier. I thought it was strange, yet compelling. You can get the vinyl on ebay, just been checking.

Tea tonight is chicken and prawn biryani, sauce out of jar.


Are you going to buy Chris-just checked they are not collectors items so another millionaire's route has come to a stop

Must have some crap here that is worth a fortune

The agent who said he would phone today hasn't-and my golfing partner has pulled out for tomorrow-oh well

Might have to play on my own-unless anybody wants to play around?


Have decided to take car down to hospital tomorrow after all. Pavements will be skating rinks after the late rain & temps dropping fast already out there. Dont fancy a tumble/broken limb. Still be cheaper than a taxi & less stressful now that I know where to find spaces & how the pay system works.

Only problem now, where is the department I need? Have map, but giving buildings names, yes, but not actually saying in which building the department is actually located. So shall park car, knowing which car park will still be practically empty & then know where to go for directions. Not helped by the building works still going on all over the place & some departments moving. The poor staff are always getting stopped by puzzled visitors asking directions. J.


I re-read War of the Worlds a couple of months ago.  It was much more scarey to think of martians landing in somewhere local to us rather than in America.  I also used to own the album.  Goodness knows what happened to it.  I liked Forever Autumn best.

Just popping in so I only read from the top of page 876!

My shallots have started coming up.  Feels like spring. 



Deanos Diggin It

You guy's have been busy nattering! 

Highlight's! Pam's Wellingtons! 

Here's mine!

 Beck's Sweaty bit's! Yeah! put ya bit's away Geoff!

Someone wearing no pant's! 

Busy! I'm as lost as you! 

Miss Becks

Jess would love those wellies!


Dean &KG  !!!-you've popped in again-I could give a brief resume of today's chatterings but it is just the usual rubbish

The main highlight is no mention of Jean's leather fixation

Miss Becks

Ladies, ladies, ladies!! I need help!!

How hard can it be to make a simple victoria sponge cake without it flippin' sinking/not cooking in the middle??

Here is the recipie I use. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

125g Butter (Normally Clover or Stork at room temp)

125g Caster Sugar

125g Self Raising Flour

2 eggs (at room temp)

2 tbsp milk.

This is a recipie out of a kiddies cook book for fairy cakes. Surely it should work.

I use a lined small cake tin (round) and cook it at 170C in a fan oven, normally for about 25-30 mins, or until it looks like it can't take no more! I NEVER open the oven door, yet every time, when I remove it, it sinks or isn't cooked in the middle.



Becks - you say a cake tin - do you mean a deep cake tin or a sandwich cake tin?

If you are using an ordinary cake tin the cake would take longer to cook  Your recipe is fine

Pam LLx