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Morning All.

Absolutely perishing here, will not be going far today, the side roads look lethal.

If everyone continues to shop online the high street will be very different in a few years, you can see the change already, but being able to purchase things a lot cheaper over the internet who can blame people for doing that. I still like a good rootle round the shops

I was surprised by Chris Packhams revelations about the birds, as you say we feed them all year round thinking they will nest in your garden, only now to find they B... off come spring. Both our ponds have got ice on them this morning, but the larger one has a small waterfall so that has managed to keep a frost free patch.The birds use the waterfall for bathing.

Hope you have a good day, hope you can keep warm



Every-time I go out the back door there are 6 big feathered things trying to get indoors- are they telling me something ?

Haven't rootled for a while-might have a rootle tomorrow

Pottie Pam

Ungrateful little b*****s, aren't they Chris? I'll still carry on feeding them and hope somebody futher south is feeding mine.

That makes perfect sense about the water, Geoff.


Morning - just. It's 11.59!

Cold and sunny, no white stuff, not even frost, really. Off to GH for lunch with OH in a bit. Can't wait to have a pooch round and think what to spend my garden tokens on.

Keep warm, all.


Afternoon all. busy morning - well not really most of it spent in hospital waiting room waiting to see foot man only to find I should have appointment next week when he is at hospital, so have to go back next Tuesday. \pissed off. Did see a doc - 2 alternatives another injection or an op. See what next week brings.

Did go to WW 

Do you think Becks is gong to combine all the hints and make loads of cake. as long as they are only in cyber locker

Daughters birthday, had quick text while at hospital sayinf she thinks she has norvo-virus. Not going to see her



Just finished pile of ironing now going to make a quick lunch, fancy a toasted ham'n'cheese sandwich.

Oh has decided to do a bit of painting, kitchen radiator, plus a small chest of drawers I've been asking him  to do for yonks, so he might get extra ham.

The smell of sponge cakes is wafting over Lincolnshire as I speak, coming from the south west.



Hi all.

Back from local hospital, more appointments to follow...... As it looked dry out, but bitterly cold, I thought I would walk down after all. Ha, got as far as next doors wall, slipped & promptly came back, swopped boots & got car out!

Have remembered have some ice-grippers can use for when insist on walking. Fed the birds, didnt go down to compost heap, that can wait.

Sun now out, but it was trying to snow as I drove down the road. Still bitterly cold out there. have just put heating on low. It started to whistle a bit last night, but soon shut up on it's own. This morning had to stop it! Who needs an alarm clock?! Only I had set it & heard it go off just as was downstairs.....

Now to catch up on everybody with another cuppa. J.


Just going to have lunch now - bowl of soup and crusty bread. Then I might have to nip to the post office - but I'll drive! Its too cold out there to walk - plus I need to go and get chicken food as well.

Hope some of that cake ends up in my cyber-locker as well!

Chris, radiator paint is horrible stuff....speaking from experience!


Last night went to see Les Mis. Recommend it. Not often there is a round of spontaneous applause in a cinema. If anyone goes don't forget the tissues.

As we were walking to car park OH heard some one say he preferred Mamma Mia. Believe me they are totally different. one is frivolous  One fills your senses from the opening credits to the end


Seems an odd thing to do- applaud a film in the cinema-bit like talking to the TV-did anyone acknowledge this appreciation?-an usherette perhaps?-or a panda?

Everbody seems very busy and occupied again-I have read the paper


Last time I remember anybody applauding at the pics was in the 70s! French Connection 2, when he 'got' the baddie!

All this talk of cake. Have just had some crusty bead with lemon curd, no marg/butter. Very yummy.

I do my cakes in Magi(mix) so that's why I add baking powder- all in one, literally. When I do the bigger cakes I do add the flour last, properly seived etc & fold it in as I should. I really must get a new hand mixer though as my very elderly Kenwood chefette is surely going to die on me sometime soon? Every yr I wonder if it'll last the Christmas cake baking session & so far it has! Always use it for making batters too, whereas OH will use Magi or 'wizzzy wurr wurr' - the hand blender.

Bjay I'd be 'b' furious about that hospital appointment mix up. They no doubt gave you that day/time in the first place.

Mine was at clinical psychology for an assessment to try & decide which sort/type of therapy would be of most benefit to me.... Luckily t'was the girl, well they are younger than me, who did the session on 'mindfulness' on that course I attended. So she knew me a bit & me her which helped, well me certainly.

Am now nicely full, warm & have had enough caffeine. What shall I do now? J.

Gary Hobson

Applauding at a cinema is a way that people express their uncontrolled emotions, and the need to share their feelings with the strangers around them. They could have had a mass group hug, or something.


I will now wash-up the applause will be deafening


I hope the cakes turn out o.k becks!
I have spent most of the morning at the hospital,too!
All my tests were fine Go again in6 months time!
Keep warm everyone
Pam LL x

I was wondering why my request for a Chiltern seeds catalogue appeared to have been ignored. Oops, how come I didnt spot that you have to pay for it? Oh well shall pootle around the site instead, but have a T&M one -which daughter has put somewhere.....

Will pop into B&Q tomorrow to see if any sign of their own brand seed compost yet. Used it for the last 2-3yrs no problem. No rush yet though, but do need to redo sweetpeas next month. J.


Les Mis – a breath-taking spectacle, crescendo of emotion prompting applause at the end and not a dry eye in the audience.’

This was in the review Gary posted. Couldn't agree more

Seems that Forkers have occupied many hospitals this morning. I am pleased to say my problem is not that serious - well it is to me and had me in tears with consultants side kick today!

Just had yet another roofing chap to look at roof and chimney. I think maybe for the very first time we will be claiming on house insurance. Its just getting worse and worse. Who do you believe,? Which strange man is telling the truth? On a lighter note my ladder climbing into the roof is getting better.



Funny you should say that Maud just watching two roofers at the moment-it is always the same one who seems to get the work round here

Doesn't' the insurance company have a recommended list?