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Don't iron cards- you may find they will scorch

I 've got loads of irons

I bought my mum a toast rack once for a birthday present -it ended up as a letter rack-but she was happy

Gary-how are things in you neck of the woods?


That's not on is it Flo? OH knows murder would be commited around here if he tried anything like that!

Pam- brilliant news!

The torrents have arrived here! No plans to go out today, shall send OH out this evening to move the garden wheely bin out. His car is probably too close anyway, so he can discover that!!

Internet upgrade being done this afternoon!! Am firmly hanging onto remote, shutting the lounge door & watching tennis! Shall point OH in the direction of hoover/dustpan etc should they be needed. And then to top it all the hairdresser arrives after tea!!

Right, my accounts wait......... know will need to copy some things but cant get at copier whilst OH working from home. J.

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)
...Gary-how are things in you neck of the woods?

Wel it's been drizzling since first thing. That's why I'm stuck at my computer. The BBC forecast has changed a teeny-weeny bit since yesterday and might not be as bad as feared. It's still looking like telly this afternoon.


Good day to be indoors on Wimbers semis day-there are brownie pints on offer for anybody who spots a Bunny reference and extra points for a "Fred Perry since 1936" reference

Just having a 'orrible shower

Gary Hobson

It's an afternoon for channel hopping. As Tour de France is on ITV4. I like the aerial shots and looking in people's back gardens. Can't say I'm comfortable about Andy today, though we have been assured of the outcome from a reliable source.



This is his year -it is written in the stars.

There is a new fad in town-celebs are now tweeting pics of themselves laying on beaches-I could do that- it is the new navel gazing


I have done my chores, been and filled up with petrol and put air in my tyres, ready for my road trip to Cornwall. It is still paining. I will make some lunch but still feel it is too early for telly.

My weather forecast said it was dry here


Have been watching wet tv pictures and there is still no change forecast-but when will a months rain in 24 hours change to 3 months rain in 24 hours or whatever -you can't have the same event twice in less than a month or use that as a measurement-so what is a month's rain if it happens twice in less than a month?-am I making sense here?

Have you packed your wellies and a shovel?


I think it is related to soaking rates, 

I have an umbrella but no room for the shovel and wellies, I will be able to borrow some if I get there


Pam, very good news! I've not seen a poster in my village but I will come along anyway - am looking forward to it. Are there posters at Sainsburys? Wonder if Yvie will make it - she seems to have disappeared?

I found a baby bird in the garden last night - it fell out of the virginia creeper into the flowerbed. Its one of the goldfinches, and the nest is deserted and the others are gone. I'm not sure if the others have flown or been got by something - another bigger bird perhaps. No sign of the parents either. This one can fly a bit but as with all babies I don't think its going to survive without its mum. Such a shame and its so sweet, it was happily sitting on my finger.

WeeJenny - I just told them that as I work full time I don't have the time to do their washing any more. They're 19, 21 and 23 and are good at doing their washing - but not so good at hanging wet stuff up to dry!

Wish I was at home watching tennis


The tennis is going Federer's way-this is good-it will soon be over



Lottie can you not have a sudden migraine/upset stomache/ allergic reaction to work.

Geoff I have put my tenner on Djokovic


Federer wins-this is going to plan-we now have a Murray roller-coaster to come- but he will win in 3 or 4again-I told you where to put the £10


Gary Hobson

I didn't know that RF and ND have never met on grass before. Now we know what happens. Was RF even trying. It was a walkover.

If Andy gets through today, I can't see him having much chance against that. But if Soothsayer says so...


It will be ok-and the sun is coming out at Wimbers.

OH is having one of those sort-outs and has found a signed letter from Heather Chasen from years back to MIL-she was on the radio and briefly appeared in EE last year-now dead-will this be my meal ticket along with my George Best signature?



I have put the tenner on Tsonga so Murray will win

@Geoff when is Antiques Roadshow in your area?

I have sunshine

Gardener has dug a new flower bed in the front garden of the empty house, what do we think would look nice? Poppies, ox-eye daisies, honesty???


A machine-gun post would be my choice.

Has he planted anything or just dug it out?

Are you looking to expand your planting options?


Lottie - My Son was going to put a few more posters around for me today - in Bisley and West End hopefully

Sainsburys don't have a noticeboard anymore  but they very kindly put one up in Homebase for me

I heard that the weather is going to stay like this for another 3 weeks at least so I will be doing a lot of praying for a dry day !

I am looking forward to meeting you and Yvieh if she comes

Pam x


Pam the sun will shine for you, I am sure

Geoff this is the house that decked their lawn I am very curious what low maintenance plants will be going in. He is currently cutting the council verge, he is a good egg


It is all Murray at the moment.

They will probably go for easy care shrubs

I saw a reduced Japaneses anemone in B&Q the other day-it had pretty flowers am I right in thinking these are not a good idea-didn't buy it but nearly did

Pam -remind all on here nearer the time as well