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Good morning folks!  Haven't read back so don't know what you've all been up to - it took me 4 hrs 15 mins to travel 7 miles home yesterday evening - Norwich totally gridlocked!  Will be working from home today.


Good idea Dove, that journey must've been horrible.

Must've slept really well last night. Ended up there pretty early, read for a bit listening to a couple of foxes yapping/barking close by. They moved away & next thing I knew was early this morning & 'b' cold! T'was -4.C down the back earlier & only -3.5C now! Sun is sort of trying, but wont make much impression on that.

Yes, I do 'pootle' around on pc a lot. Loved the Clangers & daughter adored Button Moon.

We may/may not (!) have snow this w/end, so shall do a bigger shop today just in case. Am lucky in that have access to our garage, from house, so all the vegs get stored out there where nice & cold thus saving up fridge space. Must move the snow shovel & my fleece lined wellies to where I can reach without having to open the garage door, which if it's snowed wouldnt be easy.

Have fun, 'techie dimbo' from M/C.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Everything white outside! Quite glad I'm walking at the mo to be honest. I'm a nervous driver in snow.  

Asda due between 9-11am. They may be excused if they are late due to weather. As long as it is today!


Morning all. No snow here but thick frost - if a frost can be thick! Lots of icy patches on the roads. Had to give the chickens some lukewarm water this morning. Token (the black one) was first out the house as usual - and first to the food.

Snow is forecast for the weekend here, but not much. Even the BBC forecast mentions snow.

I had a planning meeting last night for Cubs, and this term we will be looking at recycling, the environment, composting, and having a 'raingutter regatta', among other things. We will also be making Valentines sweets so if anyone has any simple recipes, please send them my way! 


Sorry Dove, forgot to say - what a horrendous journey! Don't blame you for staying home today. A friend of mine has been living in Tunisia for a number of years and has just moved back to the UK - to Norwich. I think she's in shock at the moment! 


Gary Hobson

Just been out and started my car. The car temperature gauge is reading -5C.


Morning fellow shivereressessssses

It is still frosty here -can''t see that clearing in a hurry-bin men have been, there are blokes on a roof and the moron next door has switched estate agents-will check that out later-cyber curtain twitching

There is still snow forecast for Friday-but they are still unsure as to where how much and when.

The trivial new story this morning is horse meat- and perhaps pork- found in burgers-apparently no risk to health

The really serious story is a helicopter crash in Vauxhall in the rush hour-lots of dramatic news pictures-it hit a crane and landed on cars

Must get showered and dressed


Morning all. All white north of Périgueux. Glad that Dove and my OH got home OK though it must have been pretty awful for Dove.

 Do you mind photos on this thread, or does it slow it down too much? Think I'll look for the one about snowing chez you. It's still coming down pretty thickly. Glad I shopped on Monday.

Gary Hobson

Photos are very welcome. I think yours is the first snowy photo to be posted on any of the threads.


WoW  Lizzie, more snow than us here in Malvern. Very cold frosty, freezing fog but no snow.

Sorry Morning All

There may be white stuff up higher but too foggy to see. Gosh Dove what a journey! Am so pleased OH no longer works.

Bad snow forecast Friday though, day OH has to take daughter to B'ram airport.



Liz -do what you like-there is a revolving door policy on here-I think I know what I mean

Now to got outside properly-bash some ice,feed the little birds, and let the big birds out for a scratch


Morning all. Slow to start again. We do have frost today but haven't been out in it yet apart from seeing to chickens. Off to do errands soon.

Take care, those who have to contend with slippery conditions.


Morning all.

The weather conditions seem pretty general. We haven't had any more snow, but boy is it cold - 3c at the moment and not getting any better during today so extra woollies called for.

Back tracking slightly about the price of eggs, we pay £2 a dozen, from a cottage about 2 miles away, the lady saves them for me weekly, I think we get a bargain.

Lizzies garden looks beautiful with all that snow, anyone else got snow pics. This one is one from  December2010-- haven't taken any this year.

We had 18" of snow that year, don't want the same again, thank you

 The same place last summer. Can't wait for summer again

Have a nice day, now must go and make coffee.





I have pootled-the price for the house next door has come down another £5000-so getting a bit more realistic-still asking for offers between £190,000-£200,000

That is a bargain Chris that is what we were charging 2 years ago and the price of feed has gone up quite bit since then

I shall have the camera on standby at the end of the week


I have alovely picture of the oak covered in snow from a couple of years back. Will search for it.


Miss Becks

Is anyone collecting the 'hearts' for the Clover spread collectables? Just found 12 in my drawer, and I'm not going to use them, so happy to post them to anyone who wants them. The closing date is 28th Feb, so will need to post them quick.


I have a new friend this afternoon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Dear Friend,

I have a Mutual/Beneficial Business Project for you worth millions of dollars.

1. Can you handle this project?
2. Can I give you this trust ?

To commence this transaction,I require you to immediately indicate your interest by a return reply to this e-mail:

Best regard,
Hon. Ndudi Elumelu   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I found it fairly quickly it's just taken me this long to work out how to upload it onto here

This was 2010, before veg beds.


just been om Mr Google. Has anyone else seen it? A little frosty scene 

Gary Hobson

Mr Google's effort is a lot more than a frosty scene.

If you actually click on the logo, there's some kind of game behind it, involving a little man with his snow plough.