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We've had tiny flakes here which have settled because the ground is cold. Dog walking less muddy as ground fairly frozen but it's taters outside - even with gloves on my hands got v v cold.

Snowy pics gorgeous

Miss Becks

Seeing as we're doing snowy photo's, here was my walk to nursery today.


 Jess's beloved park....

 But our road has nearly cleared now.



I haven't got any snowy pictures-but I like this



There a lot of MIAs at the moment -no Jean, no Pams and Sasha hasn't been seen since Monday-must all be stuck in cyber snow

Miss Becks

Just noticed the weather forcast is back at the top of the page.

MIA = Missing in Antarctica.



Now electricity is cut off, means no heating, can't hoover or iron in front of telly, no "Escape to the Country" (I like seeing England), hot water will run out so had quick shower in unheated bathroom. Rang EDF - "Owing to adverse weather conditions in your area please expect ruptures of current, we are doing all that is possible to restore power". (Translation from French). But I feel for the chaps out there in the snow. It is just easing off now having snowed steadily since the night.

OH has rigged something up involving my electric fence battery so he can get internet.


Is it correct that there is no mains gas in France. it is all bottled. and mains electric?

Good spot Becks

flowering rose

Very icy today,a lot of slipping and sliding going on,very cold and sharp and I have a hat on which I normally hate,cant ride out tomorrow as ground to slippery and yesterday at R.D.A. me and the horse slipped side ways.poor birds look shrammed and I just got the yucca in in time,the snow is threatened for Friday.

Miss Becks

Oh Lizzie. Get those jumpers out. Hope you get power back soon.


Jumpers as in horses or jumpers as in kangaroos-or jumpers as in wooly things?


Sorry, forgot to say I have 2 woodburners so not totally cold and a gas thing with bottled gas for the kitchen which I bought in 99 after the "tempete" which was like the 87 hurricane in England. No electricty then for about 2 weeks.

There is mains gas in big towns Geoff, because I know they have it in Bordeaux. But not here.

Miss Becks

That's ok then.

Rose, how many horses do you have?


Lizzie, good job you have the wood burners.

Becks - nice pictures!

We have no snow here. I am a soft southerner!



No snow here, just seems to be getting colder and greyer. Should I get my yucca under cover then Rose, it's fairly small and in a pot.

Lovely walk to nursery. Jess will have such fun when the real snow comes.

been looking at menu for the bash, Ithink I need more meat type, so have deided to add stickyor spicey chicken thighs - can't decide which.

One of reasons we have wood burner is in case electric goes off, still heat and with a gas hob we should be OK. Never experienced it off for more than afew hours though - that was a few years ago so we decided to get a wood burner when it was possible., that only happened last year !

Miss Becks

Just remembered it's my 'Posh' coffee delivery day today. Forgot about that! Wonder if they'll still come cause of the weather.

It's a lovely walk really Bjay, mostly through the park/fields. Nice in nice weather!

Gary Hobson

Those of us in the UK can be grateful that we rarely get electricity disconnections. I haven't got any gas, or an alternative form of cooking and heating.

I like this refreshing honesty from the BBC weather dept (it was posted at the weekend)...
"So the cold and snowy weather is with us. But how long will its mayhem last? The honest answer is that we do not know. Normally we can be quite confident in our predictions. () But not at the moment. As we look ahead the computer prediction is completely disordered. It may stay cold, it may get warmer."


Bjay-horse-meat is the pick of the day-give that a try

I am waiting for my first taste of posh coffee-what time is it due?



Eaten horse meat - was not too bad. It's just our sensibilities i think!

Never sure about burgers any way. Went on a course once where showed how burgers meat was scraped. Never really fancied them since. Do eat very meaty, fresh waitrose ones though, but that's only recently

Getting more misty here now.