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Caz W
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Go and wake Dean up and ask him-tell him his phone is ringing

He slept late because you woke him up last night!

Miss Becks

Jess did love it Caz, up until the point when I told her to stand under a tree, and I shook the branch!!


Why don't dogs shut doors- every time he comes in- he leaves the door open

Miss Becks

Well, have you trained him to?? No. So stop complaining, and teach him something!


He can find the way in by pawing the door open-now if just turned round and gave it a shove -but oh no


Caz W

Aaw poor Jess (but it's just the sort of thing I would do too).

Dogs do just as they please - he probably does it just to wind you up Geoff


Well he is succeeding- will fine him one biccy every time he does it

Miss Becks

If I was Geoff's dog, I'd do loads of things to wind him up!


He is now lying/standing in the hall way looking at the door waiting for OH to return

Pennine Petal
Gynis is back in the building! Good evening one and all. Don't think I will try to catch up, will probably take all night and I am cream crackered. Managed to get from Cardiff past Birmingham in the rush hour with out too much of a hitch.

Will look in again later.


You haven't seen any other miscreants on your travels by any chance?- we are missing a few

Caz W

Glad you made it Glyn - time to relax now.  Hope everyone else is OK - it's very quiet here tonight.


I've just arrived 

My dog is convinced he can't open doors either way, BUTif there is food the other side of a door he can push he manages!

Did you wave Glyn?- too foggy to see - sorry

Pennine Petal
Bjay, Gave a big wave, but not sure if I was aiming in the right direction. Lovely meal in Worcester last night at the Marwood, I'd recommend it if you are ever there.

Caz, I felt like I was home when I passed the croeso sign! Unfortunately only a flying visit, don't get back enough.

Who's MIA then?

Just as it was about to get dark the electricity came on. Hooray!  Done the ironing Heating back on. Dishwasher on. Now freezing, snow started melting but still quite a bit left. Going to bed, goodnight.


Pennine Petal
Morning campers, up and at 'em early today. Woke up at 4, can't get back to sleep. A busy time one before going to HK next week. Just having banana on toast and a cuppa.

Snow still on the ground here and more to come tomorrow, perhaps I won't able to get to work! No teaching tomorrow but dissertation students to see. Make sure you do your shopping today, so that you can stay tucked up in the warm tomorrow.

Discovered Rockycat with a bloody ear when we got home, he's been living up to his name. Doesn't seem to be worrying him too much.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

I have not checked any thermometers yet, but had a subjective feeling that it is not as cold outside as it was yesterday morning. Came inside and checked the BBC weather forecast, and they say temperatures here will rise above zero today.

As snow is forecast for tomorrow, I might do my weekly shopping today, instead of tomorrow.

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Why don't dogs shut doors- every time he comes in- he leaves the door open -.... - will fine him one biccy every time he does it...

You need to understand doggy psychology. You need to reward him. Teach him how to push the door to, and give him 2 biccies every time he does it.




Morning from me too.

'B' boiler better than an alarm clock, which wasnt set! Taken 'nasty' tablet & assembled breakfast to pop into microwave when timer goes off.

Glyn- glad you did journey ok. I like the 'managed' M/way system on M5/6 at Brum. The traffic still moves ok despite being sooo busy.

Not awake properly yet- HK??

OH is staying over at little house this w/end. Forecast just too rotten to risk it. It's below freezing outside now, but slightly warmer than last night as went to bed. J.



Radio has just told me it's -9C here   Just heading off to work - apparently Ofsted are awaiting our arrival ....

Have a good day folks!

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope you don't feel too bad with your 'nasty tablet', Jo. How long to do have to take them?

It's plus 8C here and our bit of Cornwall will have rain tomorrow according to the forcast. I've got a daffodil in flower but must be an early variety.

Best of luck with Ofsted, Dove.