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Ha, postie just been, rang doorbell with parcel for daughter. So when she moans about being woken up.... J.


jo4eyes wrote (see)

Hi Pam, tablet is presumably for rest of life! It's because bones are showing the early stages of thinning- osteoperosis- joy!

Had a bone scan as routine because of other tablets taking & the type of chemo had had/having.   Drs decided that must've already been showing signs of early problems before I started treatment. Hence the tablet, which you take weekly & for which you must remain vertical (!) if not fully awake in my case.

You take it weekly with a lot of water, all plain, to wash it quickly down to the stomach, as one of it's side effects is erosion of walls of oesophagus. No food nor drink until at least 30mins, so who absently took a chewable vitamin c tablet earlier? Which reminds me, need to get rest of meds otherwise will forget to take those J.

That sounds like the tablet I take Jo  since fracturing my ankle December 2011 when they did all the test's they found I was border line for osteoporosis so started me on them then.


It was -11.2c when I got up this morning  it's only -6c now it has "warmed" up up bit  


Rain are you now fully recovered?-or as well as it is going to get?


That's about it Rain. I call it the 'nasty' tablet because of it's potential problems. Well if it saves me from future trouble, so be it.

Bin men been. As usual, despite me putting our bin on one side of drive it ends up partway down the road. Neigbour away, so usually hers & mine together- down the road.....

Am having an early lunch so can get other things done next- getting there, but slowly. Am saving a piece of cake for a treat when I finish. J.



Hello all. Frosty here, no snow. The forecast has changed again - now only snow on Friday night. Well, I'll wait and see. I'm going to shop at lunchtime today anyway, not that I think there's the remotest possibility of getting snowed in, but the less trips out at the weekend the better.

I made OH drive this morning as far as his work because he's been driving me nuts with his 'comments' on my driving! The boys say there is nothing wrong with my driving, its just him being a nervous passenger - and of course he's such an expert driver himself! 

Caz, thanks for that recipe, they look delicious!

Jo, that's one of the reasons I'm taking part in the University study - so I can find out if taking a vit. D supplement will help prevent osteoporosis.

I'm cold. Heating is on full blast in my office but its still cold! I've got my large scarf wrapped around me like a shawl.  




Hi Lottie, know what you mean about OH & driving! I always tend to drive when we go anywhere, because I learnt to drive first, but he used to do 'the chemo run' to the hospital.... I used to take half a travel tablet & make sure I kept my feet very still & looked out of the side window......

My Mum had some osteoporosis, never officially diagnosed, but looking back you can see the signs. Luckliy she never fell, nor broke anything.

Right, break time over, again.... J.


Hi Geoff,  it's  as well as it's  going to be I think,  ankle does get quite stiff sometimes when it's really cold,  don't have the flexibility I had but then it's got plates and pins in either side,  still swells up so limited as to what I can get on my feet,  it doesn't pain me just aches a bit now and then,  scared to death when it's icy but fine on the snow as I put those snowtrax on my boots, safe as houses in them,  thanks for asking.


Good morning all.

What a busy lot you have been since yesterdays visit.

We have decided to do supermarket shop today in case we get all the snow they are forecasting, with a bit of luck we won't get as much this far east.

We are due to go away for a few days on Monday, but it looks as if we might have to postpone, but will wait and see what happens.

Our daughter is taking vit D pills after she damaged her foot. They did some test and said she had a deficiency so she take one a day, goes back for more blood test later this month.Seems quite a common condition, although she eats a good diet and is out everyday walking the dog. Apparently a lot of children are getting rickets as they don't play outside so much these days, too many computers, tvs etc.

Bjay.- What about buffalo chicken you can do it with wings, or drumsticks, nice and spicy, goes down well at ours. Lots of recipes on the internet Is it a hot or cold meal?

Must go a do something

Enjoy your day.



Since the menopause I have take HRT, had dreadful hot flushes, dry hair, felt bad. HRT was great, had some osteoarthritis in left hip and it completely disappeared. Now the Doc wants me to stay on a low dose as I ride and he says it helps to prevent osteoporosis. Now it's 10 years later and hip starting up a bit again. Luckily I have no history of breast cancer in the family so Doc says I can stay on low dose HRT.

Jean Genie

Afternoon forkers  Had a few things to do over the last few days and didn't have much to report but popped in just to show my cyber-face.

Sorry to hear of everyone's problems and hope you all fare well.

No snow here yet, but I'm not liking what I hear about White Friday.

That'll be me grounded if as I won't drive in it again after the last lot. Had a massive skid and turned the car around just avoiding a lamp post.

The pictures are lovely though.  

Food is now required.

Miss Becks

Well, that me togged up for braving outside. Brigette Jones belly warmer pants, leggings, jeans, thermal vest, T-shirt and long sleeved top. And my furry boots. That should do the job. Probably be sweating cobs by the time I get home!!


Hi Becks, you'll need all those clothes, its -3c here today. We had to go out yesterday and it was awful, so cold it made your face ache, so the more clothes the better perhaps a balaclava might be useful

I see we have the weather forecast back


Jean Genie


Wonder if I'll find a parking space in Asda for this.


Miss Becks

I would love to wear a balaclava! But I think Jess witnessing me being dragged into a police car for questioning about the IRA or a bank robbery would scar her for life!

See, never mind the weather, now I have a REAL emergency! I have run out of hairspray!


Just been out for a walk, (before my last post, don't want you thinking it was that short!)  wish I'd worn my cycling glasses. But togged up like Becks it was fine otherwise. The restaurant says we can postpone our friends' lunch tomorrow till next week. More snow forecast tomorrow.



G'day All

Just survived the supermarket. Parking impossible, queues for everything . taken twice as long as usual - I feel I need a badge that says I survived Morrisons!!

Friday shoppers out today as we are in the band that says major snow disruption tomorrow 

Had a lovely photo of daughter and M printed out and bought frames - birthday pressie for each. A photo is always so mauch better if put in a frame, isn't it.

Warmer here today, round about freezing point, still pools and streams and my garden well frozen though but could open GH door this morning.


I have made a rare trip to the shops-it was a bit nippy to say the least-I notice that the gardening shelves are being restocked but also Valentines Day is round the corner-aaah

I drove-but had guidance on which parking spot to choose

I think I may have stumbled into an episode of Loose Women with talk of menopause and HRT

Welcome home Jean


Hi Bjay, that's why I decided to do more shopping than had planned yesterday. I just didnt want to go out again today as knew cleaning was overdue! BTW nearly there!

Never shop around here on a Friday, ever, 'coz it's murder, unlike opposite who go every week 2pm on the dot! That's why will normally shop on a Saturday- get the paper too. Only one we do get & yes can read on line, but the crossword not easy to do that way!Plus you cant then store clippings from the gardening section.

Have just turned on tv very quietly to see latest forecasts & see if I can override the digi box on something later on. Can dust etc in here at the same time. J.


Hope Ofsted is OK today. What a nigtmare!!


Miss Becks

Just turned Breville toasty maker on. I am hungry!