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Not so busy in dog rescue office today. Have been enjoying a lurk!

Gary Hobson

Your goldfish should count themselves very lucky, for being so well cared for.

Many of their cousins are in people's ponds, beneath a couple of inches of ice.


The latest horseburger jokes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Tesco replied to a customer who had asked whether they stocked ‘Red Rum’ by saying they would ‘look into the issue and get back to him soon’.

2. In response to the revelation, James Birch wrote on Facebook ‘What next? My Lidl Pony?’ in reference to the fact burgers containing horse meat had also been found in an Irish Lidl supermarket.

3. Jason E Lewis also got in on the act:

‘I got some Tesco burgers out of the freezer earlier aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddddd they’re off!,’ he joked.

4. Kezia Wallace waded into the humour by saying supermarkets would also cater for vegetarians.

She wrote: ‘I hear that they are putting uniQuorn in the veggie burgers too…’

5. Making jokes about horse burgers didn’t seem to be beneath well-known figures such as former deputy prime minister John Prescott, who tweeted: ‘I see the Tesco horse burger is the mane news item on Twitter.’

6. Betting chain Paddy Power didn’t waste any time in exploiting the controversy either and quipped: ‘Why were they testing the DNA in the first place?” Someone found a jockey’s whip in their 1/4 pounder.’

7. The Irish firm also offered odds on what animal other than a cow would be found next in a supermarket burger.

You could get 2/1 for Deer, which was the favourite and and 500/1 for longshot Bigfoot.

8. @brendanwalshy tweeted: ‘Can’t believe that woman was sent to hospital after eating a horse meat burger…… Her condition is said to be stable.’

9. @stvharry wrote: ‘Warning – your burger may have won the 3.45 at Wincanton-Tesco, Iceland withdraw burgers after #horsemeat discovery.’

10. ‏@StoneJack joked ‘Is eating #horsemeat really that bad? Let’s put it to the vote. All those in favour say ‘aye’, all those against say ‘neigh’.’


Geoff!!! what are you like, they don't get any better.

We have been to Morrison this morning, maybe a few more people about and it'sd not as cold as I expected, but then it always gets warmer before the snow

Just going to do a bit of baking whilst the oven is on cooking chicken for tonights tea.  Few lemon tarts and jam turnovers.

Can't see us getting to Stratford on Monday

Take care all those who have to go out.




Just made a  chocolate sponge. Nice to have folk staying so I can bake.

Reminded me about Becks - any luck yet with yur new cake pan and everyones help?

Snow gone away again, I suppose it will be like this until the weather systems really collide. Have snow shovel ready, small shovel ready for car, found my silly wolly hat a,d snow boots (bit wirn out but they will have to do

At Morrisons bought pack of chicken thighs, will toss them in spices and only take 30mins to cook so that is my extra dish for next weekend.



Chris it might all be gone by Monday-if not will send the reindeer-never fear


Honestly Geoff

One of the ladies have met through that course I did, has kept her hair short. She used to have below shoulder length hair before her chemo, but had it cut before she lost it all. Now it's regrowing, still shorter than mine & has had it cut twice! Me & a 3rd lady are still muttering about getting ours done. J.


Soz that post got delayed coz daughter wanted advice about the baking she's doing in kitchen....

Miss Becks

Doing the cakes Saturday Bjay! Doing a stash to see us through the weekend!


Having real problems getting on this site at moment. So if I'm not here it's not that I'm not trying to chat


A lot of people would have given anything for a piece of horse meat for a stew during the war, whats the difference to cow,pig, goat, lamb goose, duck........


Nothing Lyn-it is our Britishness shining through-we dont like to think of meat as live animals at some point-especially horseys

Rosa carriola wrote (see)

Having real problems getting on this site at moment. So if I'm not here it's not that I'm not trying to chat

That is a bit like the old snail-mail joke-"if you don't get this letter please let me know"


I see you have the hatches battened down--sunny and just above freezing here.

Joined WeightWatchers online yesterday--we'll see how that goes. Still down to 3 smokes a day.

Your temps seem to range between + and -8; big difference. My friends in Yellowknife are reporting -47 with the wind chill! Of course, they are prepared for it.


Deanos Diggin It
Morning Inka!
Good evening all else! : )

Inka! I served in your neck of the woods this part of the year back in 86! Medicine Hat! Out on the Prairies! Your Guy's ain't daft! Saw the weather front coming in, n returned-to base camp!

As Geoff says "Britishness" Our commanding officer at the time said our lad's can fight through!
"Knob Head" Sorry Girls!
-35 living in a tent! It was awful! Still scarred from that experience!

Thank God for cenral heating these days! : )

That's a good long way from me, Dean--other side of the Rockies. Wouldn't want to do -35 in a tent! The prairie winters are so severe---nothing stops the wind! 

I was born in Winterpeg, but came to the Coast when I was 8, thank goodness. Still have family there, though.

Am off to do a brisk dog walk in the sunshine.

Miss Becks

Well Jess has just tried, and loved her first ever fried egg! So much in fact, she had mine as well. She has also declared she wants one everyday from now on forever!! I don't think so.


I went for a trot around the shops today to check out the burgers. I know you think I'm horsing around but my dad wanted some. Seriously though I know my nan ate horsemeat during the war.
I am just trying to be "neigh" bourly