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Welcome to our world Flower Bird-will let you have the subscription rates later -all you need to disclose are your bank card details-I will take care of the rest


Just watched the local news- snow blowing around in Manchester & Wigan areas. Here- nothing!

OMG late arrival of Marie Osmond on TV....

Back later, J.

Deanos Diggin It
Beck;s! I love a fried egg! n have eaten horse meat! (Pig, Cow, Chicken, Foul) too! what,s the problem? It,s meat!
Miss Becks

Must admit, I hadn't cooked one since Jess was born, and was really enjoying it, until Jess nabbed the rest!

And I'm a huge meat eater. As long as it's safe to eat, I don't mind what it is really.


Hello  I'm back - Ofsted didn't want to talk to me (it's socal work type Ofsted, not school type).

Brought files and laptop home with me and will work here tomorrow as forecast spells trouble!!!


Pennine Petal
Evening, just got back from over t'other side through the snow. I am hoping it will be deep enough for me not to go tomorrow, as I've got an appraisal.

Dove, the dreaded Ofsted, thank goodness you were let off.

What's Ofsted?

Pennine Petal
The people who come in and check the school is doing OK.
Pennine Petal
Please forgive my manners hello Flower and Lyn.
Ha ha Geoff that was funny, made me laff.

Just doing me job

Had to got out in the dark and the cold to get a fluorescent tube-thank goodness for late opening times

Looks like all of the workers are "working from home tomorrow"-except Kate And Lottie I suppose

Dean doesn't count-he is not a teacher


Just been out to wheely bin, yep snowing here now. OH says been on/off all day over his way & that one of his neighbours' kittens would like to visit OH's house.

Now shall I order Tesco or do some ironing? Decisions. J.


Flower bird-we all rather informal here- am happy for you to be Flower bird-but if you would prefer to be called by your own name we won't tell another soul


Hello,Flower bird-and welcome. I live on the west coast of Canada, so I join in late.



Nothing getting done here after all. Being lazy & slobbing out in front of tv. Tomorrow is another day.

Geoff have set 'tape' for the allotment prog. 

Night all, J.


Have put my  bins out but remains to see if the bin men make it tomorrow !


Hi Flower bird. Hi Inka, Hi Dean

Daughter came did a bit of fiddling - she needed to check e-mails and I now have internet. Hooray

you have all been very busy today on here. All this horsing around bout burgers.

My eldest son had a holday somewhere in Canada -  I think it was in Vancouver, keep forgetting to ask him.

Not snowing here. YET. According to Shefali (weather girl) there will be smaller snow showers but the big one - 8 ins or so will start in the early hours and keep going for 18hrs! We may be smothered!!

Just need to get daughter to airport

I read that Becks post as eating horse, then realised she meant fried egg


Tape? Allotment programme? Where?