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Miss Becks

Fair enough. Been there, and know what you mean.


Hello all. I hope your roof is OK Flo, especially in this weather.

When we had a hurricane in 99 an oak tree fell on the spare room roof in the night. My daughter in the room next door slept through it! I was in the furthest bedroom and it seemed as though the whole house shook. The insurance paid for the repair.


Hello everyone

We are back safe - phew.

We left at 6.30 just as snow turned very heavy and slow going until we hit motorway. Well cleared and further N we went less snow, think it was following us!

Way home was a bit more hairy. 2 lanes of moroway clear and thankfully no idiot drivers. Further S more snow but was definately creeping N

Worst was when we left M5 at J7. As we got closer to Malvern roads and snow became worse. Saw 1 smash on side road junction and several cars stuck on the hill up to Great Malvern. Back end of car went around a bit on a roundabout really big skid when tried to park outside house. Usual pratts driving in poor visibilty without lights

Oscar dog has gone totally silly in snow, he loves it and has played football with the only one daft enough to go outside with him 

Oh Flo hope your roof is OK and everyone else is safe and dry .

Gary Hobson

Snow has resumed here. Enough now to make a snowman.

Been outside to clear driveway, but it's very cold. The snow is very powdery. It blows away easily. I suppose this is how snow drifts form.

So it's not sticky enough to build a snowman. (Wrong kind of snow).


Neighbour, whose tree it is, came round to help move the branch. Fortunately only minor damage to edge of roof so we should stay dry. Gutter's a bit squished but he said he'll fix it when the snow's gone.

Have sorted bird food and water so nothing to do now until coffee time. Will take a wander down to the Sandwich shop and have some of the lovely coffee there, might also be tempted to have a piece of cake. Might - who am I kidding?


Miss Becks

Flo, cake and 'might' just don't go together!!

Glad you're safe Bjay.

Miss Becks

Well Jess insisted she didn't want help, but a few neighbours joined in!!



Fantastic piccy Insomnia, arent people clever to be able to see that vision and make it happen.


Very good Jess-have a lollipop


Morning all. I'm at my desk, and have been since 8.30 - am I the only one to have gone to work today? Its snowing steadily, the road is going white. Main roads are clear - so far. I heard on the news its chaos along the M4 in South Wales. Cue lots of reporters standing around freezing their bits off!

Bjay, glad you got the airport run over and done with, I just hope the planes are still flying!

Flo, glad to hear there wasn't much damage! Please send cake to cyber locker!

Also, can someone please send a snow plough out for me later so I can get home? Thanks, much appreciated

Hello Darren!


Checked when got home - plane was 15 mins late taking off. OH thought the way the snow was moving N they would have just missed snow getting to airport. Of course they have to come back yet - late Sunday night Will this be big enough Lottie?


Cody studying the financial pages this morning


 They did not want to come out and play


 from the bedroom window


 up the street


 the front garden


 the back garden-note to self the Olympics is over


 torbay palm


 other bits of the back




 pigeons on Margaret's roof




Daughter just phoned, arrived safely, pilot said taking off without delay as bad weather on its way. Edinburgh not a cloud in the sky

Lovely photos Geoff. You have been busy.


Son just come in and says he's finished with work for the day 


Miss Becks

Cody looks really small on that pic Geoff! have you shrunk him??


Caz might have it bad

Just think in 6 months we will be complaining about the heat

Today's viewing has been postponed till sometime next week

Lottie do you require an air drop of supplies?-you could be stuck in there for the weekend with Mr Smelly

Cody shrank in the wet Becks-that pesky washing machine again


Pic of the torbay palm really good Geoff.

Just postponed trip to Swindon with caravan tomorrow.  Will try on Wednesday.

Will do pics later

Gary Hobson

Cool (!!!) pics Geoff.

I guess all those pigeons on that person's roof mean that bedroom beneath is warm, and there's no loft insulation, so all the heat goes out through the roof. Lucky pigeons.


I might require an air drop, although I think I'd rather walk home than spend a weekend here with Mr Smelly!!

Time for another coffee I think. Need it to keep warm.