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Snow coming down more thickly here now, but still nothing to what Geoff & Becks got- seen David's pic on another thread & he's not a million miles from Becks.

Daughter abandoned tring to snooze on sofa- good- & gone upstairs to sleep. Need to assemble my lunch soon as nurse due about lunchtime!

Shall walk up to local shops tomorrow, no point in moving cars around. Have just seen a gritter lorry go down our the road- wow, a first in 30yrs- but I dont think he was actually gritting as going too fast? Not going out to check.

Glad you're ok Bjay. Not the best day to do that journey. J.

Miss Becks

Just sent jess out to throw food to birds! Rather her than me!




Snow pictures,

The front, showing the 'Green'

 From the back door


 As you can see, no hills are visible

These were just taken from front or back door. 5 mins ago. Can see the snow falling! May go further later

Caz W

Morning all!  Have popped in early to check everyone is OK. Woke up to plenty of snow this morning, then it melted a little bit but now its snowing and blowing like mad again.  We are at the top of the street and its all drifting up to us.  Fed and watered the birds and won't be going outside again today!  OH taken annual leave day.  Heroic bin men didn't make it - goodness knows where our bag of plastic recycling has blown to 

Bjay, glad you're back home safe

Flo, thank goodness there wasn't too much damage! Pretty scary though.

Geoff & Becks - great pictures.  The chooks don't look too impressed with the snow.

Lottie - go home now!!!!

Hi Darren - hope you have a good day!

Gary - go and make that snowman


Still snowing here but not heavy (so far) - neighbours' teenage boys are out with wheelbarrow of grit and shovels, clearing snow off the pavement and making it safe(r) 



Becks -where is your snowman?

Nice pics Bjay-your garden looks ginormous

darren the gardener

just cleaned snow off green house again put freash water and food out for birds planted some sweet pea seeds while out there

Miss Becks

Need to see if nursery is open yet Geoff. Don't want her getting sopping wet and cold if we have to walk there. She will freeze solid!


Thanks geoff. It's very wide. A wedge shape at end of a circle so no side is the same, narrower by house. Biggest garden ever had.

Where car is parked is where it skidded to, OH said we'll leave it. It's not exactly a through road!

No post of snowmen yet, or are we all too old, oh sorry Becks  most of us too old!


Caz it has been recycled to another garden-you are doing your bit for the planet

Snow is cold and wet-much prefer hot and sunny and in Valencia it is------------------------------- 20C

Jean Genie

I'm back. Lovely photos everyone. We have blizzard conditions here as well - just been out to feed the birds again and had to scrape snow from table. It's blowing in under the little roof.

Glad everyone's safe and home but worried bout Lottie. Hope she leaves early.

Stay safe everyone and Hello, Darren.


Just been out again-clearing the accumulations of the tarpaulin over the chicken run-they are not happy but have laid 5 eggs today

I wonder If I should invite them indoors?-for a party

Jean Genie

Just took these photos.

The front of house.


Round the back garden.


 Don't like it.


OK, boss has just said go home. I don't need telling twice!

Jean Genie

No - go NOW Lottie. Take care.


Jean Genie

I 'm slapping a law suit on the Met office - they've got it right.


There have been some lovely photos of people's gardens in the snow on various different threads. I hope we can see the same gardens again in the summer.


Elephants and other animals in the snow


Good afternoon all.

No snow here at the moment, we have been extremely lucky so far, we have just got the remnants of previous fall, but b**** cold none the less.

I have just been making a big pan of pea and ham soup, and am now getting bored with having to stay in doors I have a fear of falling and breaking a leg,  I don't seem to have the same sense of balance as I once had.

Lots of lovely snowy pictures, one thing about the snow, every ones garden looks the same.

Keep warm and safe.