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Just seen this from todays freecycle-how to get rid of rubbish for free

(Woolston) by katiecharge
Broken wooden bench suitable for firewood or similar.




I saw on freecycle a non working hover mower today, although if you were mechanical good practise?

My thrift plants have flowered it is such a shame the garden I liberated the seeds from is now full of weeds.


Is the house empty again or are there still comings and goings?

I have had an Eric Morecambe moment-have been waving my wand about-they can't touch you for it!!



Kate, you guessed it, a Cubs thing. There were lots of small boys in the picture.

Dinner this evening - shepherds pie and sprouts or broccoli (or both!)


Do I get a star?

The house is still unoccupied but there will be a lot of activity for 3 days then nothing for another 6 weeks.

"Waving my wand"- snigger, snigger

Sprouts as in Brussel Sprouts?

Why did Glasgow police send 7 officersto London to collect Andy Coulson?

It is raining here




It is going down to 12C on Sunday with a chance of rain and there is a boating trip on the Thames for the Windsors.

This phone hacking and related stuff is nowhere near over and there will be more high profile casualties

Homemade chocolate peanut- butter ice cream-yummy

STAR awarded


Will you be on the barge with AT and RdeT?

How easy is it to hack a phone?Are you nervous, do you have a top barrister on standby?

Now is it to late to pop to the shops


Not if you live here.

I have ice cream boring vanilla but I could add chocolate

@figrat I thought shops shut early in the country?


I have no skeletons in the cupboard-ashes in the wardrobe- but no skeletons

Shall I reveal the quiz answers before TA?


Ok -just get my hard hat on.



sotongeoff wrote (see)

How did you do that?


Time for a silly quiz-gardening related in a sort of way

1) name a plant you can keep as a pet

2)a plant that will make you loadsamoney

3)a toe you can eat

4)a flower you can see through

5) a caddish tool

6)a plant suitable for sheep

7)an Olympic vegetable

8)a communicating fruit

9)a tool part to help you in the dark

anybody with 10 correct answers gets a windmill

usual t&c's apply

entries entered after the closing date will not be counted but may still be charged.

1) petunia-always go for the simple ones


3) potatoe or tomatoe


5)rake-lots got that right


7)runner bean


9)four candles


All claims now accepted-just telephone the claims hot line 08980898008980 before 20.53 tonight- no claims can be made after that time.


 very good

Who will leave TA tonight


There maybe only blokes left-back in an hour



I am glad I had some chocolate in the fridge, I still think LS has seen their business ideas


Can't believe I didn't win!  Had my acceptance speach ready and everything.


KG- no winners,no prizes, I have reported Geoff to ofcom, ofwat,ofsted and trading standards


I think you should also report him to Santa because he has been naughty not nice.