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Morning Peeps,

Hope everyone is ok. The snow has caught up with us.

We have cancelled the trip to Stratford on Avon, decided it's not worth the risk, and re- scheduled for 11th Feb, hopefully we will be snow free by them.

Glyn, will get back to you with recipe for Pea and Ham soup when I have a bit more time.

Back soon.



I'm here SIr-I have just de-snowed the car-and warmed it up

Not going anywhere- but someone feels the need

Miss Becks

I did that the other day. Haven't drove my car since 1st Jan, so gave it a stert up, and drove it forward a bitn then back again. Don't want the brakes locking up!


Gary you know how to wound

Roads are clear here but I am not going anywhere today.

I think it may be a soup day today.


Just drove it round the block-the roads are empty- even the main ones

Still showing 0c



I need a prediction for Monday?


They are still saying snow in the East/Southeast for Sunday/Monday and quite a bit of it-would start rehearsing the phone call now

Sorry Chris -good moaning


Hello, raining 4°, snow melting. Rain forcast for next week, so for once, in winter, we will be warmer than you. But my daughter in northern France has snow, lots more forecast, -15°.



I just need heavy snow on sunday evening so they send out an early notice and I can have a lie in.

I have just checked the cupboard, I have enough food for a week but the menus may get very odd.


Morning all.

Trying to snow again here!

OH is walking to shops round corner to obtain meat, we usually go to next village for it but car still stick where parked(skidded) yesterday. 

Dog has been totally silly in snow again this morning but too fast to take potos.

Will go down garden shortly to top up birdy food.


I'm here. Been busy doing chores this morning, fed the birds (tame and wild) and found some eggs! I didn't think any of my chooks were laying so hadn't checked the nest box, but one must be! Good girl!!

Just discovered I've run out of washing powder. Something I'm sure Jo would never allow to happen!

Snowing slightly at the moment.


Just bought another egg in -I think on a recount that is a full house for the first time in months must be the reflected light coming into play-they hare having a wander but do not look happy about cold ice on bare feet

Kate wiil keep looking towards the heavens for you-he owes me a few favours

Liz that is reaching the soggy messy slushy part

Still no Sasha???


No snow Sunday evening please. Have to do a return trip to airport for a 10pm plane 

Just cleared path from back door to garage back door(tumble dryer and bird food)  up steps and to greenhouse. That should cover the most used route. OH says not to do front but as he is out may do front door step (sshhh)

Gary Hobson

I had some lupins that had been doing quite nicely, up about 4inches.

A snug blanket of snow will keep them warm....

Miss Becks

Aaw Gary. Will they be ok? (Don't grow flowers, haven't a clue)


Pennine Petal
Soy aqui! We have light snow and wind, so most off the snow gone off the cars.

Birds have eaten all the peanuts and I didn't get any more, so will have to raid OH's sat he of peanuts and she'll them.

Don't think I'll bother going out today.
Gary Hobson

Lupins, and all other herbaceous plants should be fine.

The snow really does act as a blanket of insulation. Much better than them being exposed to hard frosts.

What's going on in Geoff's photos?  Is Cody rounding up the chuckies to bring them along the path and into the warmth of the house? How decent of Geoff.

darren the gardener

morning all

chickens sorted  green house cheacked alllotment checked dog walked snow shovaled now time for a few slicese s of danish and coffee