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I thought it looked as if Cody was herding the chucks Great phos Geoff.

Cody must be well trained, staying on the path. Oscar forgets about paths other peoples garden etc when snow is about.

I think I am goig to sow some seeds - onions, verbascum, anti(snap dragons), laurentia.   Bored not gardening and i have an electric propagetor to keep them warm - if it works . Quite old


Reporting in for afternoon shift.

Have been womanning dog rescue charity shop for a hour or so - not one single customer and just one chap bringing in donations so closed up and went shopping. Only dog food and petrol, all main or well-used roads except one so no driving probs. OH has been called into work, I'm alarmed that he went on his motor scooter as he'll be coming home after 8,30 this eve and things might have frozen by then

Have just let my chooks out into snowy garden, they are currently foraging in the defrosted bits.


Geoff at least with those chickens you will not go hungry

Flo I am impressed that you went in to the shop today. 

I only want the snow in one small corner of England


I had a viewing of the house at 1pm-now can't get here apparently-car stuck in car park-a bit of forward planning or alternative arrangements are surely in order

Kate I am working on it

Flo your dedication will get its own reward

Who is this new poster who signs quite old?

Jean Genie

Afties  We managed to get out and about today  (that is the Royal we )  Hubbie drove and the snow's stopped. There seems to be a slight thaw. Just brushed all the snow off the conservatory ledges as it had piled up into little drifts and we've now got a well. Don't like the look of the sky though.

Think my snowdrops are out but I'm not ploughing through the garden to check .

Got a ham shank from butchers so will make some soup later . I don't really have a recipe for it - just throw everything in . Got some nice lamb chops for tea as well

Kate, I'll wish for snow for you Sunday night but I don't want any more - fed up with it now and it makes the floors soggy.

Nice photos of Cody.



Been out in the snow to clean out the chicken house, (my fingers and feet got very cold - now I remember why I didn't like snow as a kid!)  and taken son no. 3 to work -  the road out of the estate is still a skating rink but the main roads are fine at the moment.

Kate, the forecast is for more snow tomorrow afternoon for the South East. Will that do you?


By the way folks this thread has now passed 18000 messages and 900 pages!!


Well I am quie old, but so is my propagator!

Just sowed my few seeds. Propagator began to warm up Let's hope weather warms up by the time they have germinated If they germinate, not a very good record there!

Kate you can have the snow Sunday then we won't get it here Ex head used to close school and insist all staff go in for a days work

Bacon sandwiches now 

Miss Becks

Well, cake baking has commenced, starting with my new bigger tin. I'm not feeling confident.

Darren, we have cyber lockers on here! If you have cakes/danish, you have to share! Did you not read your terms and conditions!


Afternoon all.

Wobbles just started so have finally sat down. Roads on estate clear!! Wow, so off to Sainsbury's we went. Daughter amazed at how quiet store was, hadnt believed me. No I dont shop all the time, honestly, but fresh fruit & veg  I get little & often so no waste!

Whoever ran out of washing powder, can send liquid ciberetically if any good? Aldi's best, excellent BTW as we do have soft water. They've however upped/changed the perfume in their 'plain' (!) softrinse, which I dilute by 50%, so am trying someone elses' which is supposed to be very suitable for sensitive skin- we shall see. J.


Wishing you South-easterly snow, Kate. It look hopeful.

Lottie, I'm with you on the coldness and wetness of snow, have only ever liked playing in it in short bursts - even as a child. Walked to school every day in '62/'63, - about a mile - didn't mind that as long as people didn't throw snowballs at me.

Becks, best of luck with cakes. I recently made a Victoria sandwich which wasn't very successful though tasty all the same. Went back to Delia who recommends smaller tins or more mixture and longer slower cooking time than I was using. Much better. Takes practice, I think, and knowing your own equipment.

Bjay, my head used to reason that it was better for teachers to work at home on a snow day as generally they had longer and more difficult journeys than the children who were almost all  walking distance from our large town primary school. If the school wasn't shut, (because we don't get a lot of snow in these parts) over half of the children still stayed at home and those of us who made it in took mixed classes and had fun activities including snow playtimes and hot chocolate after play. It was always a lovely atmosphere.


Let us say the head wasn't and still isn't by all accounts a 'fun' person, She regarded the schools as a business.  We used to clash.!!!

Enough, still confused about greenhouse whether to clear snow or leave it for insulation. Must say it felt not too cold when i went in it, but Geoff can see the point about cracking glass as well. OH says leave but he isn't into snow clearing. - waste of time he says

Good luck with cake Becks. I tink we are all waiting


Bjay-up to you-but I consider 3 inches of frozen snow a lot of weight-the insulation argument does not stand up to scrutiny-it is going to melt in time in any case

Depends if you want to risk it?


Jean Genie

We did the conservatory roof as well - looked a bit top heavy. Better safe than sorry.

I've just grown a pair and added my two-pennenth worth about that squirrel thread. Was fuming when I read that story.

Good afternoon everyone
I hope your cakes turn out ok Becks
I have just put an apple cake in the oven - will have some with custard for my pud tonight
I am loving all the snowy pics of your gardens and pets
I don' t have snow on my greenhouse with the heater- I turned the heat up a bit as the lowest temp the other night was 3 degrees --a bit too chilly for my cuttings
I hope everyone is keeping warm
Pam LL x



Noticed that Jean -you are a little tinker when roused

As I recall we made it to school-the primary was within walking distance and all the teachers were local

The Grammar- caught the bus -can't remember it ever being closed but it was great when we got sent home at 3.15pm instead of 4 pm missing last period-and that was in 1963 when there was still lying snow in April

But these are different times-not sure that ice slides would be allowed now -yet that was quite normal -in my day-I say-in my day

Miss Becks

Well, I think I have to just admit the fact I can only bake Flat cakes!!

But... the good thing is I left the milk out as jo suggested, and only half filled the tins, as many suggested, and tried my new bigger tin, and they cooked through perfectly!

Jess then decided she wanted to put the smaller one on top of the bigger one, so I've jammed them together!

 Still flat, but perfectly edible! But ran out of icing sugar.

Jam tarts are now in.


Jean Genie

Becks - That looks fine to me.  Haven't had a jam tart for ages. What 's the jam?

I remember that bad winter when I was a child - just !  I don't remember the school being closed and as far as I am aware never missed a day.

Just this country I think. If you look at the likes of Norway and Sweden everything functions as normal and they have it far worse than us. One snowfall here and we're all stuffed.

Miss Becks

Just normal Strawberry Jean.


Read post on greenhouse, made sense about the ice so just swept snow off

1963 I can remember going to get the milk - too much snow for deliveries and dragging the bottled full bag along on the top of the snowdrifts as they were too heavy to carry. I think maybe we didn't have school as we were about 3m from it. Of course glass bottles and only 1pt in each!

Children all out on green making something - not sure what ,but it involves using garden spades to fill up sledges and then taking them to a 'big' boy to make it, what ever it is. they have also been aking snow angels, rolling in it and generally having fun