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When is she moving out Jo? Mind you then you'll have no one to moan/argue with

I want to make a cake but can't - 

Thanks for pepper link - there are 2 there that may be right OH says it's Pepperdew I need. Mind you that pimento one looks about right, and the red ricotta


Cake looks great Becks, like a Mary Berry classic. I thought cakes were meant to be flat so that you could ice them if you want. I thought rounded ones were a little overcooked and drier in the middle.

Snow has melted a lot today. Poor horses, paddock is like a quagmire. But there is a lot of rock under it so you don't sink in too deep and there's a bit where I put hardcore down to give a firm surface for feeding them.

Chicken in mushroom cream sauce, mash and runner beans (garden, from freezer) tonight.

Miss Becks

Lizzie! I like you're way of thinking! Yes, they are meant to be flat!


Becks that cake looks lovely it is making me hungry.

OH has just got back from the shops, he says the shelves are bare.

Geoff I know that it is inconvenient for you but I would not be venturing out today.


Kate-we have lost Nigel and have a bloke who can't speak the English as she is spoke

Pork chops -the freezer levels are slowly going down

Jean-where is this link?


Miss Becks

Thanks Kate. How's the knee?


Am going to watch BBC2 at 5.30. Doc using old doc on the 1962/63 winter and how such weather could affect us and widlife today.. Only just seen it in Radio Times, classed as a Winterwatch programme. I was a gel then so thought may refresh my memory especially as been some talk on here about that winter today. 


Becks, knee is sore but not swollen, I will survive to dance another day.

Geoff, Arry must have skipped out of bed today, Saints may have a new manager but  still the same players, it is all down hill from here.

Miss Becks

Good,good. You need those knees to help kick the arses of all those 'orrible kids at school!

Caz W

Evening all!  Great cake Becks - did Jess get the first slice?

I remember going to school, which was a mile away and all uphill, whatever the weather. We would often be sent straight back home in cold spells as the toilets (in a separate block at the side of the yard) would be frozen.  This used to happen quite a lot and looking back I can't understand why our mothers insisted on walking us all there in the first place if there was ice or snow .

Are the Maltesers open yet???



Kate it will be alright -won't it -won't it?

Caz-no Maltesers- still safely in the cellophane


Morning, Frozen Forkers!!!

Lots of baking going on, I see--terrific thing to do on a snowy day. I have sworn off--went overboard at Christmas, and of course am now on WW.

Overcast here--couldn't get out of my driveway for the ruts, so I phoned and complained--they came to fix it within the hour . The road needs proper ditching---he said they'd be on it "soon". We'll see!

Off to recycle now!

Caz W

Horsemeatgate latest on youtube - 2 jokers dressed in a pantomime horse outfit trotting around the freezer section of a Tesco store shouting "Murderers" before being thrown out by security.


Caz, I have to admire their cheek to be honest!

Inka, I've not done any baking either. Been too busy peeling sealant from around the bath ready to put the new stuff on tomorrow. One of those jobs I really wish I hadn't started.....

Must be time for a cup of tea, and I'm sure there are some muffins somewhere -unless the boys ate them all!!


Just watched that Winterwatch programme-OH reminded me about going to school with skirts of a minuscule nature-have edited the actual words.

Made by Ridley Scott and Antony Jay-did I hear four candles mentioned near the end in relation to electricity price rise??



71/2d for four wasn't it?

I found it really interesting. The clothes - ladies in skirts, Men in flat hats tied on with scarves. Would they get working parties of 80 people to dig out trains now? Was this the beginning of central heating for most I wonder. Loved the hand drawn and held up weather charts as well. A different time, OH said a different life

Scarey though because it could so easily happen again

Pennine Petal
I just watched too, they mentioned our road Todmorden to Bacup. I remember those big snow piles up against the hedges when visiting a friend in a rural area. I don't remember not going to school, but I only lived around the corner. on that subject anyone listen to Jeremy Vine yesterday on the subject of closing schools, lots of opposing views.

I am going to HK to teach international marketing to students who are working full time, so we do all the teaching over the weekend and an evening during the week. It can be hard going as their levels of English are variable and I have to entertain them.

Becks, remember you can't taste the shape!

Becks, the cake looks great. I thought they were meant to be flat or maybe with the slightest of cambers. And one big one small is no problem.

Lottie, I too start jobs then wish I hadn't

Morning Inka. I had a leaning lamp-post a while ago and the electricity company came round within a few hours and fixed it. Most impressive.

A veggie question; should I be able to find garlic in the GC now (I couldn't see any)or have I left it a bit late or it is worth just bunging in the bulb I've got in the kitchen?


I heard recently that at Ronnie Barker's memorial service instead of the usual 2 candles the vergers carried four candles as a tribute. How sweet. 

I don't remember the winter of 62-63 as I was only very little, but my Mum said she doesn't remember it being that bad - but then her memory isn't that great at the best of times! I do remember skirts of a miniscule nature! There are even some pictures somewhere

I heard a bit of that Jeremy Vine show - am sure he put the phone down on one very opinionated caller. Quite right too, the bloke was talking rubbish and was aggressive with it.

Caz W
FloGoldFairy wrote (see)

 And one big one small is no problem.

I'm sure Dr. Geoff will have a remedy for this