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Snow had all melted last night and it was raining. Meteo France hadn't forecast snow here but everything is white this morning. Back to sqare one!


I'm up, but still to get into bathroom.

Daughter up & already working! She went out to feed the birds earlier & I'll do the afternoon top up.

Was only thinking that need to get into shed soon to find my propagator. I roughly know whereabouts it is, but reaching it.... In between various appointments/trips out etc will have to get shed sorted pretty soon. Shall try for sometime next week I think as energy levels will be improving again by then, I hope!

Have already a list in purse, along with gift voucher, for 'needs' so do need to check exactly what's in there before I go to GC.

Seed order done, only a couple of non T&M ones to get when next at Wilcos or GC. I did have to explain about which seeds were biennials & no point this time until we find out what is already in the garden of her house. Also she wanted some plants that I have so no problem there as can propagate/split etc for her. What I didnt say to her was already have an on-going list for her should she require things!

She knows she's got a sunny patio, so plans to do some big pots on that. She wasnt impressed when I was jubilantly exclaiming about having her current bedroom windowsill all for plants! Propagator goes on ours though as I set it on a timer to save on/off.

Have found Mum's applecake recipe- as usual she's totally vague about ingredients, she was just a natural baker & as for her pastry... That'll get done this afternoon. J.


I do not remember 1963 

Snowing and settling here, is it  too early

I would love to go to Hong Kong, any spare seats?

Can we sow seeds yet?

I remember 62/63 very well! Obviously a lot older than many of you. Commuted to London and never missed a day. Would have been frowned on if you did. Even my Dad, who was a Stonemason, also working in London, made it and carried on with his job every day. No room for wimps! I have a young Finnish lady staying with me and I feel really embarrassed at the hype about the minimal snow being shown on TV. She was in fits of laughter the day they showed people taboganning and 'ski-ing' on Primrose Hill. GB needs to get a life.
Pennine Petal
Morning all and hello Rose. Something is falling from the sky but not exactly sure what is, could be very fine snow. We have lots of E European students, they think our response to the snow is very strange too.

Kate if you can teach some international marketing I will swap with you!


Hi PP. I actually feel quite embarrassed about how we deal with 'adverse' weather conditions in this country. Looking out of the window this morning, I know that tomorrow morning, my 2 sons and son-in-law are going to have great difficulty in getting to work, unless British Rail get their finger out. Schools will close. My Finnish girl is already worrying about getting a flight back to Aberdeen. It's ridiculous. We need more women running things!!
Gary Hobson

On Sky News yesterday they had a spokesman for Heathrow. He was asked why ariports in Sweden don't have these problems, His reply was that we are having the wrong kind of snow. He said that Sweden gets fluffy snow, which is much easier to clear from runways.

This morning, they had a spokeswoman. She had a different story - she said they need to allow more space between planes, just like driving on a motorway in snow.

I hope the lad hasn't been fired.

You do need to have a sense of humour in a job like that.


Kate- you could always start off some sweetpeas? I leave until early Feb up here, but why not if you can look after them? Winter salads too?

Am about to re look at my bulb catalogue. The dahlia order next.... J.


Glyn I am afraid that swap will not go ahead

Jo what a great idea, as soon as it is safe to go out I will start on some sweet peas. I have also been looking at dahlias  but my local GC sells them for £1.30 compared to £3 in the catalogues.


Sweetpeas are easy too Kate as you can put them into your coldframe as soon as they are up & going.

I want some named varieties for the dahlias. All for pots after last yrs demolision job by the slug population.

I did however notice one dahlia had started to reshoot whilst in the coldframe under fleece & in a wrapped pot. I have no idea of which, as when they all got eaten they didnt die back properly- couldnt no foliage!- so I just dumped them somewhere for the time being.

When I came to empty the pots a found a couple, no labels of course coz had stupidly removed those thinking tubers would have 'had it' as no chance to build up energy as no foliage, had started again. So have 2 pots of unknown dahlias in the one coldframe & they were still ok before this latest weather. By the time I recognise which they are will be too late to get any more, so am going to get some anyway & daughter can always take spares to her place! J.


Morning all. Light snow here. I was going to take a photo of the hills (look like Alps) but by the time I got my act together the clouds had come and now snow!!

Have to pick Daughter up at 10pm same worries as before.

Dog was really naughty on walk this morning, including not coming when called nd messing on someones garden

I sowed stuff like onions as I haven't sown that sort of thing before and packs said Jan 

I'm not into dahlias but thought I might try some - bishop of Oxford looks good. Need a lower growing red one as well - any ideas?

Seen some beginias called Fairyland pot up for fairy dell. Begonias I grow lots of already!

Will try nerines (again new to me) and maybe Galtonia 

darren the gardener

morning all snowing again here had a bad fall off of pushbike this morning strugling to move now so no jobs out side for me today i hate sitting in arm chair all day when so much i could be doing

hope all of you ok


Oh keep safe & warm Darren.

Bjay, hope that airport run goes ok? By late on the roads should have been well gritted. Will investigate in a bit about smaller red dahlias as the B of L can be rather tall.

back later. J.

Jean Genie

Hello Rose  and hello to everyone else thats up and about . We also have snow falling here. Spoke to daughter earler as she hasn't been out since Thursday so we are going on a visit but not sure what to do now. Hubbie will be driving and doesn't forsee a problem as it's only light at the moment so we'll see what it's like in an hour.

I would love to go to Hong Kong.


Snow heavier now. We weren't forecast any today!

In a garden mood and all I can do is play on computer and watch cat who is going crazy with a catnip christmas pudding

Thanks Jo they are for my jewell border so deep orange or red would be great up to about 60cm


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Snowing here again as well. Have no plans for opening the front door whatsoever! Well, only for when my neighbour brings our Sunday lunch round later.

Hope your poorly bits get better soon Darren.

Is Geoffrey making a snowman??



Darren that sounds painful, take it easy today.

Jo I write all my purchases in a book, so at least I can match plants to pictures when I lose the labels.

Bjay are they gritting in your area?

Jean be careful out there.

Darren, i know the feeling well. I got knocked off my bike last year by another cyclist to say it hurts is an understatement. Hope you are feeling better soon.We have light snow at the moment but the forcast is for more. A few years ago i bought things with studs in to go over your wellies, marvellous invension. Managed to walk to local shop without slipping. Last thing i need to do is to fall over with my dodgy back.Keep warm fellow forkers


Yes they are gritting, when took dog out the road at the bottom was realatively clear. Ours - a circular close - is like a skating rink. It's just that OH hates driving in any sort of adverse weather especially at night. and if you have to use motorway!!

Darren I hope you recover soon. have a long soak in a bath or have you already done that?


Hello peeps and peepeses

I have hoovered and had a haircut and been nowhere-nor have any plants to do so

We have had very light snow for a few hours now more of a nuisance than anything-Kate by the look of it my prayers been answered for you-will give you the address of where to send the cheque

I do not remember liberty bodices-bit aren't they a 19th century thing along with gas lamps and sedan chairs?

Far too early to be sowing seeds -I never understand this rush to get started-relax and move away from the propagator

Darren that is ouch ouch ouch territory as well

Glyn-can you please, pretty please, squeeze me in your suitcase please, pretty please

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