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Geoff I need a text or email before the cheque is in the post.

darren the gardener

thaks for measages guys my knees are now diffrent sizes any very painful when i move think a day or two off work might be needed but with weather as it is now dont think that will be problem  


Darren, poor old you. Take up knitting, that will keep you occupied

Geoff I had a liberty bodice with rubber buttons too, and giant school knickers. As we walked to school in the snow in '63 the Sedan chair carriers would be trudging past -taking the teachers in, I expect, they've always had a cushy life

Bjay, there's something about snow that makes many dogs go daft, isn't there?



Jean Genie

Decided to go to daughters, she's just called and told us it's not snowing where she lives. Checked forecast and we should only have light showers today but we will travel prepared.

Hope you soon recover , Darren.

I remember liberty bodices as well only I had giant navy blue knickers and we had to tuck our school blouse into them when we did P.E.. That big you could also tuck in your gaberdine mac, school pullover and a small school satchel. !

Right we are off , catch you all later.



Are you telling me Flo that in my yoof all this fiddling about trying to get the bra fastener undone at the back- I should have been fiddling with rubber buttons at the front-that explains a lot

Be careful out there Jean

Miss Becks

Jean, I still wear knickers like that.


Liberty bodices - yes

gabardines - yes

gymslips - yes

navy knickers to tuck things in - yes

Satchels - yes

Lace up plimsolls - yes

Fortunately my M used to buy me white socks not those grey woolly things

Still snowing 

Pennine Petal
School satchels are currently in fashion as Hand bagsI see.
Geoff, I have a big suitcase, but it might get cold in the hold!
Darren, poor you, a good hot soak in the bath with some lavender oil is a great help. Comfrey cream is good for bruising, it got rid of my big bruise quickly. Or arnica.

Bjay. ditto all the way down. Apart from socks. For some reason we had to have beige socks - urgh.


Just had a flock of long-tailed tits visiting my feeders and, more unusually for my garden, a flock of house sparrows. Time for a new avatar, I think.


There we are. Not one of mine, though.

Jean R wrote (see)

 I had giant navy blue knickers and we had to tuck our school blouse into them when we did P.E.. That big you could also tuck in your gaberdine mac, school pullover and a small school satchel. !

Jean, you do make me laugh   


Yes me too with all of that list.

Have just had an enjoyable time watching the A-Z of gardening from this morning. Those clematis..... Did check the seed catalogue & was very pleased to find thay dont do the one she said easy to grow from seed. I would have been fuming if they had.

Right, washing up, then dahlias & then baking later. Did a huge batch of mixed veg soup which we've had with crusty bread & cheese.

Think am going to do the freezer defrost tomorrow. Not as empty as I'd like, but bound to be some rubbish in there that can go. The garage is sooo cold that the cool box/bags will be fine out there whilst I get stuck into the job. J.


Bjay, found 1 dahlia that may be short enough-

Karma Choc, 65cms & a dark red.

Suggest you drool over Sarah Ravens choices too...... J.


Been pottering round the house this morning then took son no. 3 to work and did a detour to the large GC on my way back as its only 3 minutes from the school. I've come home with a bag of seed and cutting compost - but its frozen solid at the moment! I don't intend to sow anything yet (except maybe a couple of pepper seeds) - just as well really.

Son no. 2 is muttering that he's bored so I've suggested he go and do some baking. He's now moaning that he can't find the baking book but he had it last......

Fine snow is falling here and has been for most of the morning. Not enough to make it difficult for me to get to work though!


Moving on from things as they were- and exciting jobs for today/tomorrowwho else is planning a swanning off trip this year?



Light snow isn't light anymore

Pleased i did clear GH as now another layer on it. In danger of running out of cut logs. OH thought he had chopped enough but using more than usual and wood store bit tricky in 6ins snow

Can't afford to go any where exotic so Cornwall this year and maybe Scotland. Both places we love. Oh and of course Yorkshire. Going to have a go at a 2 week break. Last year we managed it when baby was born but M plays up even though she's in a care home. Before she went in we were reduced to 3 days, so 2 weeks will be  'exotic'


Nice new pic and name Flo

Lottie-Potato Queen- I need some suggestions for early potatoes please-other than Charlotte

I guess this is towing the caravan Bjay??-seems a few long hauls are in mind?



Jo why are you happy, I want to buy those Clematis seeds

I thought that the Happy Dahlias are quite short.

I am planning a holiday, possibly on a boat out of Southampton.


Yes, towing but the advantage is you can break journey. we used to visit Malvern for weekends

We have found a good site near Glastonbury for short breaks - lovely home made cake

When OH is 65 I hope we can be more exotic at the moment he has no pension or benefits so pennies are tight

Miss Becks

After enjoying last year's holiday so much, I did want to go back to Spain, but I also want to re-carpet the house, decorate and buy a dishwasher. Funds won't stretch to doing all, so may well skip the holiday plans this year. You are all saved from seeing pics of my sunburnt back this year!