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Thank you Geoff, they are my favourite garden birds. I did consider carefully which bits if the bird's name to use, Geoff. Always potential for ribabldry with the titmouse family.
Mr Google tells me they're in a different family from our other tits - well, you learn something every day.


Kate is going to the IOW-or Hythe

 Flo-I am holding back-schoolboy smirk

Deanos Diggin It
Afties all!

Ouch! Darren! Take it easy! ; )

Have sort of made a start clearing the garage! Mainly to dig out the propagators, which are now dusted down n at the ready! : )

I really must do the "If it ain't been used in so long.....get shut" thingy this summer! I am an hoarder! : (

I shall come to the Quayside and wave you off-




No decisions here, just exactly when we'll go back to the Austrian village we love. May have to 'do it ourselves' this yr as previous tour operator & hotel owner fallen out big time.

My problem is to get reasonable health cover for me. As soon as you mention the C word, wow, the brakes go on & quotes go almost to the moon! Luckily I now have a list of possible companies which the cancer charity provided.

We also want to spend more time in various bits of UK, using our NT membership & inexpensive hotels. NE England for one & also S of where we both grew up in Midlands. So hopefully lots of little breaks. J.



Dean I am also going to do that this summer, promise


Becks sounds as though it will be a paddling pool in the garden for you-at least you won't have to put the goldfish in kennels


Just had a drool at Sarah Ravens site. The Bishop of Oxford is listed as 60cm, also like Jescot Julie, and that dark one you sorted out, Jo, Karma Choc. Decisions - still I have a while. Thanks Jo

Garage sounds exotic too. Full of M boxes.

In the days when we went into Europe we did it ourselves Jo. Better all round especially if you know the place, also we have health insurance probs with OH, found the PO was as good as any, but then we don't have the C 


Bjay yes, my previous health history wasnt such a problem, ok it bumped up things a but not that bad. C another ball game totally. Oh well whilst OH still working it's not a major problem, but he thinks may retire next decision time.

Doesnt do office/workplace politics & had a bad day last week. It's almost 'water off a ducks' back' to me, as have had to cope with all his ups & downs over the yrs. Being self-employed myself too, you just get on with things. I suspect he may choose to work part-time from home next time. Otherwise he'll be soo bored & fed up of decorating at daughters'! And he'll get cross every time I want to go & garden! J.

Miss Becks

Flo, Flo, Flo, stop saying 'tits' to him! He's getting too excited!


Oh does that too - cross at amount of time I'm in garden! We had planned for him to finish early when other house was sold etc, redundancy came before we were ready though. That's the way ot goes now.

Igloo from yesterday is now complete, Now giant snowman being made, just taken 2 teenagers and 3 fully grown men to push it - about 5 ft or so high. Such Fun


Give us a picture Bjay-does it have big eyes and an enormous carrot?



Well I may/may not have requested a catalogue from SR. 90% sure hit the coirrect button, but you know me.....

Anyway have decided to order 2, or 3 from Avon bulbs whom I do use regularly. Just had a thought though, am driving past Parkers GC later in no P&P to pay. Think shall just check out their website first...... J.


Geoff is now taking himself off to have a cold shower! 

Talking of showers, I still haven't done the sealant around the bath ready for the new shower (which is already installed) - I know I'm procrastinating! 

Today's dinner is going to be what we can find in the fridge/freezer. A joint of beef, home grown squash, some parsnips, carrot and swede. And some roast potatoes. I'm hoping son, no. 2 will do most of the cooking!

Its most likely going to be Spain again for our abroad trip this year. As we can get free accommodation it makes sense! Cheap flights and cheap car hire. Plus we can explore the area more. We also want to do a few mini-breaks and visit some NT places. 


Gary Hobson,white,mens,ffffff.jpg

Ornithologists' tee-shirts for sale, yours for £16.


Presumably, Geoff, to ask the naked man why he's hanging about in your garden?