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Morning Jean,

Nice pic- you have got a lot more than us. We're pretty close to M/C centre as the crow flies, so rarely get it too bad. Except backing onto open ground, facing East, so it can whistle through there sometimes.

Need to actually do something. Back later. J.


Morning all. Although we had fine snow all day yesterday the roads are still clear (well, main roads anyway, getting out of the estate was a challenge) so I'm at my desk. And am freezing! I have a feeling the heating goes off over the weekend. Radiators are on full blast but I don't think there's any insulation in this building.

Hope the trip to the airport got sorted Bjay!

Keep warm everyone. Next weekend will be considerably warmer if the forecasters are right.

Jean Genie

My friend just rang . All the schools are closed . Hope kate is ok and I feel really sorry for Bjay.

Jo, We always seem to get the worst of it here. Haven't driven for days - at this rate I'll have to take my test again. !

Still snowing heavily and the sky is full of it. Think I'm going to be suffering from cabin fever today.

Bit concerned about O.H. though but he 's rang and got to work ok. It's the getting home bit thats bothering me.

 I need a sledge and some huskies.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

We have snow at last, It must have snowed for at least a minute during the night. I've been feeling left out and envious of your beautiful snow pictures.
Sympathies for those who've had accidents or had to make journeys.

I'm off out now to make a red cross in the garden so the helicopter can drop emergency rations.


The good news is that I got a text at 6.40am to say that they had closed the school, luckily I was able to go back to sleep, mainly because I had slept so badly. It is like dodgems driving here at the best of times so the idea of doing that journey in the icy conditions was making me very nervous.

I did feel for Bjay.



Kate ya-hay!!!!!!!  Geoff can get up off his knees now

Popping in for cyber-registration, off to a meeting now.  No snow here yesterday, today it is sunny and cold, the trees and houses look very picturesque as long as you don't glance down as the filthy pavements and gutters.

Pam, those little irises are just adorable.

Take care all those who have to go anywhere today.

Pennine Petal

Hi all, I am at home for the day. Kept geting emails from students saying they couldn't come in, so decided nto postpone classes.

 I can now doing some catching up before going to HK Students emailing me saying thank you for postponing!

OH took this photo of the back garden earlier.Let's hope the blackbirds remember where the food is and they like it wet or frozen!




A lot of the snow is slowly disappearing here-pavements have emerged but there is a lot of ice about-there may or may not be more to come this week and there is a just a hint that it will be milder in 7 days-no guarantees

So what are you going to do with your bonus day Kate-spend it wisely?

'uddersfield looked very snowy from my bed


Morning all. Milder here, snow melting. Should be able to get up the drive later. No other exciting news as quiet few days, snowed in.


Pam those Irises are lovely, makes me feel that spring is just around the corner.

Glyn sounds like a sensible plan to me.

I am actually planning to do some work today, otherwise the following days will be quite messy trying to catch up.

I might even clear my car of snow

Geoff will we be able to sow some seeds then?

Pennine Petal

Apparently Geoff it has been snowing since 7 am and hasn't stopped yet, apart from what came down overnight. I wonder why they chose Huddersfield? OH happy that I'm staying homes, he worries about me driving over them there hills.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

We have been naughty, and had another lie-in. Seems everyone has had loads of snow in the night. I don't think we did, but then we've had our fair share so far. It was all day yesterday.

Putting the kettle on. Anyone want anything?


Back again. Glad most of us all nice & snug inside.

OH had more snow his end too, so he walked to work! Probably safer than driving with thiose hills around there though.

My outing tomorrow has been cancelled, so daughter doesnt have to move her car after all. She could take me to my scan on Wed as we're going out for meal afterwards anyway. Ah, daughter says doesnt know way- come on she's been there before. Ok my car wont be iced up etc. So she'll still have to move hers out of way or nobody going anywhere! I could drive hers, but she wouldnt be a happy bunny.

After investigating freezer decided to defrost it after all. So 3 cool boxes/bags outside back door! Use one of those sprays which saves the pan of hot water & a lot of effort. Would also highly recommend those freezer liners that you can buy.

Now have bowl of breadcrumbs waiting for birds next snack! Found some Xmas goodies too- hmm, dare I? J.

Gary Hobson

This is a bamboo flattened by snow (not particularly pretty)...

 Lupins update...

 This is the snowy eagle, Aquila niveo...


Nice pics Gary.

We have sun of a sort, trying at the mo. It's shining through falling snow! J.



Kate-no-the seed green light is still on amber warning- and keeps going back to red

I am so happy about the freezer Jo-have been worrying-can't keep up

Becks-nice cup of OXO please-got any biccys?

Miss Becks

OXO??? I don't think so. You can have tea or coffee. And yes, chocolate digestives or cadbury's mini fingers.

Pennine Petal

Those lupins are well buried now Gary! I shook all the snow off the bamboo yesterday, all covered again now and it is still snowing, after I cleared the car as well! We had about 3 inches.


Hi All

Finally back. Feel as though I have been away. head aching stress i guess. Daughter and Partner at midnight were told plane was cancelled ( staff would have had to be paid overtime) But they were then taxied to a hotel and booked on first plane this morning. We didn't leave until they said they were boarding and as we arrived at arrivals their plane arrived (Phew) D now on her way to work absoltely shattered, partner has gone off to investigate new CH boiler that was being installed this weekend Thoughts of Jo there

No snow in Edinburgh and they were amazed at how much here. Loads of european flights cancelled as well

WE just want to go back to bed

Oh and it's trying to snoe again,

Well done Kate, a day off


Oh and those irises really made me smile, a taster of spring.