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No sure what sort of caff you are running in that gaff in Cannock Chase-but OK will settle for coffee-in a cup mind- not a mug- I am not a pleb-and biscuits on a plate or there will be no tip

Bjay-you made it back-go and have a kip


Now awiting on return call from plumbing/heating co. 'We assumed job complete, hence the invoice', says lady. Nooo, still need electrics to fan doing & some special loft tile I think. Plus the s*****g boiler!

This is going to run & run I think. Not convenient for us/me until mid Feb what with all the appointments have. Mind you that should suit them, as always booking a couple of weeks ahead for jobs.

Freezer dripping nicely. Nearly done, then to clean it & put back onto fast freeze. Have advised daughter thinks about getting a frost free one! 2 friends swear by them. J.


Bet Bjay & OH are snoozing/asleep. Well I hope so. J.

Miss Becks

Well this is a 'Pleb's' cafe, so it a bloomin mug!! If you don'r like it, go elsewhere! You can shove your tip where the snow melts quickly!!!!


Becks, I'd like a mug of hot chocolate, pretty please! I am a polite customer.

Bjay, light the wood burner and have a snooze in front of it!

Jo, I have been known to use a hairdryer to get my freezer defrosted quicker. But its a good time of year to do it as you can just put everything outside. There are always escaped peas in my freezer.



My fridge freezer is a defrosting one, littleone in garage is one you have to do. Wish it wasa defrostong one - recommend them.

Can't snooze yet, maybe this afternoon,


I hope Bjay has a good sleep this afternoon. You deserve it after all that. Or perhaps an early night.

I'm a pleb as I like instant coffee in a mug and some of the middle class things on Geoff's list applied to me so I'm a middle class pleb. Sorry, folks, please don't send me to coventry!

Miss Becks

Oh, Lottie, we are out of hot chocolate, BUT, I will pick you some up when I take Jess to nursery!


My next fridge/freezer will also be self defrosting. The fridge of this is, not the freezer.

Lottie- the spray that Lakeland, & others I expect, sell is well worth it IMO. Less than an hr & all done, even the tough bits that normally take for ever. Now to wait until it's cool enough to reload. Fast freeze will stay on overnight though, as I know it'll need it, unless by bedtime the light has gone off.

BTW it's mugs around her too. Although I do have cups/saucers with my dinner service- ha, when did we ever have a dinner party? Used to have fondue sessions with friends & kids, great fun had by all. Meals with friends yes I do use the 'best' plates & at Christmas, birthdays etc, but normally no. J.


Good morning all, just about.

Hope all are well, b*****y awful weather! I'll have a nice cup of tea please Becks no sugar, I'm not hard to please.  Is Jess's nursery open?all the schools etc round here are closed.

Bjay, what an awful time you have had, my sympathies are winging their way to you~~~~~~~

Love the pictures, the iris certainly cheered me up, everything here is under 6" of snow

It's bad enough getting food from the freezer in the garage,I couldn't face defrosting it, it would take a week. I take it Jo's is in the house. Hope you get your heating sorted soon, you could do without the hassle.

Must go now, things to do.Where to start?  Don't feel like doing anything

Have a nice snuggerly day.


Miss Becks

 Just for you Chris!

Yeah, nursery is open. They are little troopers round there!


Just made myself a big mug of tea.

I was saying in passing to a cousin that I didn't have a tea set, OH bought me one from the local flea market - very nice, and then cousin turned up with a Colclough bone china one for me, she has about 5 sets - 8 cups a set. So now I have 2 sets and  no suitable occasion to drink  out of them.


Thanks Beck's that was very nice, just how I like it.


Why not just use & enjoy them Bjay?

Am going to really sort out our sideboard sometime soon. Once daughter's 'things' finally gone from kitchen cupboards- ok not all her stuff- shall have a really good sort out in there too & sideboard. Shall move stuff into kitchen & use it, or else shall get shot!

Yes fridge freezer in kitchen. Trying to work out how old it is. When did Rumbelows go? Only the 2cnd one in a 42yr old house. I took over the previous owners' 12yr old one when we moved in & that went on for yrs.

It's going very dark out there return phonecall yet either. J.



My coffee got cold

Have had a man in to to do the energy certificate

We have a chest freezer that needs defrosting a frost free one as well-very non-plebish

That is all my jobs done for the day again


Miss Becks

Serves you right, you moaning old goat!!

Right, I'm off to brave the elements! I may be some time.

Jean Genie

Bjay - you must be so tired but your typing looks fine

There is only so much housework you can do in one day but I 'm going to have a rummage upstairs now. Snow has just stopped thank goodness so I'm now living in hope of a BIG thaw. It doesn't seem to be that cold outside - just fed the birds again. I saw a mistle thrush earlier , don't get many of them here.

Lovely photos , Gary.

I have an emergency . I am running out of cake.

Any left in your cyber cafe , Becks. ?


Bjay, do what I did - have an afternoon tea party (in the summer!) - was a chance to get out my 2 tea sets plus a friend's one! I'm tempted to do it again this year. Normally we use mugs.