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Jean Genie

  Watched the goat one but the other 2 won't load. Try again in a minute.

What did I say about the snow stopping ? It's back with a vengence.


I thought of that, but last summer was street party. It does mean I can make cake and not feel guilty as well 

It's M do on Sunday and I may get them out then for after the lunch. have to see what else has been drunk

Care home has just rung and they are going to do a little party for her on Friday - her actual birthday, and then our do on sunday - It's agood job she was a party girl

Not asleep, busy cleaning. I know that once I sit down in big room on soft settee, with fire lit and TV on I'll be off  zzzzzzzzz


I'll do my 'quick' clean tomorrow now not going out. It's snowing steadily here again, not particularly heavy though..... Road looks clear. Daughter says was bad when she went up to postbox this morning, but gritter mustve been down as I can see clear tarmac.

Previous house end of cul-de-sac, but next door but 1 worked for council, ok refuge dept., but we always got gritted.

The amaryllis is well out. Stunning colour, sort of peachy. 3 flower spikes. Daughter did find a possible name for variety- I wouldnt have a clue where to start looking. We just bought the biggest,fattest bulb that Parkers had. There was a picture above the box but I cant remember it. No surprise there then. Kate's suggestion of keeping a pictorial note good idea, must try sometime. J.


I have been good and cleared the snow off my car for tomorrow, roads look fine here. I also popped to Tescos which is now fully stocked so I bought a few treats, crumpets and chocolate chip cake.

I am a fan of a bone china mug.

Bjay are we all invited



Weather and news update~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It now looking more and more likely it will be very milder after the weekend

and Michael Winner has died aged 77.


Yep As long as you bring a chair and do the washing up


Love those clips - especially dog in bowl AAAAAH!

Finished cleaning for now. Lot of swearing about kitchen work top though 


I can definitely do chairs but will leave washing up to Geoff as he needs the practise

I thought that he had had a couple of close calls in the last few years, January is a cruel month.

I have been inspired by the clematis lady and ordered some clematis seeds, some other seeds popped into the basket too


Have watered all the house plants, emptied the tumbler, fed the birds again- big thrush around today. Not sure if song or Mistle.

Now to do those jeans! Then finally I can put ironing board away after ironing the newly done hems. Well that's the plan.

Watching Time Team. J.

Miss Becks

Jean, there is plenty of cake left! Cake, scones, jam tarts! Check your locker.

Well, my dodgy moniter has finally breathed it's last I fear. It did well. An ebay bargain for 99p, and has lasted a couple of years, so can't complain. Have now swapped it for the spare one, which is NOT a flat screen, but one of them old fashioned ones the size of a portable TV!! But, it still does the job.

Have bought Jess a new hat! And treated myself to one as well. I will no longer terrorise the neighbours with my hoody on, like a chav!

Talking of chavs, police have been to next door again, but didn't see/hear what about.


OH now snoring on settee, i am stretched out on other one looking at Forkers, dog snoring on floor - why is he tired???

Noted down where clematis lady was to see if you can visit. Do you thonk it's near Gary? 

I grew some clematis from my  own seeds and was really impressed with my results, flowered last year. Will collect those seeds off next doors plant and send some around. Then we can all have a go, almost a seed swap but there aren't any seeds yet 


Kate-leave them in the packets-you may read the outside only-have my marigolds at the ready

Are you using an Amstrad computer to match the monitor Becks- does it have green lettering?

This big thrush -it is not another medical thing is it?-just checking

Jean Genie

Big thrush.


nteresting about the clematis. I've never tried to do that but will give it a go. Got some nice ones.

I wish I wasn't a wimp and could get out and drive.

Fed up now. Really good prog on Humpback whales on Eden but I've had to turn over as the Orcas are after them. Think I can guess the outcome.

At least the kids are enjoying the snow.




Do you want to drive if that Jean?-let the bus do the fuss or the train take the strain


Jean where do you want to go to? I always think that non essential journeys are fool hardy in these conditions.

Geoff the seeds will not arrive for a week and you promised milder conditions


Kate are you expecting to be "working from home" again tomorrow?


Jean Genie

Yes, I know just going a bit stir crazy I think.  I wouldn't risk it to be honest. The bus stop is a good distance from where we live and when the weathers bad it doesn't come down here anyway.

O.H. texted and says there's a bit of a thaw on.

Feel like I'm living on the moon.


I have just had an email from the head, he said the roads are clear but the playground is dangerous so we are going to have a short day, start at 9am finish at 2pm with no lunch. Obviously if it snows then plans will change.