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This was part of our back garden earlier today. Under the snow is a twisted hazel, and the wild life pond is completely iced up.

I've just got my Anglia Bulb catalogueThey have got Tacca bulbs, Bat Flower, 3 different colours, £4.50 each, so I am going to give them a try. They say they are easy to grow and I am ordering a Gloriosa Lily again, lost mine a couple of yeas ago.

All we seem to get in the garden are sparrows, blue tits, great tits, pigeons, and during the last few days dozens of seagulls, and oh blackbirds and a  robin. We feed them daily, fat balls seed, fat, crumbs, but cannot attracts anything else.

Hope everyone is safely home.


Pennine Petal
Just having a cuppa and a pain au raisin. OH asleep on the settee, cat asleep on the chair, had to clear myself a space on the small settee which has become a dumping ground since Christmas. Doesn't look as though tea will be any time soon.

OH went mad on the bird food. The blackbird family have been back and for all day, the youngster particularly seems to enjoy himself messing around in the snow. I tried the apples on the skewer and that found favour straight away. Got something for the wrens, but was difficult to find somewhere to put it, so they haven't noticed it yet. End of the loaf for the magpies. Blue tits favour the peanuts.
Jean Genie

Your garden does look pretty though, Chris  Think we may have a bit of a thaw here ( famous last words ! ) - it doesn't feel as cold as it should considering the amount of snow we have. Hope so'

I am off to google the Anglian Bulb catalogue  If they are easy to grow , I may get some bulbs instead. Thanks Chris.


Hi Jean and Glyn.

 I've had bulbs from them in the past and have been very pleased with them. I couldn't remember who had asked about the Tacca, so am pleased to be able to pass on the info. We will have to see how they do, they certainly look exotic  worth a try.

It's not freezing at the moment here, but the forecast is for -3c later tonight. Hope it clears soon, it looks pretty but no fun when you have to go to work, or in fact go out at all.


Morning, Fantastic Forkers-----hope the thaw comes soon for you----I used to love snow days as long as I didn't have to go anywhere.

Fogged in again--can't see the water at all.

Enjoyed Downton last night--only trouble is, it means I miss Lewis--luckily mt friend has recorded them all. I shall borrow them when I drop the dogs off later today.

The transition from snow is always the yukkiest part--best you can hope for is a good rain.


Jean Genie

Glyn - that what was I wanted to do - get some apples, I have the skewers but haven't got any. Hopefully tomorrow , I may be able to get out.

Jean Genie

Ooops , sorry Inka  We posted about the same time. I'll swap your fog for my snow, Glad you are enjoying Downton, I loved it. You may get Mr. Selfridge later - thats good as well.

I am praying for a thaw. Not even going to bother checking the forecast. The snow that came down last night wasn't suppose to be for our area.

Don't trust them.


Jean, I just checked out the weather sattelite, and there is a huge front approaching all the way from Alaska to Mexico--due to arrive tomorrow or the next day. So I will have something to moan about then. This fog is frustrating--sun in the forecast for the last few days, but not strong enough to burn it off here. Feel a bit cheated!

Hoping for no snow--it's +1 here at the mo'.



Morning all - oh sorry afternoon

Woken up after dosing on settee. I took a photo of the igloo which is now sealed and with a roof. It was a shame the kids were in school as they haven't had a chance to play in it since it was finished.

 Well it's freezing again. I think there was a slight thaw but not really noticeable

Sorted out flower seed order yesterday but needs checking before I post it and too tired today


Jean Genie

That doesn't sound good Inka. Hope it doesn't snow in your part of the world.     Here's me moaning about our weather forgetting how much more it would affect you.

Keep yourself nice and warm. It's odd here - it just doesn't feel cold enough to warrant that amount of snow.


Kate-that is a bit of a swizz-still early finish

That dog is circling Bjay

Chris love the photo especially in close-up

I have found a load of puns-not buns-keeping them for another day

Miss Becks

Ooh, Bjay, that looks cool. I would be tempted to crawl in for a second.


I was trying to get him in the igloo but he is very uncooperative


Both pairs of jeans now shortened, awaiting ironing. They both still fit!!

Watched an episode of Last Tango in Halifax, several more to go. Really enjoyed episode 2 which was the first one I caught, so 'taped' the rest. Even daughter was sniggering, which she wasnt expecting.

When I shut the curtains the sky looked decidedly iffy- loaded with snow-type. It's sort of snowed on/of all day, but the birds enjoying all their extra rations.

No call back from heating company, Will try again tomorrow. Need to check with OH about dates. He's taking the day off after Doddy, so then made sense to me.

Right, more sewing I think. J.

Jean Genie

Bet it's warmer in that igloo than it is outside  Just been looking at that site where Chris is getting her bulbs from. Think I may order some.

Just had home-made pea and ham soup but it wasn't enough. Off to raid the freezer.


jo4eyes wrote (see)

 Need to check with OH about dates. He's taking the day off after Doddy, so then made sense to me.

Eh -what -pardon-what in the universe is Doddy?? and it makes sense??


Ken Dodd you twit. You know his shows are notorious for over running, by hrs in some cases. So since show on a Sunday night, OH has booked the Monday off. Comprende?

Anyway, would you be stupid enough to state to tv reporter that you'd phoned in work to scive the day off? Doh, or what? J.


Oh yes rest of question as OH already taking a day off, are you with me Geoff, adding another day off if nec for engineers is a possibility.

Ooh, Dudley Zoo on Tv..... know it well. J.


Jo are on the vino-rambling away there......................

I thought Doddy was some special Manchester secret holiday

Caz W

Glad you're here to translate Geoff - thought you'd have to get a Manchester dictionary to go with Dean's Yorkshire one!   Sounds as if everyone is OK apart from a bit of cabin fever - just eat lots of cake and you'll be fine.