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Can't eat cake 

Though I suspect this week it won't make much difference!

Really cold here now saying -5 on forecast

Caz W

Just a tiny slice BJay - just to revive you???

POLICE WARNING - Advice to anyone travelling in icy conditions should take with them:
a shovel, blankets or sleeping bag, extra clothing including a scarf, hat and gloves. 24 hour supply of food and drink, de-icer, rock salt, torch and spare batteries. Safety triangle, tow rope, petrol can, first aid kit jump leads..........   I looked a right idiot on the bus this morning!!!


OH driving back Friday when more snow forecast- hasnt got half of that here let alone there!

BTW am a Brummie!  Yea ok now been in Manchester longer, but still dont always 'get it' up here.

Have found my darning wool. OH's jumper. Daughter says why bother? Honestly, nothing else wrong with it. He wont mind. I cant find the matching socks though to some I've had in the mending bag for yonks. Bet I've binned them.

Off now to watch TV & continue with the mending. I will clear out the spare room, I will clear out the spare room..... Night all. J.


Miss Becks

Caz! Classic!!!!!

Just posted that on facebook!

Pennine Petal
Caz that made me cry, had to say the punch line 3 times, OH couldn't understand what I was saying.

Just had a 20 min snooze while watching father Brown. Think I'll go to bed now. Too much time in front of the computer today. Sounds like I might have to go in to work tomorrow
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

No more snow. A bright sunny morning is forecast, ideal for taking photos. When the sky is overcast, as it has been, photos tend to look dull. Unfortunately I think most of the pretty stuff has fallen off the trees. There was a mild thaw yesterday.

It seems that Mystic Geoff's prediction of very mild weather for the coming weekend may well come to pass.


Morning all.

Was awake when Gary posted, but only because of the boiler!

All the mending done. No Geoff, even I'd chuck those. Daughter decided to start her room sort out, before & after Lewis. I can now safely walk up to her bed to deliver a cuppa!

A few chores planned for today, then will clear the snow at the front a bit more. Am careful though, as slabs beneath the snow can be slippy- due their power wash soon- so often worse than lying snow. I need to go into M/C by bus on thursday & pavements look lethal so snow grippers over boots until I get to bustop I think.

Back later, J.

Jean Genie

Morning all .  Pleased to report we haven't had any more either.  O.H. says all the main roads are clear and that it's just our cul-de-sac thats a bit tricky so am going to attempt to get out and about today. I have to pick my injection up from the chemist as I'm booked in at docs Thurs.

Hoping by mid-morning things will improve slightly. I don't like driving in snow but most people are managing around here now.

Just me - the world's biggest wimp.

Hope Mystic Geoff saw that prediction in his crystal ball , other than his orange ones.


No you're not a wimp Jean, totally understand you. My days of willingly drivivng in snow have gone too. If I had to then I would, but never enjoyed it.

It's slipping on ice when walking I dread. Will never ski, though could be tempted by the crosscountry sort. Then perhaps not, remembering my attempts at roller skating!

Daughter beat me to bathroom so shall watch the birds arriving on feeders. J.

Jean Genie

All of the above , Jo.  I'm also scared of falling . Haven't had a bad fall but I don't like walking in it either. I have been known to put a pair of socks on over my boots to the amusement of my neighbours but that really does work. Socks end up in bin though.

Off to feed the birds. Need to get some apples as well. Got the skewers but not the fruit. Thought that idea was brilliant.

Gary Hobson

Just tried to have a look inside my greenhouse, but the door is frozen solid. It was accessible two days ago. Must be the very hard frost last night, combined with the snow.

Snow on paths, which was easy to clear yesterday, is rock solid now.

I'll leave the greenhouse door for a few more days, until it thaws out naturally.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

The sun is shining, and there is actually blue sky up there! Now all we need is the warmth to go with it.



Morning chaps

Geoffrey not happy this morning

Have discovered that agents have put house on their website without me approving the details with a four line description and four photographs which look awful-am waiting for a phone call back

It does not sell it to me

Miss Becks

Oh dear. Do we all need to put our ear muffs on? Will you shout?


Just phoned me -oh we shouldn't have done this or that-gave him an ear-bashing

hollie hock

Good morning everyone, a bit more snow here over night- nothing compared to that 1963 Winter, that looked truly awful. But enough for me to have worked from home last week and taking a day off today. Don't live far from work but really don't like driving in the snow, it's the ice that I worry about. So an un expected day off for me


Not good Geoff- assume you've sorted?

Daughter just put the last bits of new paper into OH's printer- hmm, shall remove it & replace with the 'once used grotty stuff' that OH & me use when not important. See -recycling. Will need to add paper to tesco just to get us by, saves me carrying it. Daughter also run out of paper for hers..... Oh am so looking forward to somebody living in her own house!! J.