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Photos of the Hills from the house. First time we have seen them since last week and still sky looks iffy. Looks alpine though.




Have sort of sorted agent-details rewritten-have a list of new photographs needed-to make it look more enticing-at the moment they are not earning their money

Children never properly leave home in my experience

Fried egg sandwich coming up-would share but you know................



 for WW, I expect it'll be the same for me tomorrow. Foot out of action for 4 more weeks - what a nuisance. Like others here I'm frightened of slipping over on ice, I don't mend as easily as I once did. 

No sun, just cold rain here. Went out yesterday and found a surprise


and a behatted cat-dragon



Lovely Flo.

Bjay the hills look just as expected. When was the eldest girl at school in Stourbridge had to go & ask the head, new one, for permission to take the younger girls from our village home early because of the snow falling on our hills. No snow, just rain/sleet at school of course. We knew that the buses could refuse to go up/not get up the last 3miles of hill to our village. Head was puzzled until I pointed to the already snow covered hills visible from window. She had wondered why some girls came wearing wellies to school! J.


Forgot- I did suggest that daughter took her bed, OH vetoed very strongly!

There are huge built in wardrobes in her room, a third of which has our 'stuff' in them. That can all go as nobody needed it for yrs! The run of chests of drawers along the wall are past their best, but will be fine for all sorts, as will the bedside cabinet.

I did suggest to OH that the sofa bed he moved down into the study/workshop came back upstairs. It makes a king size bed. Since OH had had to practically demolish/rebuild it to get it downstairs, he has no intention of repeating the proccess. Shame, coz I liked sitting on it, when in spare room, to do my sewing etc.

Still when we do come to sell up, the big room is obviously a double although it'll only have a single bed in it. The spare is also a small double, but has a single in it- which you can just about see it at the mo! J.


Jean Genie

I'm back.  Managed to drive without too much difficulty. Our road is like a skating rink. It doesn't help to have a drive on an incline, 2 speed humps and a sharp left turn either.  Glad I did it though.

Lovely photos, Bjay and Flo.

Glad you gave the estate agents a mouthful Geoff.

I have some good news. Chris wrote a post about the Tacca bulbs being available  in the Anglian Bulb Company so I e-mailed them last night to request a catalogue. A lovely lady has just rang me to say they will be sending one out so I asked her about the Tacca bulbs. She said they are a challenge and can prove very difficult and recommended to wrap them in spaghnum moss before planting. She also said they would replace the bulbs the following year if they failed.That's what I call service. So thanks, Chris if you are around.

Right, I'm off to skewer some apples. I have been invaded by blackbirds.

Then lunch , I think  - yours sounds lovely Jo.

Lottie. Hope you manage to stay warm.



Agent coming again this Thursday to do new improved photos

Have had another fractious time this over a constant thumping noise-that you can only hear indoors-after a lot of Sherlocking over the last 24 hours have discovered is coming from the docks are where a new wall is going up and it is the action of an enormous pile driver-the shame is no one thought to tell residents

The local TV is saying a bit more snow this afternoon but it might be rain for us-who knows

My shoe grippers might yet see more action


Miss Becks

Lovely pics!!

I never thought I'd ever say this, but I am actually enjoying not having my car!! All this walking and fresh air is doing me good!

Just munching on Marmite on toast, before tackling Jess's mess.

Miss Becks

That won't affect me. We don't eat a lot of fish in this house.


Don't you ever look at the goldfish and wonder.....................

Miss Becks

Not at all! They are too small!


Hard luck re the pile driving Geoff. IME the noise carries quite along way. I've just heard the road crossing beeper from way down the hill- wind must be in right direction & for once no radio/tv/music on in house. Just a quiet tick of a clock, the birds outside, my typing.........

Marmite- hmm, drink of as treat when done that bit of cleaning. Daughter muttering about how long it takes me/all I do, etc etc. Roll on when she leaves it'll be bliss- any mess will be mine, & OH's when he's here, & no more long hair everywhere! J.



You are not feeding them enough


Miss Becks

I think I may need a bigger tank!


Miss Becks

Now that would solve a lot of problems!!


Just had a thought-where is figrat?-there is lot of snow around Dartmoor

Miss Becks

I haven't seen figrat since she posted about her poorly friend.


Perhaps she is just reading at the moment