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Hi everyone.

I placed an order yesterday for my Tacca, along with some euchomis,a gloriosa lily and go some freebies, iris and liatris.  I got a lovely e-mail from Tracey at Anglia bulbs this morning thanking me for my order, and the same guarantee as Jean got, that if you have any problems they will replace the items. They e-mail you as soon as the order is despatched with an expected delivery date. 

 Witch hazel taken this morning.

 Now going to catch up with Mr Selfridge.


On browsing Radio Times noticed that 8pm tomorrow on BBC4 is beginning of a series on Sissinghurst. Just love visiting that garden.

Love the hatted cat/dragon, and witch hazel always wonder where I can put some .

I looked at Anglia bulbs as well. They have cyclamen coum which not everywhere stocks and sell galtonia in 10's which i also would like so another wish list/order building up especailly as you say customer service is good.


Don't you put witch hazel on bumps and bruises?
There was a great vogue for that at school - probably quite a lot of years ago now.


Witch hazel is supposed to bring the bruise to the surface quicker which aids healing


Hi Muddy, another from beeb. I use arnica on my bruises, of which I seem to get loads!

My Witch Hazel is almost out. Dollops of snow on the buds at the mo. It's set against the darker background of the fence which sets it off beautifully when a sunny afternoon in winter.

I wonder how Yvieh is getting on- she loved the idea of how to place a WH with a darker background.

Right, cloakroom/loo to do, them Marmite drink. J.



Good news is the heating engineer has been - bad new is the radiators are still cold! Not sure what is happening as I didn't see or speak to him.

My mum always had a bottle of witch hazel in the medicine cupboard. And a bottle of TCP and a tin of Germolene. All injuries got treated with one of the three. These days Germolene comes in a tube.

Caz W

Hi Everyone - more lovely pics. Flo - snowbarb .

Lottie - I bought a tube of Germolene the other day and it's not bright pink anymore and doesn't even smell quite the same .  Hope you warm up soon!

Will miss mackerel - love it covered in black pepper and warmed up in the microwave.


Had any more snow Caz?-they have elsewhere in Welsh Wales

Caz W

No more snow here yet, thank goodness, but some forecast for tonight/tomorrow.  Had some rain today for a change .


Raining here-snow is rapidly disappearing-just been outside the grass looks threadbare now

Son just phoned- Christmas is back on for 3rd February

Caz W

Hope that doesn't mean more cracker jokes . 3rd Feb is OH's birthday so I will be treating him to Sunday lunch at Marriott that day .  Will be using meal for 2 voucher won in a raffle



Oh that is better-we will come to you instead -saves cooking-thanks very much


My M used witch hazel as well.

No rain or snow here, misty hills and cold!

Looks like we'll become CH experts with Jo's boiler and Lotties office 

For Christmas I was given a jar of Gold Marmite.  Not opened it yet, seems it has flakes of gold leaf in it, also had a marmite t-pot .

Just watched Lewis. Don't seem to get the streaming on Itv playback that we do om iplayer


Bjay, forgot to say earlier, I climbed those hills once, a long time ago, to watch the sun come up.

Heating engineer needs a part apparently, and will be back tomorrow.

I wonder how Yvie is too, she never came onto these boards did she?

I've just won an auction on ebay - a plate to hang on the wall.



Am I the only one who doesnt like the new way Lewis is being shown- as a 2 parter? With it being a week apart, hopeless at remembering the plot twists.

Am watching Bergerac! That really brings it back. Trying to work out who all the young actors are/were. BTW ended up with coffee & unsalted pistachios instead.

Goldleaf in Marmite, whatever next! J.

Miss Becks

Bjay, the tobacco I buy is called Gold Leaf!!! You sure it's edible??


Very cold and wet walk with dogs, they've been drying off in kitchen for an hour or so while I caught up with Lewis. I think, like you Jo, I prefer it all in one evening though I've always recorded it so I can watch it in the size chunks that suit me. My absolute pet hate with any programme is the spoiler section at the end  a) I don't want it and b) it squashes the cast list when I am trying to find out who that actor was whose name has been escaping me for an hour! 

Now there are huge dollops of wet snow falling out of the sky but not really settling. I think the audiences for the show (first night tomorrow) will be very poor as no-one will want to come out in this weather


We always tape Lewis. Daughter spent 6yrs in Oxford & OH's Aunt lives there, so lots of 'ooh, look, I know here that is/have driven along there/when did we last go to thast pub?' around here. J.


The thumping is still going on-apparently they have to stop by 6

Gave up on Lewis eons ago-aren't these the last ones for a while?-I read that Jones is leaving MM next week-but it doesn't say how

OH has reported sleet but it was snowing in town a mile away