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What I would like would be a snow scarecrow.

Miss Becks

Ooh, I don't like zombies Caz. Nor vampires!


That zombie gives me the creeps!

Thanks for the link Geoff for Monty's next gardening programme. Looking forward to it. "the French have used gardens as a public expression of money, power and passion." Not guilty though, my garden lacks power and money (well I probably spend too much on plants, impulse buying) but there is a bit of passion it in.


Just seen the Zombies on youtube. I was just starting my teens, 60s, exciting time, liked that song. Reminds me of when boys stopped being a pain in the neck and became something interesting.


Pennine Petal
Chris thanks for the recipe, I have a ham hock I the freezer waiting. OH will be making it! Did you bookmark it Geoff?

Still not packed!

OH just looked outside - snowing 


Glyn-get organised now!!


We had more snow this evening but it seems to have stopped now. Good thing too, it was starting to settle on the roads and we don't want that! I might not be able to get to work, and that would be a tragedy.

Am recording Allotment Wars. Off to bed now. Night all.

Pennine Petal
Organised, cream crackered, bozos for me. 8 hours time difference, will log into say hello and give you HK news.

Good night all

Bon Voyage, Petal--are you travelling East or West?


Good Morning Everyone  I hope anyone who is cold or feels poorly  has a better day today  Safe journeys for those who have to travel 

I have to venture to Sainsburys this morning - just hope the pavements aren't slippy

Have a good day

Pam LL x 

Gary Hobson

Morning snowed-under forkers,

We had more snow last night, about a couple of inches. The temperature has not been too cold. Some water that I put out for the birds yesterday morning remained liquid all day, and was only a bit slushy this morning. That slush was probably due to the snow that had fallen onto it overnight.

For the first time ever I've ordered my week's groceries on-line. I found that the Sainsbury's website didn't seem to have several things I normally buy, so I switched to Tesco, who seemed to know what they were doing. They should be delivering tomorrow morning (if they can get here ).


Morning snow-folk.

Not much left here now, just little blobs on conifers, dustings along roof edges and sad mounds that were once snow-persons.

Waiting for my niece to arrive for Aunty Day - as her teacher-training days are known. Hoping she will fancy going to Bournemouth's Oceanarium as I haven't been for ages.

Nice to catch up withall the doings from yesteerday, tech. rehearsal went on v. late last night, fingers crossed all will go smoothly tonight, or, if it doesn't, that the audience doesn't notice

Geoff, did you have a bad smeill yesterday? The local radio is going on about it, I didn't notice anything.

Gary, I had the opposite experience ordering groceries online, Sainsbury's was easier than Tesco at first. These days I alternate them for my monthly BigShop and usually get more or less all I want.


ll did Flo- when I get up- will post the link I found.

Watching Ripper Street in bed



Morning all, am at my desk. Its still cold here but I have my extra-thick Pachamama cardi on this morning so I should be ok. Had quite a bit of snow last night but it seems to have melted from the roads.

Glyn, have a fabulous time in Hong Kong. I went there years ago, when it was still British!

Any bad smells round my house are usually blamed on Alfie - and he's usually the culprit. 


Morning those up/still around. Hope Glyn doesnt have an horrendous journey.

No snow, below freezing again & so far, an abscence of birds on feeders.

Gary- food shopping on line is very useful. I do a 'big' shop once amonth- call it my 'stock shop'. All the bulky, heavy stuff & a couple of days fresh vegs/dairy. I started it in early 08 as wasnt allowed to drive, so it was a lifesaver. Shopping with a fraught OH, in those days, not sensible. I use Tesco, coz that's where I used to do the shop anyway so was used to their products etc. The website has changed recently but I just get stuck in & 'favorites' useful.

I find just as likely to have stuff unavailable as going to a store. Make sure you specify if no substitutions wanted then no silly products. No petrol costs, no lugging a heavy trolley around, putting back out loading/unloading trolley & car. You get allocated a time slot which if it doesnt work they refund the cost! You can be doing other things, even outside & I just stick a note on the front door & have mobile with me. Often regular drivers, which when I was ill were very good at bringing things into the house for me. Less likely to overspend too.

I think Becks uses Asda quite regularly. I now go to a nearby S'bury for our w/end shop as bliss- quiet, well stocked, & better quality vegs etc. than our local supermarket. We dont have a decent normal market here, but I do prefer that for fruit & veg over s/mkts & use one whenever I can- usually when staying over with OH.

Ok sermon/advertising session over. Need to get dressed before Mr Tesco comes! J.

Jean Genie

Morning frozen forkers.  Very grey sleety day but wouldn't say freezing. It all looks a bit slushy to me . Going to hairdressers shortly so that means driving again. Wish it would just all go away.

Expecting that catalogue from Anglian bulbs today.   looking forward to it. Won £50 yesterday on a scratch card so have got some spare cash to spend. bought it on a whim as I don't usually bother but so glad I did.

Hope Glyn has a safe journey.

Never tried on- line shopping as our supermarket isn't too far away but all good reports. may try it.
have a good day, all.