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Right, signing off now or will be a mad rush later.

Wont be around early tomorrow as got meeting in M/C mid morning- joy- so bus earlyish on to allow me plenty of time to suss out exactly where I need to go, panic, have a coffee etc etc.

Play nicely folks. J.

Miss Becks

You and your bloody 'classes' Geoff!! You're obsessed!

Ham and mustard sarnie before a bit of room re-arranging!

Pottie Pam

Good afternoon everyone.

Shopping has certainly changed from my younger days. I can vaguely remember the co-op having butter in thin wooden barrels and weighing out things like currants and flour from sacks. In one department store the shop assistant put your money in a tube in it went overhead on wires to a central office where they put your change in and it came whizzing back.


Lion S

Jo, maybe OH could rent a front loader, that would keep him safe (until he drives into a ditch that is)

What's Fine Fare? Could someone explain please?


Oh PP I reember one ofthose. I always used to wonder where the tubes went. I was only little but when I read your post the sound they made came to me

Enjoy your meal Jo



Fine Fare-was one of the first supermarkets in the UK got swallowed up years ago-catering for the middle classes

Got taken over by Gateway who got taken over by Somerfield who got taken over by the Co-op

Pottie Pam

Changing the subject, our local council has hired a firm to ring people up who are claiming a discount on their Council Tax as they are the single occupant in their property. This firm is using voice analyst software to see if they are lying and wrongly claiming the discount. Big Brother is coming to Cornwall.

Gary Hobson

Travelling salesman providing remedies for all ailments...

Lion S

Thanks Geoff,        Sorry to ask, Insomnia1973


Is that AT Gary, trying to sell some "sn(e)akey business" ?





What happened there Flower

Hulk Hogan on the radio this afternoon-my kids used to love wrestling

Pottie Pam

Phew, I'm probably okay then.

Lion S

Don't know Geoff, what do you mean?


Just the big gaps in your message


Yay, heating is now back on! But my feet are still not warm so I've turned the foot warmer on!

My first Saturday job was in a greengrocers - we weighed everything out into brown paper bags and charged by the lb. We also added the customer's bill up on a notepad and worked out the change ourselves. The shop door was always open and it was freezing in winter.  



I remember Sainsburys when it was just a shop - the assistants patted the butter into an oblong shape before wrapping it up. Mum used to buy us some processed cheese  as a treat - we loved it - it was wrapped in silver foil/paper.Our local shop sold dried fruit in paper bags - it was weighed in front of you. I also remember one shop that sold biscuits loose - we loved the broken ones which were a mixture and also cheaper to buy

Pam LL x

Lion S

Oh that, hmmm I tried to shorten the open space but instead did the opposite, LOL.

Lottie, I remember notepads too!! Glad that the heating is working again. I have a foot warmer in my bed. Otherwise I will be up all night with cramp in my calfs.


Lottie  nothing worse than cold feet!

Just put some dough to rise, bit late but painkillers are working at mo so can stand.

Trying to snow again  

Miss Becks

Right, that's the room moved round at last! Can now hook the sky box up to the hub to set up the On Demand service.

Glad the heatings back on Lottie! But don't forget you have the foot warmer on when you go to stand up and walk!


Flower-you keep baby cows in your bedroom-or are you sleeping in a stable like baby Jesus????