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Lion S

Oops, I do hope I used the correct word. I thought the offspring of cows was written as calves. Guess I remembered wrong  See, that's what you get with foreigners


Ok, signing off to do some shopping.


Probably or even possibly

There is now a layer of frozen water on the car windscreen-the thumping continues


I thought baby cows were calves in plural or a calf - just checked and Oxford dictionary says they are


a calf or calves are also 'Fleshy hinder part of leg below the knee.

so FG was correct and Becks was also correct, 

Still snowing on and off but it is slightly wetter underneath!

Miss Becks

Yay!! I was right!! Dunno what for, but I'm not arguing! I was right!!


Well done Becks! I've come in so late don't know what's going on.

Had the plumber cleaning the boiler and the 2 woodburners and de-blocking the downstairs loo that has been blocked since Christmas. Hooray! Think a grandchild threw a soft toy down it. Plumber was on holiday then we were snowed in.

I remember the lady in Sainsbury's patting the butter. And we had a chap delivering veg. with a horse and cart, and the milkman who sold chickens, eggs and butter as well.



Yes- well done Becks you did very well getting that right-now please explain String Theory

It is getting darker later- nearly 5 tonight

Miss Becks

I have no idea about String Theory! G-String? Silly String?

Just realised string is one of those words that if you keep saying it, it sounds daft!


Just realised we are changing internet provider tomorrow. Equipment etc all supposed to come then

It will all depend on whether parcel arrives, as it also means we will be cut off until it's all sorted 

Miss Becks

Who you changing from and to Bjay?


Changing from Virgin to BT - had an offer half of what we are paying, but not TV.

Virgin said they couldn't match it

Miss Becks

Cool! Hope it goes well for you, and your equipment turns up in time.


So do I, really need it all to work straight away because of contacting folk about the birthday bash this weekend, Just in case weather not as good as they say it will be ie a thaw.

Up in Cannock Chase later in the week again


Another one popping to Incommunicado

Miss Becks

Cool, make sure you've got your snow boots on, cause you're gonna need them!


Need them here as well 

Just hoping it thaws as people coming from all over for her


Bunny ...
Had decent light out with the dog til 5.15 here ....soon be 6 , hurrahhhh!!!

G-string errr in the garden ?ha

And well done for being right about whatever it was, good to be right sometimes.
Miss Becks

Thankyou bunny! It's still a mystery what I was right about, but I don't care!

Are you getting another Christmas Tree Bjay!


Hello - we have a visitor in the hallway- welcome bunnysgarden- did you bring chocolate?


Hi welcome Bunny.

i think you are new here ie on this thread!

I saw G-string and thought - well had a double take

Caz W

Hello bunnysgarden - nice to meet you

Well done Becks for whatever

Still snowing here and sticking now but football still taking place